Why Instagram?

Social media is a huge part of the marketing industry. As of 2017, 2.46 billion people worldwide are social media users. Social Media is especially important for companies who want to get their products or services out there.

I am sure you have heard of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… etc., but a particular social media platform that is growing bigger in popularity each day is Instagram. Some businesses are creating their brand through social media alone. The more followers they gain, the more they sell!

It is interesting to look at Instagram as a business strategy because before 2010 it hadn’t launched yet, but now it is hard to think of what businesses were doing before they had social media like Instagram, to expand their brand.

Almost all millennials know what Instagram is because they use it everyday. It is a continuously growing social media platform for businesses now as well. There are nearly 800 million active monthly users.

More and more companies are using the site to get their brands across through advertising, networking, posting, and sharing. It is now a top social media site for photo and video sharing, so businesses are eager to put their brand out there through this site.

Create a Business Profile and Be Recognized

Instagram makes creating a business profile simple and free. If you are reading this and have not downloaded the app yet, then what are you waiting for? Download it and we can help you grow your business into an empire, one step at a time.

1. Signing Up

When signing your business up, make sure you sign up with your business email. The username is what is displayed when people scroll by your name. Choose the right Instagram username and photo that works well with your business.

2. Creating and Improving Your Business Profile

Write in what makes you unique from others, and make sure you are personable, after all, you are a person not a website! It is important to make your profile public so everyone can see it.

An important thing that Instagram has is its new business tools feature to make it simpler to promote your company.  Visit the Instagram page to get a more in depth, step-by-step guide for creating your business profile.

3. Building Brand Awareness

Instagram is a place where you can introduce new products. Instagram allows you to upload and advertise your products in a distinctive way. It is a friendlier, up to speed tool when gaining the attraction of millennials, instead of having them just navigate to your website.

Instagram allows users to tap on photos and videos in order to interact with businesses in a more personalized way than any other websites do.

Don’t post right away on your business account. It is a good idea to do some research. Look around Instagram, look at popular businesses, and see what they do to promote their brand because obviously what they are doing is working.

4. Make Your Instagram Stand Out

Don’t just post a picture of your product with a caption, “Buy this!” Ask any millennial, no one needs to have a degree to know you won’t gain insta-fame that way. As you read through this article, you will learn what is going to make your Instagram profile stand out from the rest and gain a bigger following in order to sell your products or services.


Why Hashtags? 

When creating a post on Instagram, captions are very important because they contain hashtags. Hashtags are labels used on Instagram to make it easier to find posts, and they link together those specific topics so when someone is searching for a specific theme, all the images from that hashtag or theme come up together on a page.

Hashtags can get your brand out there without users having to follow you. They are similar to key words when searching for something on google and are very important for your business.

Businesses use many different hashtags per photo on Instagram so they can get the theme of their brand out there. When people search for a theme, your brand can pop up on their page without them having to directly search for you. This will give you more views, and in turn create more sales for your business.

Using the same hashtags on your posts will increase the chances of user seeing it. You can use hashtags that relates to your brand and that other people have used, like “#sportsclothes,” or you can stick to the specific slogan of your brand like Nike’s, “#justdoit.”

By using unique hashtags, your brand will stick out from the rest, which makes it easier for people to notice you. However, make sure your hashtags relate to one another.

For example, when Adidas posts a picture of a woman running around the track to promote their new sneakers, they don’t use the hashtag, “#menssneakers or #sportsclothing” they would use “#womenssneakers or #runningshoes.” See how easy that is?

Make sure your hashtags relate. If your hashtags don’t relate to the picture, then that gets chaotic and confusing to users. Look on other business websites for more ideas on hashtags and to see what works best for your business.

Why Visual Imagery is Important in Marketing

When it comes to gaining more consumers for your business, the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding user behavior and learning what your buyer wants from your business. Visual components are key in expanding your brand. The importance of visual imagery is crucial to tell a brand’s story.

  • The key is to create a post or ad that stands out from the rest and makes people stop their scroll, or click on it over the others
  • Make your Instagram easy to read, it is hard to buy something if it is difficult to read
  • Don’t put a product description where your products picture should be, you can describe your product in the caption, or add a link in your caption to show where they can find the product
  • The way things are presented is very important
  • Make sure your presentation looks good

Human brains are much more engaged visually. 65% of people are visual learnings according to the Social Science Research Network. Users are more likely to click on your products or services if you use videos or photographs.

