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Building Your Manhattan Business With PPC Advertising

Mack Media Group is happy to help you increase website traffic to your Manhattan, NY business through Pay-Per-Click advertising. Bing Ads, Google Adwords, and other partnering sites all aid in adding more visibility to your business’s website. Your online presence will flourish and better appeal to your target audience.

With PPC Management, you’re doing more than just paying for advertisement space. Mack Media Group takes the time to assure your positive ROI and successful campaign by working with you. We help provide the competitive keywords you need through extensive research. Once your campaign goes live, Mack Media Group vigilantly monitors and reviews it to optimize its profit and potential. We’re proficient in PPC Advertising and Management in both NY and CT, to guarantee the highest possible ROI for your business.

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Why Trust the Mack Media Group with Your PPC Management?


PPC Advertising has more to offer than a prime advertising spot on Google and other search providers. The Mack Media Group transforms your marketing budget into an investment for your business’s growth. With dynamic call and conversion tracking, were able to provide you the number of customers you can gain through a PPC Advertising campaign. Our team is eager to work towards a positive ROI for your campaign.


With the Mack Media Group, there’s no secrets. We invite you to engage in our strategies and tactics for your campaign, and keep you updated on its progress. Feeling confused as to how effective your campaign is? Simply give us a call. The Mack Media group is here to help your Manhattan business grow, and provide whatever service or assistance you need. If you ever want to end your services, your Adwords and Bing Ad accounts stay yours.


Marketing tactics are constantly evolving. The Mack Media Group is aware of how rapid the business can change, and works toward adapting to that by monitoring your campaign closely. We follow your PPC campaigns closely, test ad copies, and change budgets or targets as needed to best improve your ROI. We pride ourselves in providing you a successful and pain-free PPC campaign experience.


You’re always in the loop with the Mack Media Group. At end of each week, we’ll update you on the progress of your campaign to assure a clear image of its effectiveness. We’ll also provide a customized report detailing impressions, conversations, clicks, and any updates/changes we plan on making to your campaign.

What is Included in Your Manhattan PPC Services?

Keyword Research

Keywords are the building blocks of every ad campaign. Before we begin your PPC campaign, we research and perform keyword searches to optimize your Manhattan, NY business site to the most relevant keywords. In doing so, your business will gain traffic and increase sales.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors is the best way to stay competitive. Your competition has likely invested just as much time and funding into PPC advertising as your business intends to. Watching their campaigns is valuable for referencing keyword targets, as well as budget.

Google Adwords Setup

Google Adwords is the primary platform for PPC Advertising. Google and partner search engine results are produced from campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and advertisements. By using advertisements in search results, we can give access to potential customers to your product or service.

PPC Advertising, most of the time, relies on Google Adwords as its primary platform. Google and partnering search engines produce results from campaigns, ad groups, advertisements, and keywords. We give access to potential customers for your product or service by using advertisements in their search results.

Bing Ads Setup

While Google Adwords is the ideal platform for optimization, we give our clients the advantage of optimizing with Bing Ads as well. This can provide more traffic alongside of Google Adwords… or provide an alternative platform for increasing search traffic. This is particularly ideal for target customers known to use Bing and its search partners.

Google Adwords, while the primary platform for PPC campaigns, isn’t the only means of creating traffic. The Mack Media Group gives your Manhattan, NY business by optimizing your site for Bing Ads as well. This provides your site as a result for users who prefer Bing as their search engine, and works alongside Google to create traffic to your website.

Search Ads Campaigns

Paying for PPC advertisements will have the displayed on Google and Bing search results. Having them appear in response to search queries will provide a higher ROI by targeting an audience who would want your product or service.

Display Ads Campaigns

Banner images and videos are only two examples of effective Display Ads. The Mack Media Group works with you to design a custom banner or video to best reflect your brand. They’re effective in targeting a specific audience for your business. However, this can sometimes come with a lower CTR (click-through rate). They’re best suited for supplying a higher number of impressions, and building search traffic for your specific brand.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Remarketing Ads for your Manhattan business are best displayed on other websites to help guide returning customers, who have already expressed interest in your website. A potential customer, by seeing the ad, will be reminded of your brand. This will improve your conversion rate.

PPC Ad Optimization

Tested copies, targeting, extensions, and keywords all play a part in customizing your PPC campaigns. As your advertisements are live, we continuously test them, as well as variations of your target keywords to produce the highest amount of traffic. Naturally, PPC Ad Optimization will be included in your campaign to assure a high ROI.

