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Building Your Fairfield Business With PPC Advertising

Mack Media Group offer PPC advertising to increase traffic, improve awareness and grow your business in Fairfield. Through Google Adwords, Bing Ads and other similar Ad partners, we are here to help integrate an advertising service that is sure to get you the results you’re looking for.

Our team of professional web development and designers have the knowledge and expertise to optimize your business online to attract the Fairfield clients to your company. From keyword research, dynamic phone and conversion tracking and regular reporting, you’ll be satisfied with the results Mack Media Group provides. The Mack Media Group works extensively with PPC advertising in both NY and CT, so give us a call today: 203-456-9671.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your Fairfield PPC Management?


At Mack Media Group, we use dynamic call and conversion tracking to analyze the results of your PPC Advertising campaigns. Through the use of our analytical tools, we are able to give you the exact number of customers you’ve gained by analyzing elements such as impressions and click-through-rates (CTR).


We want you to be involved with the work we do for you. That’s why we’re only ever a short email or phone call away to keep you updated. If you ever have any questions, concerns or would like to better understand how we operate, we’re here to help. We strive for our clients of Fairfield to be comfortable with the PPC services we offer. Our small, yet powerful team can help you get the answers and results you’re looking for.


At Mack Media Group, we specialize in monitoring, testing ad copy along with making impactful changes and updates. Even after your customized PPC campaign is launched, we will continue to analyze results, make adjustments and and optimize the campaign ensuring that it’s up to date with the latest keywords and topics. This is important as the industry in which you operate is always changing and new information is provided daily.


Every week we will provide you with a brief report of what changes and improvements were made throughout the week. In addition, we will provide a detailed monthly report that goes over all aspects in greater detail such as impressions, clicks, conversion, progress, budget changes and more. This is a great time to see increase of traffic or improvements of your overall ranking in Google’s search results.

What is Included in Your Fairfield PPC Services?

Keyword Research

The first step in creating PPC advertising campaigns includes extensive keyword research. We look to discover and identify relevant keywords that are related to your business in Fairfield. Keywords are things that users search for in engines like Google and Bing. The best keywords would be the ones that most closely relate to your product or service you’re Fairfield business offers. You want keywords that are going to generate traffic and action from leads. For this reason, we at Mack Media Group go through a consistent processes of analyzing and determining which ones are best to be used.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is done in order to get a better understanding of where you stand in the pool of other companies in your Fairfield area. By observing the type of ads, campaigns, and content they have generated, we can produce work that will attract similar traffic. This is like secondary research where we begin to build a foundation for optimizing your PPC campaigns. This gives us the opportunity create new, original campaigns.

Google Adwords Setup

Google Adwords is the primary tool we will use to set up your PPC Advertising. This is where the creation of keywords begins. In addition, we will create campaigns, adgroups and original ads that will appear in Google Search Engines. So, when customers go to search for a particular word or phrase that’ve we’ve chosen as a keyword, your website will be shown, improving the likelihood of additional traffic and leads.

Bing Ads Setup

Bing Ads work in a similar fashion to Google Adwords, but stands as an alternative or additional approach. It’s great to use Bing Ads when Google Ads aren’t producing optimal results. It’s also a good idea to use Bing because some customers use Bing as their primary search engine. While this is not as likely, it’s still still a great way to ensure you’re reaching out to all potential customers.

Search Ads Campaigns

PPC advertising is primarily done through paid search ads. These advertisements are displayed within Google and Bing search engines as users search for the specific keywords we are targeting. The results among search ads produce higher ROI because they target individuals and users who are already interested in the service or product your offer via the keyword they searched for.

Display Ads Campaigns

Display Ads are visual elements such as images, videos and other similar content that grabs the user’s eyes. While they produce a lower return on investment, they do generate a larger number of impressions which help to increase brand awareness and generate greater amounts of search traffic.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing ads are specifically targeted to individuals who have previously viewed your website. These ads will appear on additional websites other than your own as they ‘follow’ users who have showed interest in your products/services. This keep potential customers alert and aware.

PPC Ad Optimization

PPC advertising campaigns are customized with tested copy, keywords, targeting and ad extensions. This will be analyzed as the ad runs to ensure that all keyword variations, tested ads and bigs are drawing in the most traffic possible to your Fairfield business. PPC Ad optimization is usually included in your ad campaign.