How do you know what to post on your business’s Instagram account? Look at Adidas for example. They show their brand in a distinctive way for each post, making it relatable to millennials. They post their products in a way that expresses their brand’s personality in order to connect with users.

Adidas uses models, sports players, and beautiful scenery to portray their products in a way that shows fitness activities.  Make sure your business page is not boring. Don’t post your product over and over. Remember to make everything as simple as possible.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

How can you go about selling a product on Instagram if you just post the picture of your product? That is boring for users and users will scroll right by it. Create a post that people who want to buy your product can relate to.

Adidas posts pictures of people working out when they want to sell their workout gear, instead of just showing the pictures of the workout gear. People want to see what the product looks like on someone and see the activity that you can do with that product. This makes it more interesting.

Does your brand stand for something? According to recent studies, people seem to be more loyal to what a company stands for. This gives your brand more of a personality and allows you to relate more to the consumer.

For example, TOMS Shoes is a company that puts great work into making their brand stand out. Customers love the fact that their policy is donating a pair of shoes for each pair sold. This makes customers more likely to buy their shoes because they feel they are doing something good.

Communicate clearly with your customers through your information on your Instagram page and on your posts about your company’s values. Make it easy for them to see what your values are and how you are positively shaping the business industry

Get personable with your customer. Comment on their posts, reply to their comments on your posts. If you see someone comment on a picture of a shoe saying “I need this shoe,” then tag them and your business saying: “If you want a shoe like this, check out my page!”

Allow users to see that there are real people behind your business, and you are there for them to make sure they are getting the best items out there. Use this platform to share your story, your background, and your vision. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!


What to Keep in Mind When Creating Ads?

Just like any other social media website, Instagram has ads. Whether its in stories or sponsored throughout a user’s feed, ads make for a great way to get your brand out there. Researchers have tested slight variations in wording that made people change from saying “no” to a product, to saying “yes.”

  • Make your product affordable- show users that they are going to save money with sale options or discounts


  • Label your consumers in ads- I know this sounds bad, but here me out: Research has shown that people like to be labeled because if they feel they are apart of a group, they are more likely to buy items
    • Starbucks, for example, has a reward systems. If you spend enough money, you are a gold star customer, so you are superior to others. In this case, you are more likely to spend more because you want to maintain that status. It is important to have these types of packages for your consumers, and make sure they are clearly stated in your ads in order to grow and make more profits!


  • Go down on your price without actually going down– Instead of saying the yearly subscription for something is this much, say the monthly amount because it is less and consumers will feel more comfortable with the smaller amount


  • Be creative with wording-  Did you know that the impact of a single word can affect your conversion rates? Look in the details, make sure your wording would appeal to more people
    • For example, if you are listing a price for a subscription, it would be better to say “Join now for a small fee of $19.99/mo.,” instead of saying “Join now for $19.99/mo.” Users are more likely to notice the small fee amount rather than the second saying because they think they are going to be saving money!
Adidas ad

How do you Get Your Instagram Handle Out There?

If your new to Instagram and don’t know how to get those followers you need to make your brand well known, follow these tips:

  • Post your Instagram handle on your other social media websites and ask for followers
  • Networking: like, share, and comment on different pages or posts so people see that you are engaging with them, and want to share your brand

Why Every Brand Should Have Instagram

If your brand is not on Instagram, then it should be. It is another free way to get your product out there. It is full of potential networking relationships and new ideas for your brand. Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media!

For example, if you look at Adidas on Instagram you will see that their posts have changed throughout the years. From their first, to their most recent, they make their brands fit with the time period. In the end they have gained a lot more followers and business that way.

Today, mobile media consumption is bigger than online. Instagram is a mobile app, so using Instagram for your business is a new way to attract more people, especially millennials.

A recent study by Forrester Research found that Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users. People are shifting to Instagram, proving that it is the best platform to use.

Content on Instagram is easier to share, understand, and far more widespread than other styles of content. In order to capture the highest audience, you need to make sure you are constantly active and creative.

It takes a lot of work to get your Instagram started and get the posts right, but its worth it. Overtime, social media can gain a positive influence for your brand. It is a slow relationship building process, but it works in the end… trust me!

Does your company need help in social media marketing? Mack Media has many years of experience in growing your social media presence. Call us today at 203-408-6887!