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Mack Media Group works diligently from pre-production to post-production to provide high-quality video production services. We can create simple video blog packages, testimonials, and compelling B2B videos so you can have all the content necessary to market your business.

We use traditional video to shoot in-studio or on-location, taking your vision to create a powerful and integrative video for your website or social media page. We make sure that all of our Massachusetts clients are able to turn their ideas and goals for an amazing video into a reality.

You can see a demo reel here of a compilation of videos that we have created for many of our clients.

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Why Us for MA Video Production?

Building Your MA Business With Video Production

Branded Content & Commercials

There are a number of ways to market your content, but the tried and true way is to create a commercial. Mack Media Group can put together a video that showcases the best of your services and product offerings, while staying true to your brand identity. We can also create custom video content for your business.

In addition, we can produce internal videos that can showcase a company’s new vision, quarterly financials, and more. We have several video production specialists that can visit your business to create a custom video that fits in with your company.

Aerial Video

Aerial video can be a new and exciting way to showcase a new building, outdoor projects and more, from perspectives that previously could only be done through expensive crane shots. Stand out from your competitors by showing off your business facility! These aerial videos can be standalone pieces or part of a larger video project.

Mack Media Group is licensed for commercial drone flying and video, and all of our aerial vehicles are registered as required by law.

Client Video Testimonials

A well-produced video showcasing your happy customers can generate new clients and build your brand. When your business message is authentic, you will be able to convey their satisfaction much clearer than with a written client testimonial.

We will be there every step of the way to help you produce a great video. We will prepare interview questions and meet with the interviewees so they feel comfortable in our presence. So long as you give us a general idea of the goals of the video and customer contact information, we will be able to produce the video for you. Then it will be showcased on social media, your website and/or in advertisements.

CT Customer Testimonials

Great company to work with. They explained everything that they were going to do and delivered. Staff is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!
Joan M.
Finding a partner to help you succeed in business is a wonderful thing. I have been in need of a website revamp for more than a year. Enter Mack Media. They had my site redesigned and live within days. That is critical when you are dependent upon your site like I am. If you need a web dev partner – I HIGHLY recommend them!
Noelle M.
I wanted to create a website that would not only work for me but also my customers. Sam Kim & Doug Wenz went above & beyond for me. I am so happy with the end results of my new website. I can’t thank Sam & Doug enough for all of their help. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create your dream website!
Erika K.
I used Mack Media to build my website. They were great to work with. They also took over my ppc account and I’m getting more business then ever. The Mack team is on point. This is a real review from a real person who is REALLY happy with their services. Top notch, professional company.
Dan H.
Scott and His Team were very helpful in helping me design and build my new website. They were very accommodating to me being a small business. Sam who designed my page was quick and responsive with answering questions and making adjustments. I plan to continue to work with them for my multi-media and web design needs. Thanks Mack media Team for all your help and support.
Chase C.
Mack Media Group, LLC BBB Business Review
Bing Ads Accredited Badge

Video Production FAQs

Video production helps you engage with your target market and grows your business. You can utilize it to market through a powerful, compelling medium that makes a powerful statement about your business. In addition, it retains the attention of customers more than traditional image ads, with a higher click-through rate online.

Your Massachusetts business will benefit greatly from the video production services at Mack Media Group. Video can highlight your company in the best way and can be the next step towards growing your company.

Even a two minute video can be worth the investment when done properly. You’ll be able to convey more information through an audio/visual medium than through a short text advertisement, and can showcase your product or service in motion. This can increase engagement, entertain customers and raise awareness in a much greater light than print ads.

We make sure that the videos reach a high quality standard to reflect both your company’s ideals and Mack Media Group’s ideals. We won’t look at a project and say “good enough.” We always plan out shots, create storyboards and edit the best product possible for your MA Video Production project.

We make sure that the process is collaborative and easy to understand. It can feel overwhelming at first to create your first video, but that’s why we sit you down and hear your vision before we even begin planning the shoot. Creating storyboards and shooting is a process in itself, and we want you to be updated every step of the way when creating your commercial or marketing video.

Whatever packaging you need to use – social media, your website, TV advertising, etc. – will all be handled when we receive final approval for the project, because we work to create the perfect video for your business needs.

Every project is different, and we offer custom pricing through our video production services. We can also help you create your own video and give you a consultation on how to create your own video (though we highly recommend utilizing our team’s expertise). Give us a call at 203-408-6887 to receive a free estimate and advice on what the budget for a given shoot will be.
When working with Mack Media Group, you will get HD or 4K videos with high quality audio. We work with premier editing software, to make sure that your video is as pristine as it can possibly be. We can also use a Phantom 4 Pro Drone for higher elevation shots.
Video production at Mack Media Group typically takes about 6-8 weeks. This is from the birth of conception all the way until it’s released and marketed, because we want to make sure that it meets a high standard of quality. Depending on what the video is, however, it could take shorter or longer. Some customer testimonials could be done fairly easily, but a long event showcase or commercial may need more complex shots.

We want to make sure that the videos meet a standard that is good in both our eyes and your eyes. At Mack Media Group, we are able to help make your vision come true.

Massachusetts’s Top Video Production Agency

Video production can help communicate complicated ideas in a visual medium much better than a typical print or web advertisement. Mack Media Group produces high-quality and professionally done videos and photos to help grow and market your business. We are constantly updating our equipment with the latest and greatest technology, and can lend out our studio to finalize your vision.

We want to help you tell your story and gain the customers you’re looking for, the best way we can.