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Building Your Bristol Business With PPC Advertising

The Mack Media Group can use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to increase the traffic to your Bristol business. Expect a large, new customer base after we give your website a makeover to improve the face of your business. Through the use of Adwords, Bing Ads, and their partner sites, we can make your website more visible to your target audience.

Many agencies can offer you PPC management services, but when it comes to providing you a positive return of investment (ROI) on your PPC advertising, they fall short. Some agencies miss their mark when developing PPC campaigns, often resulting in a high bounce rate that costs your Bristol business money, with no return. Here at the Mack Media Group, we focus on researching keywords to best suit your business, as well as look into your competitors before starting your campaign. Then, once the campaign has begun,  we will regularly check, tweak, and manage your PPC advertising in order to optimize it for the maximum possible ROI. For a smart use of the marketing budget for your Bristol business, contact us today: 203-778-1120.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your PPC Management?


Any investment made into PPC advertising for your Bristol business should net positive results. In order to accurately measure progress, we use customized call and conversion tracking in order to give you exact reports on the number of customers earned through PPC advertising.


The Mack Media Group will always be transparent with any methods or strategies used in your PPC advertising. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your campaign, a member of our team is only a phone call or email away. In addition, if you ever choose to terminate our services, any Adwords and Bing accounts made by us, for you, will remain yours.


Pay-per-click advertising is a fast-paced environment that changes daily. As such, each campaign needs to be consistently monitored in order to provide a positive ROI. The Mack Media Group regularly monitors the progress of the campaign, and makes changes to targets, budgets, and tests ad copies, in order to optimize your PPC advertising. Our PPC managing services should net you customers, and we will do everything we can to ensure its success.


Here at the Mack Media Group, we aim to keep you an involved member of your PPC advertising campaign. With that said, you will receive weekly reports about the progress your campaign has made. Additionally, your business will receive a monthly report with customized statistics that include impressions, clicks, conversions made, and any changes that we have made to your campaign to keep you informed.

What is Included in Your Bristol PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base of any effective PPC campaign. We start by identifying the most suitable keywords for your specific, Bristol business in order to render the site traffic that is most likely to result in a conversion. Sure, it is easy to pick keywords that will get you visits to your website, but those clicks are just as easily a wasted investment if your site is not what a consumer wanted. We do research so that your PPC advertising does not go to waste.

Competitor Analysis

Another essential step to enhancing your PPC campaign is to research your competitors tactics. It is likely that your competitors have also invested in PPC advertising, which makes it easier for us to develop PPC for you. By monitoring your opponents keywords, targeting, and budget, we can improve your PPC advertising.

Google Adwords Setup

PPC is, for the most part, done through Google Adwords. The keywords and ads associated with your campaign can show up in Google Search Results, and partnered platforms. By advertising in search results, you are more likely to find customers interested in your products or services.

Bing Ads Setup

After developing a Google Adwords campaign, there is merit in reformatting campaigns to fit with Bing Ads. Using Bing Ads will often pick up those possible customers who use Bing, or affiliated search engines, instead of Google, while conducting web-searches.

Search Ads Campaigns

PPC advertising is conducted through paid search ads. These advertisements show up next to the search results of consumers using the Google or Bing search engines. This allows your paid ad to be displayed to potential customers already looking into products or services that you provide.

Display Ads Campaigns

The Mack Media group can also use Display Ads in order to target specific audiences and generate traffic. These kind of ads generally provide a lower click-through-rate (CTR) than search ads, but they will provide a targeted approach to produce a larger number of impressions. Overall, they are just another way to spread the face of your Bristol business, and build your brand.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing ads are a way to bring customers who have already view your website, back to your website. These ads are place on website other than your own, in order to advertise to customers you know are already drawn to your Bristol business.

PPC Ad Optimization

We customize your PPC campaign with tested copy, keywords, targeting, and ad extensions. When we implement your PPC ads, we constantly test the ads, bids, and keywords in order to generate the highest traffic. PPC Ad Optimization is an essential part of most ad campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Anyone who is connected to your business via PPC advertising, and completes an action, such as using a web form, providing contact information, or completing a purchase, can be tracked and recorded. This way, we can determine how many new customers were made as a result of your PPC campaign.

