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Building Your Hoboken Business With PPC Advertising

Mack Media Group can provide you with the tools to grow your Hoboken business with our PPC Management Services. You need traffic and new customers to visit your website and we can help you find the perfect target niche to grow your business. With Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and their partner sites we can give you the tools to raise your business’s profile.

Our campaigns are designed to provide you with a positive ROI. With this in mind we begin every campaign with exhaustive research on your target keywords and competitors. Furthermore we consistently update and optimize your existing campaign to make sure it is always performing at its highest level. The Mack Media group is Hoboken’s trusted PPC agency.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your PPC Management?


We are an ROI driven company and want to make sure you have all the information you need to track your return on investment. We use dynamic call and conversion tracking to make sure you can see just how much our PPC management services provide your company.


We take pride in our strategies and tactics and are always happy to provide you with information. If you ever have any kind of question we will be available by phone and email. Additionally, if for some reason you need to end our services you keep your Adwords and Bing Ads accounts.


We make sure to keep your campaigns up to date so that we can see it succeed. Since PPC is a marketing medium always in need of optimization we continuously review you campaign, test ad copies, and adjust budgets and targets.


Mack Media also endeavors to always keep you in the loop, whether that be through our weekly email updates or our detailed custom reports at the end of every month. We always keep you abreast of the situation and our monthly reports contain every detail you might need from the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions to the changes we’ve made.

What is Included in Your Hoboken PPC Services?

Keyword Research

The most crucial part of PPC campaigns is keyword selection and we make sure to start every campaign with intensive research on the subject. Knowing what keywords and variations will produce the most reliable traffic with intent to purchase is crucial when you are charged by the click.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your Hoboken company’s competition is another important part of our PPC campaigns. Many of your competitors will have already invested in PPC campaigns of their own. By looking at their keyword targets and budgets we can leverage this information to inform your own campaign.

Google Adwords Setup

Google Adwords is the cornerstone of our PPC campaigns. We use Google adwords to test and create adgroups, keywords, and ads.Adwords allows us to advertise in Google’s search results exposing your website and brand to an immense audience of potential customers who have already displayed some manner of interest through their keyword searches.

Bing Ads Setup

Bing Ads are not quite as powerful as Google Adwords since Google is generally the primary search engine. However, we can recreate and optimize our Google Adwords campaigns for use in Bing Ads. We would generally do so if you need more traffic or you know that some of your customers, or potential customers, use Bing or their search partners.

Search Ads Campaigns

Our primary type of PPC advertising will be paid search ads displayed in Google and Bing through Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The major advantage of search ads is their ability to target since they are linked to specific keywords. This linking means that people viewing your ads are more likely to be interested and have an intent to purchase. Consequently, they tend to give a higher ROI.

Display Ads Campaigns

Another type of ad we may use is the display ad. These are not as effective as search ads. They do offer some deep targeting options but suffer from a low click-through-rate (CTR). However, they nonetheless can be great tools to improve brand awareness and bring more supplemental traffic to your already existing search ad campaigns.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

While similar to display ads, remarketing ads target only individuals who have visited your website, or a specific part of it. This means there is potentially very high intent to purchase and targeting these same visitors with remarketing ads can lead to more conversions. Additionally, remarketing helps improve the top-of-mind awareness of your brand encouraging customers to return to your Hoboken business at some point in the future.

PPC Ad Optimization

An important part of any PPC campaign is optimization. Since PPC is pay per click it is important that every click counts. Therefore we use test copy, keywords, and targeting and ad extensions to optimize your campaigns. We also continue to test bids and keyword variations to make sure that we are getting the best results possible.

Conversion Tracking

Promises mean little though if there is no way for you to track the conversions being made. Consequently we use dynamic phone and conversion tracking and we know when customers fill out web forms, use web chat to provide contact info, and call. Our conversion tracking lets us always tell you how many leads or sales our PPC services have provided.

Regular Reporting

Because we always want you to be kept in the loop we provide weekly reports via email detailing recent changes. Additionally, every month we send you a detailed custom PPC report to provide you with even more specific information.

PPC Management FAQs

One of the main ways for customers to discover your business is through search engines. This potentially gives you access to more customers than ever before. However, this doesn’t matter if no one can find your company when searching for something you could help with. Search engine optimization (SEO) provides a way to boost your results through organic searches. Unfortunately, SEO is never quick and can take time to provide the results you want.

Thankfully, PPC advertising through Google Adwords or Bing Ads gives an instant boost to your company’s visibility. By placing your ad at the top or bottom of search results for keywords relevant to your business PPC advertising puts you in the place to be noticed by interested potential customers.

The most important targeting option that PPC provides is the ability to focus your ads on keywords, sets of keywords, or topics. A classic problem of advertising is reaching an audience actually interested in your product. By targeting search keywords, so long as the keyword choice is optimal, you greatly increase the chance that customers who see your ad are interested in that type of service.

PPC advertising can even be further refined to target keywords based on location, time of day, type of device, and even income level. Display ads and remarketing  offer several more potential targeting options related to demographics and pyschographics.

There are two major factors that are used to determine where your ad will appear.

Cost-per-click (CPC) is the first and uses an auction system. Competing advertisers bid on specific keywords by providing the amount of money they would be willing to pay for each click on ads displayed for that keyword.

The other half of the equation is quality score. There are many factors included in this, including content of the landing page, click-through-rate, ad extensions, and ad copy relevance.

Together these two scores make up the Ad Rank which is used to determine where each ad will appear in searches for a keyword.

There is no set cost for clicks. Instead the auction system causes price to vary based on the competition. The more competing advertisers bidding for placement on a particular keyword, the more expensive it will naturally become.

There is another factor in determining cost though, the quality score. As a search engine it benefits Google to have ads that users will find relevant to what they initially searched. Consequently Google uses factors like ad copy and landing page relevancy to figure out how relevant an ad is to any particular search.

Because relevancy benefits Google, a higher quality score can allow an advertiser to pay less. In fact, it is possible for an ad to have a low CPC and yet appear high in search results because of a high quality score because both together make up the Ad Rank.

The location of the ad varies based on the type of ad.

Search Advertising- These types of ads appear in the Google and Bing search results, either above or below the organic search results. Ad Rank determines where exactly they appear on the page.

Display Advertising- These are content rich, video or banner ads. These types of ads appear on individual sites that have agreed to advertising. Often these sites are part of a larger network that has agreed to advertising. Which site you choose to display your ads on can be determined based on several determining factors including keywords and topics.

Remarketing Ads- These ads are normally very similar to display ads but with one key difference. That difference is that remarketing ads only appear for users who have already visited your website. They can even be designed to only appear to users who visited a very specific part of it. You can still limit what sites these remarketing ads appear on.

Absolutely. We are more than happy to run your campaign through an already existing Adwords or Bing Ads account that you have. However, if you do not have an account we can make one for you.

We hope that you will keep your services with us for a long time. However, if you ever do need to end your services we will help with the transition, including giving you access to the Adwords or Bing Ads account.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company in Hoboken, NJ

Here at Mack Media we have the tools to help your Hoboken company grow. Our PPC management services offer effective, results that we take pride in. We intend to give you a positive ROI no matter what your budget. We are the trusted PPC management company for Hoboken.

The Mack Media Group specializes in PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. If your Hoboken business is looking for help in these areas, don’t hesitate to call us: 203-778-1120.