Conversion Tracking

We use dynamic phone and conversion tracking to analyze the amount of traffic drawn to your site through our PPC services. We will learn about what users made direct calls from the website, filled our web forms or provided contact information. This helps us to learn how many purchases were generated through PPC advertising to your business in Fairfield.

Regular Reporting

We want you to feel confident in choosing Mack Media Group to do your PPC management services for your business in Fairfield. That’s why we provide weekly reports that reviews any new changes or progress made. In addition, we provide detailed monthly reports that go over everything from a logistic standpoint, while also reviewing some possible changes to increase your PPC campaigns.

PPC Management FAQs

PPC Management is the best way to get your website known in the fastest manner. This is because Google and Bing Search Engines will place your ad above and below organic or natural (search engine optimization) results on the first couple pages as opposed to the fifth or higher. This ensures that users see your ad first, even before organic results sometimes.  

Your PPC ads will be viewed by users who are search for keywords or topics that are relevant to your business as your ads are displayed first. PPC advertising is really a way to bypass SEO which takes a greater amount of time to achieve. PPC is great when you’re just starting your business or looking to give it a boost.

Pay-per-click (PPC) primary focus is on keywords that are of interest to potential customers and users searching for your service or product in Fairfield, CT. That’s why understanding what keywords to use is essential to a good campaigns as it produces better results for attracting the right kind of traffic.

PPC advertising can also be used to target options such as location (Fairfield and the surrounding area), time, device used and income. In addition, display ads and remarketing ads are known for using demographic and psychographic factors.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works within an auction hosted by Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Competitors end up bidding on how much they are willing to pay for every click on a specific keyword. This is a bid placed on the cost-per-click (CPC). The amount of every keyword will differ between its quality, relevance and demand. Overall, we are trying to choose keywords that your customers will search for in order to ensure that we come up in those results. Coming up within the top results however takes times, but again, PPC allows you to bypass this.

After the auction on the keywords, your PPC ad will be placed within Google’s top spot in the search engines like Google or Bing. The placement of your ad will be based upon which ads have the highest rank. Ad rank consists of two main elements:cost-per-click (CPC) – what an advertiser is willing to pay for a bid, and the quality score of their ad.

Combining the quality score and the CPC bid will result in an Ad rank which determines the order of advertisers in the search engine.

The amount of each PPC ad will variate depending upon the auction and how much another competitor is bidding on the keyword or how much an advertiser, like us, is will to bid. The higher a cost-per-click (CPC) bid is, the higher your final CPC will be as it increases.

A lower quality score will increase your CPC and a higher quality score lowers your CPC.

Higher quality scores will trump over cost and is defined by how well an ad, landing page, and its ad extensions. The more relevant your Ad is, the more often it will be displayed to someone searching for such results.

For this reason, a high quality score on a keyword will rank higher even with a lower bid than an ad with a low quality score and higher bid.

PPC ads will appear in multiple places depending on the type and setup.

Search Advertising- search ads are found above or below organic or natural search results in Google, Bing and their search engine partners.

Display Advertising- Display ads consist of banners (images), video or rich-content ads on additional websites that have agreed to display the ads. You can also decide and limit what websites display your ad by evaluating other factors such as keywords, topics and other similar elements that relate to your company.

Remarketing Ads- Remarketing ads run similarly to display ads and work within the display network. But, remarketing ads are only shown to users  who have already visited your website and who have demonstrated interested. If you wish to do so, you can also limit the type of websites that display your ads.

Yes, you can use your existing Google Adwords or Bing account when deciding to work with us at Mack Media Group.

We can create a new account is you would prefer that as well and in the event you have to depart with us, we will provide you with all information for the required access to the account.

PPC Services to Grow Your Fairfield Company

Mack Media Group provides effective PPC Management for companies who are looking to optimize their business results online and gain additional traffic. We strive to provide effective, ROI driven results with conversion tracking that allows you to better understand your PPC results. In addition, we offer consistent reporting to keep you in the loop. If you need original PPC campaigns, you can rely on Mack Media Group’s team to get the job done.

The Mack Media Group specializes in PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. If your Fairfield business is looking for help in these areas, don’t hesitate to call us: 203-456-9671.