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In order to create a successful Nonprofit organization, you need to have loyal supporters and donations put behind your mission. Where word of mouth fails, websites, video, social media, and Digital Marketing can make all the difference.

We’ve helped Nonprofits of all sizes. From 5 members to hundreds, we can develop cutting-edge video content as well as powerful content to market your nonprofit to the right people. Whenever we work with a new Nonprofit Organization, we take into consideration your goals, vision and your overall mission. After working with multiple foundations, we’ve gained an understanding of how the Nonprofit world works, but we’ll never use the same strategies or tactics for each.

When you work with Mack Media Nonprofit, your organization will have custom campaigns, world-class web design or personalized video content. To understand what kind of work we’ve provided for our clients, browse through some of our past client projects below.

Regional Hospice and Palliative Care

Growing the Mission of Compassionate End of Life Care

Regional Hospice website screenshot

The Challenge


Regional Hospice and Palliative Care is a Nonprofit Organization that offers in-patient hospice care and in-home hospice care. The mission of the organization is to provide comforting and compassionate end-of-life care for families, adults, and children.

Providing Reliable Monthly Growth

When Regional Hospice came to Mack Media Nonprofit, they needed an agency that understood their mission, and how to help the organization reach more people and garner more donations to help expand the facility. To help increase their brand awareness, we decided on using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media. 

The Results

Creating Awareness In CT & NY

When we started with Regional Hospice, they were sitting at only 25 keywords on the top 3 placements on the page of Google. They needed help growing their online presence on the search engines, so we quickly began optimizing their website to be more SEO-friendly, as well as adjusting their ads.

136 Keywords in Top 3 Search Positions

For a one-of-a-kind facility in Connecticut, Regional Hospice was missing out on an enormous amount of organic search rankings when we first started their campaign. After months of developing new content and enhancing their website, we’ve helped them rank for more relevant search terms in the top 3 positions for 136 o their target keywords.

Spreading A Mission

The Avielle Foundation

Raising Awareness About Brain Health

The Challenge


After losing their daughter Avielle in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14th, 2012, Neuroscientists Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Richman set out to increase the awareness of brain health. Together, they created The Avielle Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on understanding the reasons for harmful behavior and the importance of learning about brain health.

Increasing Community Engagement

In an effort to reach the community, even more, The Avielle Foundation launched The Brainstorm Experience. This is an ongoing series of workshops, talks and activities focused on raising awareness in the community and ending the stigma closely associated with brain illness. The Avielle Foundation came to Mack Media Nonprofit with this amazing idea, but they needed a Video Production team that could handle developing

The Results

An Ongoing Discussion

The Brainstorm Experience is a large development. Not only has Mack Media Nonprofit been working with the organization for years to produce monthly videos on their workshops and talks, but we’ve worked harmoniously with other companies who have helped host each and every event. From stage production to lighting crews, we’ve perfected the setup and editing style for each talk thus far.

High-Quality Content for Sharing

Over the past two seasons and past few years, we’ve helped developed over 30 videos for the Brainstorm Experience as well as internal content and shareable content for The Avielle Foundation. By forming a relationship with the foundation, we’ve been able to get at the heart of what the organization supports through digital media.

Highlighting the Community

The Horde Foundation

Growing through Community Contributions

The Challenge


The Hord Foundation was created in 1988 by Noel Hord and his late wife, Cora. Education played a major role in their professional success, so they decided to start a foundation that provides deserving students with scholarships. This year, the Hord Foundation wanted to spread even more awareness of their yearly event, so they came to Mack Media Nonprofit with an idea.

Giving the Gift of Education

The foundation operates out of Danbury, Connecticut, giving scholarships to young students in the community, but they wanted a way to highlight all of the best aspects of the 2019 Annual Gala.

The Results

Highlighting The Foundation

The 2019 Hord Foundation Gala had many speakers and supporters attend, and the foundation wanted a video that encompassed the entire event, giving glimpses into the many speeches given that night. So, the Mack Media Nonprofit set out to create a comprehensive video that developed a story about a community coming together.

Raising Awareness About Education

In the end, our Video Production team developed a video that showcased the entire event into one digestible sitting. Now, the Hord Foundation has content that they can easily share with potential supporters, donors, and community members to continually show how successful the annual Gala has been.

Making a Difference

Push Against Cancer X

Highlighting a Beneficial Organization

The Challenge


Founded by Andrew Berman, the Push Against Cancer X organization brings together the community in a fun and exciting way. All proceeds for the event benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, another nonprofit helping seriously ill children and their families enjoy the experience of camp.

Powerful Online Content

The organization is well-known in the community, but they needed a way to showcase the feel and excitement of coming together to help brave children experience unforgettable memories.

The Results

Custom Content

Mack Media Nonprofit attended the Push Up Against Cancer X event this year and gathered a copious amount of content to create an unforgettable video. We showcase the extent of the community engagement and the difference that the foundation makes in the lives of young, ill children.

Social Media Awareness

Although Andrew Berman and his organization are no stranger to social media, they’re now armed with a highlight video that can culminate all of their efforts for the past few years. Having an event video is a fantastic way for the organization to promote the annual event for years to come.

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