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Building Your New Haven Business With PPC Advertising

The Mack Media Group can enhance your New Haven business’s online presence through pay-per-click management. Implementing the most effective plan will, in turn, create more visibility of your website. Using Adwords, Bing Ads and the like, we can find the best target for your New Haven business.

Letting an agency handle your PPC advertising can only amount to so much, but achieving a positive ROI on your PPC can create more opportunities. Our PPC team works hard at keyword research and competitor research even before starting your campaign. Once we begin your campaign, there will be regular reviews and optimization of advertising to ensure the greatest return on your marketing dollars. The Mack Media group is trusted in not only CT but also NY, you can give us a call today: 203-456-9671.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your New Haven PPC Management?


Using marketing dollars on PPC management is an investment for your New Haven Business. By utilizing dynamic call and conversion tracking, we can provide you with the exact count of customers that PPC generates for an accurate ROI.


We are proud of our pay-per-click management, and we would never jeopardize your website. If you ever have any questions, we are always available via email or phone. If you decide to end our services you can always keep your Adwords and Bing Ads accounts.


When it comes to your New Haven business, The Mack Media Group is constantly reviewing your PPC campaigns, testing ad copy, adjusting budgets and targets. We will always want your campaign to be successful and we will work at it until it becomes a success.


Every month you will receive a custom and detailed report of your progress. Included in the reports are impressions,  clicks, keyword rankings and any changes to the campaign. On a weekly basis, we will also send you updates.

What is Included in Your New Haven PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Before we even get started on any PPC management for your New Haven business, we first run an in-depth keyword research. This type of research helps identify keyword variations that will give you a reliable level of search traffic with the intent of transaction. Not utilizing keyword research would be a waste of your marketing dollars.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing competitors will always help with any business. It can also give a better understanding of what you are up against when building your PPC campaign. Most likely, your competitors already have invested in PPC management, and that’s where we can gain our insight. We evaluate your competitors’ keyword targets and budget to form a better PPC advertising for your New Haven business.

Google Adwords Setup

Google Adwords is the primary platform for PPC management. Campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads are all run through Google Search Results and possibly partner search engines. If we advertise your New Haven business in a search engine, we are more likely to find potential customers who wish to purchase services like yours or product types you offer.

Bing Ads Setup

Once the PPC campaign is set up in Google Adwords, there is also the option of transferring or recreating the campaigns within Bing Ads. If Google Adwords and its partners are not providing enough search traffic or your customers regularly use Bing, Bing Ads can be used.

Search Ads Campaigns

PPC management is primarily done through paid search ads. Your New Haven business ad’s would be displayed on Google and Bing search results. To achieve the highest ROI you will want to use search ads because potential customers are actively using these search engines to find related services or products.

Display Ads Campaigns

There is also the possibility of using Display ads. These type of ads can offer targeting options, but generally, will have a lower click-through-rate (CTR). That being said, Display ads still can offer a large number of impressions which will offer opportunities to build the brand and offer additional search traffic for your New Haven business.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing ads are banners displayed across different websites for customers who have already visited your website. This is another way that you can advertise to potential customers who have already shown interest.

PPC Ad Optimization

We optimize your PPC campaigns with tested copy, keywords, targeting and ad extensions. To produce the greatest number of customers for your marketing dollars, we test the ads, bids and keyword variations. PPC Ad Optimization is built-in to your advertising campaign. PPC Ad optimization is built-in to your advertising campaign.

Conversion Tracking

To provide your New Haven business with a return-on-investment we use dynamic phone and conversion tracking. When a customer calls your business, uses a web form, or enters contact information into a web chat we can track it. This information will help us find out how many leads you have received as well as how many products were purchased using PPC management.

Regular Reporting

Your New Haven business is our biggest priority, so we keep you up-to-date on any information regarding your PPC advertising. Weekly emails will detail reviews of any work we have done over the past week and upcoming plans. There will also be a custom PPC report each month, showing you the results of your campaign with extra notes.

PPC Management FAQs

Most website traffic comes from search engines. Search engine traffic can provide potential customers looking for your services or products. Using SEO (Search engine optimization) is an organic way to display your website in search results, but it can take much longer to see results.

Pay-per-click advertising gives you instant results. You will see your New Haven business displayed in ads above and below the organic search results of Google, Bing and their search partners. Instead of waiting for customers, you will instantly find leads for your New Haven business.
There are several different targeting options for PPC advertising. The most useful aspect of PPC is the ability to display ads to specific sets of keywords or topics that search engine users utilize. This way, only interested customers will see the ads.

Ads can also be influenced by location, time of day, device type or income level. If you use display ads and remarketing, they can also target demographic and psychographic attributes.
With PPC advertising, Google Adwords and Bing Ads are in a constant auction. Competing advertisers can bid on how much they are willing to pay for clicks on their ads (cost-per-click), and it will also be displayed for a set of keywords.

Whoever wins the auction will be placed in the top spot on the search engine results, but this also depends on how high the ad rank is.. Ad Rank consists of two things: cost-per-click (CPC) that an advertiser wants to pay (their bid) and the quality score of their ad.

The quality score is formed from a number of different factors. These include the relevance of the ad copy, expected click-through-rate, and content of the landing page that the ad points to, as well as any ad extensions.

The quality score and the CPC bid will result in the Ad Rank which determines the order in the search results of advertisers.
Each click on your PPC ad will have a varied cost. If there are more advertisers bidding on a keyword, the amount of your CPC (cost-per-click) will need to be a higher bid. This will also increase your CPC.

If you have a lower quality score, your CPC will also increase. But if you have a higher quality score, your CPC will lower.

We measure quality scores by seeing how relevant an ad and its landing page are to a searcher’s keyword. If it’s more relevant, then Google will most likely have your ad displayed to a searcher. In actuality, an ad with a higher quality score for a keyword can rank number one with a lower bid, but an ad with a low-quality score and a higher bid will rank lower.
PPC ads can be located in a variety of places on a search engine depending on the type and setup.

Search Advertising– search ads are displayed above or below organic search results in Google, Bing or their search partners (if selected).

Display Advertising– Display ads are banner (image), video or content ads displayed on accepted websites. All of these websites take part in a larger network of sites open to advertising. Youtube is also included, which is owned by Google. You have the ability to decide what types of websites display your ads using keywords, topics and other factors.

Remarketing Ads- Remarketing ads are display ads used on websites within the display network. This is similar to the purpose of display ads. But, remarketing ads will only appear for individuals who have visited your website or certain parts of your website.
Absolutely. If you already have an Adwords or Bing Ads account we are able to run campaigns through it. If you do not have an account, we can make one for you.

If you no longer require our services, we will still grant you access to the ad accounts.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company

Mack media is here to help you grow your business. Our PPC management services include effective and honest, ROI driven results for your New Haven company. Remember, we are with you every step of the way, and we want you to be successful. Mack Media also offers search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and  web design & development. Our marketing experts are here to help with all your web development, design and advertising needs. if you are interested in our services, please call us today: 203-456-9671