Analyzing Your PPC

Even successful PPC campaigns can benefit from full PPC analysis and appropriate adjustments. Over time more and more data is collected, which can provide even more specific targeting. As long as your campaigns are running, there is always more work that can be done to increase conversions and CTR (click through rate). Mack Media will work to get your campaigns up and running, and will constantly improve your performance. This is our bread and butter. We will never settle for any specific ROI. We will work day and night to maximize your paid search spend.

Analyze With Regularity

Analysis is one of the most important aspects of a successful PPC campaign. The same applies to Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. If you set it and forget it, you might get lucky and generate some revenue, but you won’t be spending to your full potential. Let us handle your media buys and return top dollar on your advertising spend.


PPC platforms provide users with a multitude of targeting and advertising options. It’s not just about tweaking bids and hoping for the best. We implement every option these platforms have to offer, and constantly improve them. We won’t be happy until the client is happy. When the client is happy, we’ll work overtime to make them even happier. If the clients aren’t happy they won’t remain clients for long.

Building Client Relationships

Mack Media deals with multiple clients, and we are about the success of each one. That’s what you miss when you use a bigger agency. You are simply a number to them. But that’s what makes Mack Media different. You can contact us day or night, rain or shine, and we’ll work with you to maximize your advertising budget. After we analyze your PPC campaigns over time, we’ll be able to make informed marketing decisions for your business, product, or service.