Hartford, CT Pay-per-click (PPC) Management Services

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Building Your Hartford Business With PPC Advertising

The Mack Media Group can help your Hartford Business grow through PPC management services. In order to gain new customers to your website, we can utilize Adwords, Bing Ads and their partner sites.

We want to provide your Hartford business with a positive ROI on your PPC investment. The first step is to perform keyword research and competitor research. When the campaign is live we will review its progress regularly and optimize any advertising. Throughout NY and CT, The Mack Media Group can provide businesses in Hartford like yours with trusted PPC advertisement. If you are interested in these services, call us today: 203-456-9671.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Hartford PPC Management?


Whatever you put into your Hartford business should be an investment, the same goes for your marketing dollars invested in PPC advertisement. Using dynamic call and conversion tracking, we can find out the dollar value and customers generated  that PPC has generated  for your business.


We will always be honest with the strategies and tactics we use for your campaigns. If you ever have any questions, you can contact us via email or phone. If you ever need to end our services, you can still keep your Adwords and Bing Ads accounts.


To ensure the reliability of your campaign, The Mack Media Group will continuously manage your PPC campaigns, test ad copy, and adjust budgets and targets.


When it comes to your Hartford business, we always want to include you. We will be in contact with you weekly and monthly. Weekly reports will include updates on any ongoing campaigns. The monthly reports will include detailed, custom reports mentioning impressions, clicks, conversions and changes in the campaign.

What is Included in Your Hartford PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Everything begins with research, and even before your campaign starts, we perform in-depth keyword research. This research is beneficial because when we identify keyword variations relating to your Hartford business, we can find a good flow of traffic. Keyword research is an important step to remember, otherwise your marketing dollars will go to waste.

Competitor Analysis

In order to build a lasting PPC campaign, we must also see what keywords and budget your competitors are working with. This type of research can also help with the creation of your own PPC.

Google Adwords Setup

Primarily, we use Google Adwords platform for our PPC advertising. We run and test campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads in Google Search Results as well as other partner search engines. If we advertise your Hartford business in search results, you are more likely to gain potential customers looking for your services.

Bing Ads Setup

After creating the PPC campaigns in Google Adwords, we can also reproduce and optimize campaigns within Bing Ads. If Google Adwords and its partners are not performing to our liking, we can also use Bing Ads as an alternative. This also helps if your potential customers use Bing.

Search Ads Campaigns

PPC advertising is mainly done through paid search ads. The advertisements are displayed in Google and Bing search results. Using search ads is necessary in order to get your Hartford business the highest ROI because your target audience is actively searching services or products related to your business.

Display Ads Campaigns

Display ad campaigns can offer good targeting options, but they have a lower click-through-rate (CTR). Yet, they can provide a large number of impressions. This is helpful with building and additional search traffic and improving brand awareness.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

For customers who have visited your website there are advertisements called Remarketing Ads. Your advertisement will then be displayed as a responsive banner ad across different websites these individuals use.  

PPC Ad Optimization

PPC Campaigns include tested copy, keywords, targeting and ad extensions. As long as your ad is running, we will continue to test it as well as bids and keyword variations for your ROI. PPC Ad Optimization is a regular portion of your advertising campaign.

Conversion Tracking

When a customer calls, uses a web form, provides contact information to your Hartford business, we track this data through dynamic phone and conversions. We do this to track how many leads or products were formed from our PPC advertisement.

Regular Reporting

On a weekly basis, we will send you an email with a review of your PPC advertising. We also include a custom PPC report each month with details about the results of your campaigns.

PPC Management FAQs

Most of the traffic from your website is brought by search engines. When a customer is looking for a Hartford business with your services or products, they will most likely do so using a search engine. Using search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of organically climbing the search engine results can often take too much time. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers you instant access to your target audience by rankings in search engines.
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers a considerable amount of targeting options. The most important is targeting ads by using certain sets of keywords or topics that a search engine user would use.

Other facts can also be taken into play, such as location, time of day, device type or income level. Display ads and remarketing ads can also offer demographic and psychographic attributes.

PPC advertising works the way an auction does. Google Adwords and Bing Ads pay-per-click (PPC) have competing advertisers bidding on how much they are willing to pay for a click on their ad (cost-per-click).

Whoever wins the auction is placed at the top of the search results depending on which ad has the highest Ad Rank. Ad Rank consists of two things: cost-per-click (CPC) and how much an advertiser will pay as well as the quality score of the ad.

Quality score is found by a number of different factors including relevancy of the ad copy, expected click-through-rate of an ad, content on the landing page, and any ad extensions.

The Quality score and the CPC bid result in the Ad Rank and determines the order of advertisers in the search results.

Clicks on PPC ads can have varied costs. The cost is determined by how much advertisers are bidding on keywords. The more they bid, the more the cost-per-click (CPC) will be. In the end, it will increase your final CPC.

A lower quality score also increases CPC and a higher quality score lowers your CPC.
Quality score is used to measure how relevant an ad is as well as its landing page for searchers keywords. The more relevant an ad is, the more Google will have the ad displayed to a searcher.

Ads with high quality score for a keyword will have a low quality score but a higher bid.

PPC ads can appear in different places  depending on the type and setup of the ad.

Search Advertising- Search ads can appear above or below organic search results (SEO) in Google, Bing or any search partner is applicable.

Display Advertising- Display ads consist of banner (image) video or rich-content ads on websites that have agreed to advertisement. These websites exist among a larger network of sites open to advertising. Youtube is apart of these sites, it is owned by Google. You have the ability to decide what types of websites display your ads through keywords and topics.

Remarketing Ads- Remarketing ads are display ads used on websites through the display network. The only difference between display ads and remarketing ads, is that remarketing ads will only be displayed for individuals who have visited your website. You also have the ability to limit what websites display your ads.

By all means. You are welcome to use an existing Adwords or Bing Ads account that we will run our campaign through. Don’t have account? We’ll build one for you.

If you at any point wish to end our services, we will still provide you any required access to the ad accounts.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company

Mack Media can help grow your Hartford business through PPC management. We also offer services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. If you are interested in any of these services, call us today at: 203-456-9671.