Are you looking to get into the cannabis business or want to expand your existing brand? You can promote your cannabis products with a professional and well-made website. These cannabis websites design examples will help you craft high-traffic and consistent sites. So, expand your reach and let these unique sites give you a great head start. 

Should I Enter the Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis sector is a multibillion-dollar branch of the pharmaceutical industry. The drug has many medicinal uses and health benefits, so it’s not surprising that the cannabis industry is flourishing. And more countries are now legalizing cannabis due to its flexibility, using hundreds of chemical compounds as the source of its potency. 

So, there’s no reason not to invest in the sector!

Whether you’re a new player in this sector or are looking for ways to give your business a boost, embrace digital marketing! Investing in well-designed cannabis websites can help your brand grow and reel in more traffic—and profits. 

Fortunately, there are many top-notch cannabis themes and templates you can buy at reasonable prices. And if not, you can always find a web designer.

Whichever recourse you pick, these cannabis website designs won’t fail to inspire you! Read on to see which one will work best for your upcoming project. 

Best Cannabis Websites Design Examples to Explore

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at several examples of cannabis websites that converted their good ideas into functional and unique websites that have been good for their businesses.


Many cannabis products have emerged due to the drug’s many medicinal uses. But regardless of the product, taking advantage of an online presence is always a must. And Cann is one of the most inspiring cannabis websites you should explore. It’s modern, eye-catching, and leaves a lasting impression. 

But what stood out was its homepage design. It’s breathtaking, embracing GSAP animation, bringing their products to life! Not to mention, the typography is easy to read and looks fantastic. However, it doesn’t end there! The homepage’s sections are also represented with different hues, making them look more creative without losing their elegance. 

Franchise Cannabis

Cannabis can be used for medical conditions that are otherwise challenging to treat with common synthetic drugs. That’s why it has become a popular alternative for severe diseases. If you want to specialize in this sector or build a web presence, take note of Franchise Cannabis.

One of the most appealing and functional cannabis websites right now, it follows a comprehensive and advanced design. Its unique video background makes it easy for visitors to understand what the brand is all about. Welcoming visitors to the hero scene aside, the website also uses subtle animations on all sections on its homepage. 

Either way, this website design is exceptional. Anyone will find this one worthwhile because of its great typography and an easy-to-navigate contact form.

Mary’s List

Standing as one of the most eye-catching cannabis websites is Mary’s List. And it’s here to inspire! Its design boasts a perfect balance of appeal and practicality. Moreover, this website implements a great layout combined with white space, separating text and graphics perfectly. 

Thanks to this visual hierarchy, these elements’ sequence and readability have become more apparent and attractive. 

Best In Grow

One of the best tools a business can use to flourish is web presence. It’s no wonder designers love to make themes and templates for many users. Best in Grow, an award-winning cannabis technology company, boasts a web presence like no other. Its website design uses a more minimalistic theme. But it manages to stay visually stirring, all while boosting readability. 

Overall, the design looks professional and appealing, perfect for reeling in prospects.

MA True Cannabis

Maximize your marketing strategy by offering ease and comfort to prospects. And what better way to do this than create a viable eCommerce website? Take the steps of MA True Cannabis, which won the “best eCommerce of the year “with its impeccable design and creativity. It sells rare, natural cannabis products to improve innate abilities.

The website’s homepage is enticing, leaving a lasting impression. Its hero scene highlights many of its excellent products via an easy-to-navigate slider. And it uses a sticky header for quick access to other pages. It’s no wonder this site has some of the highest conversions right now. 


As cannabis slowly becomes a vital part of medical treatments, more companies boost their web presence to stand out. If you’re one of them, check some of the best cannabis websites design examples, such as this one from Mowellens, for inspiration.

The brand offers world-class hemp products, providing only the best cannabinoids and terpene profiles. It captivates its prospects by using large, high-quality images, clean and excellent typography, and GSAP animation. 

Marijuana SEO

Be inspired by the best cannabis websites and create your own to empower your brand across the internet. If you don’t know where to start, check out Marijuana SEO, a company that assists clients in growing their “canna-business.”

Their website is equally impressive, generating more leads per click. Specifically, it captivates the people with its hero header, video background with CTA, and unforgettable headline! Aside from that, the brand further introduces its credibility by promising to grow revenue, customers, and traffic in a straightforward layout.


Promoting your cannabis products will help prospects learn how to value this medicinal plant. With that in mind, Mohasky built its website around the idea. A growing cannabis delivery and education app, Mohasky gives people safe access to medical-grade cannabis. Its website captivates the audience by using a green color scheme, manifesting an eco-friendly perspective—leaving a lasting impression!

Besides that, the website used subtle animation on its various components for easy navigation and added appeal. Overall, Mohasky’s website is one of the best in terms of design and functionality. 

Trailblazer SEO

Discover the best cannabis websites design templates in Trailblazer SEO. It lets you blaze a trail by growing your cannabis business with industry-leading web design. Its website aims to reach a broader demographic, boasting valuable features and a user-friendly layout. In other words, anyone can navigate through this website. 