Regular Reporting

We will keep you updated on the progress that your PPC advertising campaign is making regularly. You will receive a weekly email outlining the developments made that week, and any future changes or plans. We will also provide a customized monthly report on any metrics you are interested in, resulting from your campaign.

PPC Management FAQs

The majority of your website traffic will be made from various search engine results. Improving how your website rates in search engine results through organic displays (Search Engine Optimization) could take months, but PPC advertising could show results in the course of a single day.

PPC advertising shows up above and below the organic search results of Google and Bing, alike. That way, if a user searches for something relevant to your business, but your website does not show up in the organic results, your business still has a good chance of being seen by potential customers.

Pay-per-click advertising provides the ability to target customers with a variety of options. The most significant of these options is the ability to target specific keywords that your potential customers are most likely to use. Once the relevant keywords are determined, your ads will easily find their way to individuals who will likely be interested in the products or services your Bristol business offers.
With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for every click made on the advertisements you run. That being said, the amount that you pay-per-click is determined by a sort of auction run by Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Competitors bid the amounts they would like to pay-per-click on their ad (cost-per-click) for specific keywords.

After a business wins the auction, the ad will be displayed on the top spot in the search results depending on the ad that has the highest Ad rank. Ad rank is determined by both cost-per-click (CPC), and the quality score of the ad.

Quality score is made up of the relevancy of an ad copy, the expected click-through-rate, and the content on the landing page, as well as its extensions.

By combining both quality score and CPC, a bid will be assigned an Ad rank that determines the placement of an ad with respect to other ads for that search result.

The amount that a PPC ad campaign costs, fluctuates with the ongoing auction run by Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The money you spend is dependent on how much other advertisers are bidding on the keywords that would fit your business best. As a result, the higher a cost-per-click (CPC) bid you make, the more you will end up paying for the advertising in the long run.

Quality score also plays a role in how much your PPC advertising will cost.

Quality score is used to find how well the landing page of an ad, matches search result’s keywords. If is your ad is more relevant to a searcher’s keywords, then it will be more likely to rank higher and be displayed more often, even if you have a lower bid. If your ad is less relevant to the searchers keywords, you are less likely to show up in search results. In this way, a higher quality score will result in a higher ad placement, even if there is a competitor with a higher bid. To the same effect, a lower quality score, will result in a lower ad ranking placement, and would require a higher bid to be ranked higher.

Your PPC ads can appear in a variety of places, depending on the type of campaign you want, and how it is set up.

Search Advertising– Search ads appear above or below organic search results in Google, Bing, and each search engines’ respective affiliates.

Display Advertising: Display ads come in the form of banners (images), videos, or rich-content ads on websites that agree to display your ads. These ads can also be run on Youtube, a site owned and maintained by Google. Display ads allow you to advertise in specific places that are similar to yours in order to direct user traffic to your site. This allows you to take advantage of sites that use the same keywords, topics, and an assortment of other factors.

Remarketing Ads–  Remarketing ads work similarly to the way display ads work, and are rendered in the same way. The only difference is that remarketing ads can only be presented to uses who have already visited your website, or specific parts of your website. They also allow you to choose particular types of websites that display your ads.

Of course you can. If you already have accounts for Google Adwords or Bing ads, we can work on those to conduct our business. If you don’t have either of these accounts, we can create one, or both, for you.

Even if you end our services, you still get to keep the access to the accounts we made or changed for you.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company in Bristol, CT

If you want to grow your Bristol business through a PPC advertising campaign, the Mack Media Group is the agency for you. We are a business companion that aims to cultivate your business through industry trusted methods to give you the largest return of investment we can. We will work with your marketing budget to create a personalized PPC advertising campaign.

The Mack Media group is your one-stop-shop for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design and development. If your business needs quality attention in these areas, contact us: 203-778-1120.