Marketing is essential to building any business. When it comes to running a business, like a recording studio, one important factor to keep in mind is clientele. It can be challenging starting up a new company, so having useful resources and information is key. It takes more than just building a studio, and waiting around for future clients to come in contact with you. A successful business owner must get their name out into the world by promoting their brand.  If you feel as though your local recording studio is in need of improvement, there are many marketing tools you can use in order to gain new and loyal clients.

Online Marketing: Attracting Clients to Your Recording Studio

When focusing on improving a local recording studio in Connecticut’s presence online, proper marketing can help the company gain data and metrics to learn more about certain audiences, what they like, and the particular services that they’re looking for. With positive attention for your companies marketing, trust and loyalty will be built. This will keep your clients, and future clients, invested in your companies services or products. Marketing deals with many aspects like Social Media presence, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and much more. We want to share the importance that each topic holds for your recording studio or music related business, so you are able to acquire the right tools to watch your business thrive.

Running Social Media for Your Local Music Studio

Starting a business off can always be challenging, because we all have this philosophy in the back of our heads that once the business is built clients will start strolling through, but it’s way more than that. Strong social media presence can help promote your company’s identity. Word-of-mouth is real folks, and one happy client equals shared posts on social media which results in more presence and awareness of your company. Most recording studios get their clients by word-of-mouth referrals and the internet! Social Media is a beneficial part of your business’s marketing strategy. Maintaining and running active Social Media Marketing can help you connect with customers and even boost/lead sales!

Facebook post from Studio19 Records in Southbury, CT.

In today’s digital world, everyone is online or using a smartphone, eyes glued to social media. The more social media platforms your business builds the more presence will be shown to a wider range of people. Sharing promotions or events is a tactic that can draw in more customers through social media. The usage of hashtags on your social media posts also can draw more customers to your social media pages. When it comes to building up your social media accounts, as a local recording studio or music related business you need to be aware that once you are gaining followers you must stay up-to-date and dependent with your post fluency, whether you choose to post daily or weekly. All in all, scheduling is a key component when it comes to maintaining your social media platforms. 

As a recording studio or music related business, it’s a smart idea to share posts about the environment of the studio, maybe some video clips of the work that has been performed throughout the studio, the type of equipment that is offered, some background on the staff, information that customers would want to see and know. Social Media Marketing will also add to an existing SEO marketing plan.

SEO for Recording Studios: Boosting Organic Results

For those confused on what SEO stands for its Search Engine Optimization. SEO builds trust and credibility, and by ranking higher than your competitors, your local recording studio or music related business is more likely to end up on the first page of Google. The more visibility you give your business the more business you will bring in. SEO can help grow your business, and when it comes to optimizing your website, it’s imporant to target the right keyword, add internal links and internal pages. Having the right on-site SEO is a crucial component when adding to that trust and credibility for your audience. It also helps Google understand more about what your business entails when using linked keywords. 

Music is such a big and wide industry, which means that there are millions of potential clients out there who are ready to find their local recording studio. Since recording studios can be an easy market to enter, competition can be challenging, and that’s why SEO can bring an advantage to your competition. 

The Mack Media Group specializes in many parts of marketing, one being SEO. We work alongside all of our clients in enduring that we come up with the most efficient and fast-working search engine approved methods of organically ranking your company’s website. Any business’s main goal when building out a website is for it to end up on the first page of Google, for potential customers to see and click on.

Running Paid Advertising for a Local Recording Studio 

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and is critical to your small business’s success. PPC is a part of Marketing for your business, it is a model of Internet Marketing in which the advertiser pays a charge whenever their ads are clicked on. This is a cost-effective way to boost an advertisement online. PPC can be beneficial for your small business in many ways. One of these ways being that it targets visitors, people who click on your advertisements or site. Using keywords generate more visits, for example you want to use words that people are most likely going to type in when they are looking for certain services that your business offers. Someone may be searching for recording, mixing, or vocal services and those are all keywords that can be used towards your PPC. 

*PPC Tip: Adding geography, time and language, you can pinpoint your targeted customers. A carefully planned, highly detailed PPC and metrics program can generate the results your local recording studio needs without spending tons of money. 

Video Marketing for Local Recording Studios

Video Marketing is something that can add to your business that will spice it up and even give off a more professionalism to the company. With the right professional equipment and video production filmers/editors, your business can be looked at as something that began as a small start up but transformed into a reliable and professional feeling business. 

local recording studio with vocalist and guitar player

Video marketing will rank your business higher in search. There are so many reasons why you should look into video marketing for you recording studio, another one being that there can be a more visual and better understanding of your products and services. This also leads to the building of stronger brand affiliation and connection, showing up in more social feeds and sharing/telling a stronger story about your business to your potential customers. 

With the usage of authentic footage being displayed on the internet of your business, it creates a stronger appeal and connection to potential clients. They can see the professionalism of these video and end up with the conclusion that your recording studio is top notch and means business!

Elevating Your Recording Studio with YouTube Marketing

When it comes to building up your local recording studio, Youtube can be very beneficial. While YouTube doesn’t receive as many Page-views as Google does, it is pretty close ranking in second. This popular website has taken the world by storm, and is only continuing to grow. Businesses should take the opportunity to use Youtube as a source for content marketing and social traffic. This social media channel is more than just a search engine. It allows businesses to grow, gain an audience, and build a brand.  

There are an infinite amount of creative videos that can be made for your local recording studio in order to secure a following from Youtube. This allows your brand to contribute its own special twist to your videos that will help you stand apart from other competitors. Videos showing people using your services, interviews with well known figures in your industry, and inspirational content provided from your company are all great ideas to get viewers to click on your video, and watch! By using Youtube, companies are also able to brand their videos and channel by embedding clickable links or pop-ups within the videos. This is an easy way to take viewers directly to your website or offers, and gain the traffic deserved.

Digital Marketing Experts Serving CT, NY & Beyond 

The Mack Media Group is your trusted digital marketing agency that will provide you with reliable results. We offer many services that can benefit your business to ensure that it will grow and succeed. We are able to build your Connecticut business, and even work with clients out of state. Ready to market your local recording business and gain new clientel? Give us a call today at (203) 778-1120 to discuss your options and marketing goals.