Jacksonville, FL Commercial Video Production

Professional video production tailor-made for your product or service in Florida.

Professional Commercial Video Production for Your Business or Events in Jacksonville

Mack media has a dedicated team of professional video editors who can film and edit commercial videos for your business. We make sure that your videos are made to your standards while being released promptly. You can guarantee that your business or event in Jacksonville will have a professionally edited and produced video that is stunning and can get your message across. Your video can be made for your website or other sites like Youtube and Twitter and will be uploaded in the highest possible quality. Our team is ready to work with you and take care of your production needs. Contact us to discuss your next video production project.

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Why Choose Mack Media Group for Your Video Production?

Commercial Video Production for Any Occasion

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Branded Content

Regardless of whether the Florida brand you are promoting, our video creation specialists can film and edit anything. We believe that creative ventures like video production can create a means to spread your message in an impactful manner. These videos are highly shareable and easily used to gain exposure and attention to take your company to a whole new level.

Special Events

Our professional videographers do not limit themselves to just FL brand commercials, but also shoot special events you would like to have documented in a lively and exciting promotional video. These special event videos can show your customers a real-life look at what you do as a company and how you personify your mission into substantial events and activities.

We love shooting these events that truly make your company stand out and become unique.


Our videographer experts utilize top of the line filming equipment and editing to make only the highest quality commercials possible. Whether you need a commercial for your Florida restaurant, institution or service company, we can make any commercial happen. We guarantee that our videos will create a brand new professional presence for your company that will also help bring in new, potential customers.

Professional Photography

Not every commercial needs FL photography as an addition, but we can offer this service to your business as well. Perhaps you need new pictures of your location for your website? Or updated photos of your exterior business? Whatever you need to be photographed, we can make it happen. We can also take photographs during the commercial if you’d like to share them on your social media pages or your website.

Our professional photographers have the expertise and equipment needed to produce professional-grade photos for your business.

Customer Testimonials

Great company to work with. They explained everything that they were going to do and delivered. Staff is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with web design. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up!
Joan M.
Finding a partner to help you succeed in business is a wonderful thing. I have been in need of a website revamp for more than a year. Enter Mack Media. They had my site redesigned and live within days. That is critical when you are dependent upon your site like I am. If you need a web dev partner – I HIGHLY recommend them!
Noelle M.
I wanted to create a website that would not only work for me but also my customers. Sam Kim & Doug Wenz went above & beyond for me. I am so happy with the end results of my new website. I can’t thank Sam & Doug enough for all of their help. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to create your dream website!
Erika K.
I used Mack Media to build my website. They were great to work with. They also took over my ppc account and I’m getting more business then ever. The Mack team is on point. This is a real review from a real person who is REALLY happy with their services. Top notch, professional company.
Dan H.
Scott and His Team were very helpful in helping me design and build my new website. They were very accommodating to me being a small business. Sam who designed my page was quick and responsive with answering questions and making adjustments. I plan to continue to work with them for my multi-media and web design needs. Thanks Mack media Team for all your help and support.
Chase C.
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Video FAQs

What do you think of when you hear or see, “video advertisement” or “commercial.” Your first thought is probably television commercials or in this modern world, most likely an internet advertisement before a YouTube video. No matter how you view the phrase or word, commercials are advertisements, usually 60 seconds or less or even as short as 30 seconds, that work to promote a company, product, service, or upcoming event.

Commercials are quick videos because they need to capture the attention of the viewer. The main aim of a commercial is to garner interest and intrigued viewers about what you are offering. You can think of a commercial video as a teaser to draw someone in and make them wonder more about your product or service, including a call of action at the end of your commercial is also a great way to influence your potential customers to call your business and either inquire or purchase.

Video or Commercial Advertisements solely focus on generating awareness, introducing a new product or service, and creating excitement for those who are served your commercial video. In today’s digital world, you can use your commercial on television, but you can’t forget to use it on social media sites as well as YouTube. A majority of your potential Connecticut customers or existing customers are online, being influenced by tons of advertisements every day. This is how you will target your customers and this also how you will gain them.
The timetable is flexible and will depend upon the scale of the project. This could vary, for instance, whether or not you want to combine conventional videos with any other footage types, or whether you want a film production or just photography. An average video project can range from 6-8 weeks. We always hold ourselves and our work to the highest quality of standards, and we want nothing more than to accommodate all of your needs for your commercial. If you would like a more concrete time frame, we’ll need to discuss your commercial project ideas and go from there.
Mack Media starts this cycle by meeting with you and different individuals from your business to conceptualize the extent of the undertaking. The objective is to assemble the best intent to rejuvenate your vision. This incorporates deciding when the video and photography shoot will occur and where it will occur, just as what explicit shots your group might want and what it is you envision the eventual outcome resembling. After the gathering is finished up, we will draft a storyboard and content.

Whenever we have the green light, we will plan out the days we plan on shooting by creating a timetable for the whole project. We will at that point record utilizing the best hardware. At that point, we’ll progress into after creation, where we will alter the video taken and include any particular choices, for example, liveliness and music. When the entirety of that is done, you are then given a finished video.

Each task is unique, which means the scope of the task adjusts each time. Depending on your needs, each timeline and price can be specified in a selected plan for your business exclusively. This lets us perform and accomplish your video dreams without the inclusion of needless expenses that you do not desire to have. We will be sure to give you the best possible price for whatever you want in your production. Contact us for a quote based on an upcoming task!
For all of our Florida commercials, we offer detailed HD and 4K Videos along with high-quality audio. Followed up with professional software editing tools during the post-production stage and a finalized edition for your business. To achieve higher angle shots that can be used as b-roll, we also have a Phantom 4 Pro drone.

Commercial Video Production Services To Grow Your Jacksonville Company

Creating an FL commercial can be a big step in advertising for your business. It’s a great way to communicate your services to current and potential customers. Here at Mack Media Group, we want to help your business succeed by providing you with professional-grade commercials to help market your offerings.

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