We customize your PPC campaign with tested copies, extensions, relevant keyword, and targeting. Our team will continuously assure your advertisement will produce a high amount of traffic while it’s live by testing it. PPC Ad Optimization is included as a part of your campaign to assure the highest possible ROI.

Conversion Tracking

The Mack Media Group calculates your approximate ROI by utilizing dynamic phone and conversion traffic. Any participants in web forms, providers of contact information, or phone calls are recorded and accounted for in your campaign’s end results. In doing so, we optimize your campaign by finding the strongest leads and purchases generated by your PPC ad.

Regular Reporting

The progress of your PPC campaign will be detailed and reported to you in a weekly email, as well as any planned changes or future alterations to be made. The Mack Media Group will include all work we’ve produced throughout the week, the amount of traffic generated, and a customized PPC report at the end of the month to showcase how effective your campaign is.

PPC Management FAQs

A website is given traffic primarily through search engine queries. When we input a question or series of keywords into Google, we are given a series of results that are relevant to what we’re asking for. Naturally, those queries can provide significant potential to generate new customers interested in your Manhattan service or product.

However, our first step in tapping into this resource is by determining where you website will appear. Organic and natural engines can only provide so much traffic despite how optimized your website may be, and can lead to a sacrifice of time and money.

PPC Advertising, on the other hand, will place your business at the very top of search results. This gives your Manhattan business a higher potential for building its brand, as well as creating immediate leads or customers.

PPC can offer a vast and diverse choice of targeting options. Selecting the appropriate sets of keywords or topics will help target your desired audience on search engines. Those keywords will allow you to display advertisements to potential customers that may be interested in your service or product.

This can be advantageous in a number of ways: but first and foremost, your Manhattan business will have control over time, device type, income, or location to target your desired audience.

Let’s think of Google Adwords and Bing Ads as an auction house. Your goal, as someone trying to auction your advertisement, is to place your advertisement in the top search engine slot. You compete with other advertisers who want the same spot, and offer a bid to lock down the spot. The “bid” will best reflect the amount you are comfortable paying for every click on the advertisement – your “cost-per-click”.

Like a podium at the Olympics, the top spot is allocated to the best advertisement. We think of “best” as the Ad with the highest ad ranking. This ranking relies on two major factors: the quality of your advertisement, and the Cost-Per-Click.

We already know that Cost-Per-Click is our opening bid on the spot. But how do we “score” quality? Quite simply, search engines determine quality by relevance, click-through-rate, ad extensions, and content. Think of it this way: the engine has to ask itself a few questions before it will display your advertisement.

First, is your advertisement relevant? Is the landing page (where you are brought upon clicking) relevant and helpful to the query? Will your advertisement likely be clicked? And finally, does your advertisement utilize extensions to boost its Click-Through-Rate?

From here, your advertisement will be scored on quality. Its rank will then be determined by combining the CPC bid and Ad Rank. The engine, taking those into account, will then sort the advertisements and order them accordingly.

PPC ad costs vary regularly. Really, it depends moreso on how much the advertiser is willing to bid on a keyword. The higher your CPC bid, the higher your final CPC will be.

PPC ads do not have a set cost. It relies on how much the advertiser is willing to bid. The higher your CPC bid, the higher you final CPC will be: it’s as simple as that.

Final CPC can be increased by a low quality score. Conversely, you can lower your final CPC by having a higher quality score. Engines utilize Quality scores to assure the most relevant and appropriate content will appear for a searched keyword. So the more relevant your advertisement is, the more often it will be displayed on the search engine.. and the higher it will appear.
Quality, in the end, makes or breaks your cost. It’s better to have high quality and a low bid, rather than low quality and a high bid. As the old saying goes, prioritize quality over quantity.

Depending on the ad, and how it is presented, your PPC advertisement can appear in any of the following places:

Search Advertising – Ads generally appear on the top of bottom of organic search results on Google, Bing,and other search engines. “Organic” refers to the natural list of links that appear.

Display Advertising – Video, banners, and images are considered rich-content, or “Display-Ads”. A website must mutually agree to display your advertisement on their site. This may not be the best method of advertising depending upon whether or not your “hosting” website offers the same keywords you are targeting.

Remarketing Ads- Remarketing Ads work similarly to Display Ads, by appearing within the display network to target potential customers. Rather than generalizing and lacking a target demographic, they will only appear to users that have previously been to your website. This can be effective in reminding a potential customer of the service or product you can offer them.

Of course! The Mack Media Group can easily run our ads through your existing Adwords or Bing account. Or, if you don’t already have one, we’re happy to build one for you.

If you would like to end our services, the account remains yours: our team will give you full access to the ad accounts.

PPC Services to Grow Your Company in Manhattan, NY

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