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Building Your  Waterbury Business With PPC Advertising

Would you like to give your company a boost in Waterbury, CT?  The Mack Media Group is a team of dedicated web development and design experts who can help you increase traffic to your business by developing a better quality presence online.  We offer a variety of services from custom built website, Google Adwords Campaigns, Bing Adwords services.

PPC Advertising is a great way to not only increase traffic to your site, but also relevant traffic that generate leads, and potential customers with the intent to purchase. We take extensive measures in  competitor research, keyword research and all other elements to carefully craft each campaign and increase your presence on the web. Why is this important? Because in this technologically driven age, the web is the first place customers look for products and service of interest. Don’t get left behind and let Mack Media Group upgrade your business in Waterbury, CT.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Waterbury PPC Management?


We want to make sure your are getting the results and ROI you are looking for when you invest in PPC advertising. We understand you are taking the first steps to optimize your business and want to make sure you get the attention you deserve. With dynamic and advanced methods in tracking PPC, we have the ability to deliver those measureable results to you so you won’t miss a beat.


We understand entering the world of PPC advertising on the web can be challenging. That’s why our web development and design agents are here to answer all your questions. We keep our emails and phone lines open to make sure you get your concerns answered.


Staying up to date with PPC is just as important as making any other changes to your business. Your industry evolves, and so should your PPC Advertising. We will make sure your campaigns are up-to-date, while also staying within your budget and generating the traffic your are looking for.


At Mack Media Group, we keep you involved through every step of the way. Our services include weekly reports to inform you of any adjustments or new campaigns we created for you. In addition, every month we will provide you with a detailed report of all improvements, impressions, clicks and other measurable tactics. This is also a great time to go over your budget and strategies and tactics to improve your business.

What is Included in Your Waterbury PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important because it ensures that relevant and accurate keywords and topics are being using in campaigns. We use a variety of methods and internal tools to make sure we choose the most precise keywords for your business.

Competitor Analysis

It’s very likely the your competitors are already using PPC advertising. We can use this to our advantage by assessing what keywords, variations and budget they are utilizing. This gives you a boost to stay competitive as well and generate customers who have an intent to purchase.

Google Adwords Setup

Google Adwords is our primary platform for utilizing PPC Advertising. Here, we will create custom campaigns, ad groups, keyword targets and other custom ads to increase awareness of your business in Waterbury. These advertising techniques offer an improvement of your search results in Google.

Bing Ads Setup

Bing Ads is an alternative method to Google Ads. This platform is helpful when you have customers who may use Bind more regularly than Google. It also helps if your Google Ads are not generating enough traffic. By creating new campaigns, you increase your probability of being seen on the web as a reliable and trusted business in Waterbury.

Search Ads Campaigns

Search Ad Campaigns help improve your spot in search engine results. Based on your Ad rank, search engines will place your Ads above or below organic search results. Search Ads produce the highest level of ROI because they are within an auction that deciphers how much your ad is worth. You can have a great impact on these results when you have professionals that know how to create the best search ads.

Display Ads Campaigns

Display Ads come in the form of banner images, videos and other rich content. While display ads don’t generate as much ROI, they are a great way to grow brand awareness, get your image out and make a visual presences in customers lives. Display Ad Campaigns are generally measured in impressions that way you can see how many times your AD has actually reached your customer.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing Ad Campaigns uses a specialized technique that allows you to display ads on additional individual websites of customers who have previously visited your own. This allows you to advertise to users who have already showed an interest in your business in Waterbury, and whom are more likely to have an intent to purchase.

PPC Ad Optimization

PPC Ad optimization is a regular routine that consists of updating keywords, ad extensions and evaluating targets. PPC Ads will be maintained by assessing current PPC Ad measures and making appropriate adjustments where necessary. PPC Advertising can takes time, so it’s important to give your current campaign time.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a way to measure and analyze customers who have took active steps on your website site from filling out forms, utilizing call to action buttons and contact the business through the website. Mack Media Group can evaluate all of this so that way your business in  Waterbury is aware of the exact results PPC is generating.

Regular Reporting

 We will keep you informed on all adjustments, updates and results of your PPC advertising methods. This is a great time to go over where your return on investments are highest and make any changes to the tactics and strategies. You business in Waterbury has the potential to grow with Mack Media Group and we are here to help you make informed decisions in PPC advertising.

PPC Management FAQs

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising helps you control and manage your search rank in Google, Bing and other search related platforms. You search rank is influenced by a variety of factors, and PPC advertising can help influence those factors. When you customers are searching for a product of service in Waterbury, PPC Ads can help make you site the first place they visit. That’s because the top results in these search engines include the most relevant, quality results your customers around and near Waterbury are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help with PPC management by identifying the top keywords used in campaigns. Over time, these will have a direct influence on how well your ads and landing pages are ranked in search engine platforms. Our goal is to get your website to be be one of the top pages on the first page of Google so customers can get to you before competitors. In addition, this helps drive relevant traffic to your business with customers who intend to purchase.

PPC offers a variety of advertising techniques from remarketing ads, display ads, search ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads. This helps you identify, target and evaluate your presence on the web. Each advertising method will involve a different kind of interaction or impression to your customers. But the most important part of PPC advertising is to ensure that your ads are being reached to customers who have an interest in your service.

Each ad can be targeted to the location of the search, time of day, type of device and income level. Display Ads and remarketing offer additional targeting options including demographic and psychographic attributes.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising operate in an auction. Competitors will bid on the amount they will pay for a click on their ad (cost-per-click) which also  influences how much a keyword is worth. Some keywords will be demanded more and therefore, the cost-per-click will be more

The rank of the ad is the most important aspect to your because it determines where your Ad will stand on Google. The Ad rank is composed of two factors; cost-per-click (CPC) and the quality score. The quality score contains important factors such as relevance of ad copies, click-through-rate of each ad, along with content on landing pages and ad extensions. The more precise and relevant these factors are, the greater rating you will have in Google.

There are methods of increasing your Ad Rank in order to influence which spot your Ad appears in search results.

The amount of each click on PPC ads varies. For example, if there is a particular keyword that is highly demanded, than the cost-per-click (CPC) will be higher and influence your final cost-per-click. That is because there are a lot of people betting that this keyword will show improved search rank results.

Having a lower quality score also increases the CPC, while having a higher quality score lowers your CPC.

It’s important to understand that not one industry will stay stagnant and your  industry is most likely constantly evolving. Because of this, new terms, topics and keywords come up all the time. The best way to manage your quality score, and keep your PPC up to date is to have professional perform analysis, update and research competitors to make sure not only your website, but your ad campaigns are relevant to your consumers.

PPC ads will appear in different places on the web based on the type of advertising method used. The following are a few examples of where each Ad will appear.

Search Advertising – search ads are displayed above and below organic search results in Google and Bing search engines. The higher the rank of your ad, the greater likelihood that it will appear higher and with the  top ads that customers see and click on.

Display Advertising – display ads appear as banner images, videos and other content that will catch someone’s eye . These ads appear on partner sites of Google like Youtube, or Bing if you choose to use them as an ad service.

Remarketing Ads – remarketing ads are displayed on websites users visit who have also visited your own company’s website. These ads helps target individuals who we know are potentially interested in your service or product and therefore have a greater intent to purchase.

Yes, you can use an existing Adwords or Bing Ads account if it is already set up. We have no problem adjusting and  running additional campaigns off of it. We can also build a new one for you, start from scratch, and go over with you how we will use it.  

If you ever need to end our service, we will help you in the transition by providing you all required access to the ad accounts.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company in Waterbury, CT

.Mack Media Group is here to help you grow your business. With our transparent team, effective advertising campaigns, and ROI driven strategies, you can trust Mack Media Group to give your company the boost it needs.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and web design & development. Please reach out to us today to get started: 203-456-9671.