Moreover, the website uses clean white squares with flat icons and parallax effects, introducing the brand effectively. 


Share your message and promote your cannabis goods with a seamless website design. If you’re looking to create your site soon, get inspiration from some of the best cannabis websites right now: Webjoint. 

Webjoint is a leading cannabis software for brands, delivery services, and dispensaries. It has a minimalist website design that’s simple yet captivating, boasting professionalism and appeal. Besides being clutter-free, its hero header comes with a compelling headline, captivating CTAs, and a clean background. 

Moreover, the website uses video content to better introduce prospects to what they do. 


Another cannabis brand with a clean, minimalist, and sleek approach is Budbo. It’s a leading mobile platform, matching cannabis users’ top picks of strains and products using Tinder’s infamous Swiper functionality. And to promote itself worldwide, Budbo created a simple yet captivating homepage! Its hero header display showcases a vibrant and animated location complete with its logo, brand name, and headline. 

So, add Budbo to your list of excellent cannabis websites design examples for your upcoming project!


As more cannabis products emerge, more cannabis websites have also risen. And Cannavative is a great example, boasting an innovative and consistent website. Like its website, Cannavative has some of the best cannabis products on the market.

What captivates the audience the best is the website’s homepage. It boasts a vibrant hero scene, perfectly complemented by a pink-tone image background. Adding more life to the homepage is its CTA and refreshing sections with green-tone backgrounds. 

Revel and Rouse

You need an effective marketing strategy for your brand to shine in the highly competitive cannabis industry. Hence, you need to have a great website that’s highly optimized and well-designed. After all, it’s one of the most efficient schemes for spreading brand awareness today. 

If you’re working on a cannabis project to add more to your web presence, check out Revel and Rouse. It’s one of the best cannabis websites design examples, providing an accessible and well-thought-out site for its patrons. Even if its website design is simple, it highlights everything you need to know. These include helpful and informative articles like events, reviews, or interviews. 

GreenGrow Expo

Explore one of the most inspirational cannabis websites design examples, GreenGrow Expo. It envisions creating a real connection for B2B and B2C cannabis with their markets and clients. As for its website, it showcases a grandeur and vibrant design. 

Its hero header is captivating and functional, using a slider, countdown timer, and clear CTA. Aside from that, the website presents its menu attractively, using rounded buttons and video integration. Overall, GreenGrow Expo is a great website to explore and motivate you to make a seamless design for your brand. 

New Frontier Data

Find the best inspiration from one of the most successful cannabis websites, New Frontier Data. It offers transparency to the cannabis sector by providing unbiased netted data and analytics reporting. The website follows a contemporary and professional design, prepared to inspire cannabis-related brands globally. 

Even though the website uses the standard white space on the homepage, its web elements make up for it. After all, they’re attractive and functional!


GreenTx is another stunning example of the best cannabis websites available. Partnered with some of the most influential medical marijuana suppliers globally, GreenTx is a force to be reckoned with! It hires patient advocates and educators with ample experience in the industry, helping prospects find the best quality products for their unique needs. 

Like its outstanding services, the website design is equally impressive. Its slant and parallelogram design have some of the most unique-looking web elements. Also, it uses green as its primary color to captivate the audience and remind them of their specialty–cannabis. 

Plus, this website uses the sticky header to increase customer retention, leaving visitors to come back for more!

Global Cannect

Grab more leads and expand your brand across the sector as you explore these cannabis websites design examples. If you’re looking for a strategic marketing solution, check out Global Cannect. It specializes in uniting and connecting businesses and individuals across the worldwide cannabis community. Its website welcomes you via its hero scene, consisting of a blurred video, background, and a short introduction. 

Aside from that, the website also utilizes a creative display of services, using a clock-like layout. Therefore, as users click on their services, the description for each one appears on the other side. 

The Duber

Make your upcoming project more interesting by creating a well-designed website inspired by the great cannabis websites in this collection. And among them is The Duber. It offers high-quality cannabis products to those in need. Therefore, this eCommerce website offers ease for old and prospective customers alike. 

Its impressive hero scene showcasing search features captivates the audience on its website. Here, customers can easily find the product they are looking for. Moreover, the website lists the most popular products in rectangular thumbnails for an even more accessible location. 

Ontario Cannabis Store

The Ontario Cannabis Store is the sole legal online retailer of recreational cannabis in Ontario, Canada. Besides this, it has one of the best cannabis websites design, flexing a vibrant and eye-catching theme. The various sections of the website utilize large squares and rectangles, representing content neatly. This way, customers can quickly locate whatever they’re looking for. 

Also, the website displays the most famous cannabis brands through a clean and neat grid layout, encouraging visitors to check them out!


Bringing the best cannabis to Michigan, Gage sets the standard for top-quality cannabis products. And its website is tailored to boost the brand’s image and credibility. It uses orange as its primary color, leaving a lasting impression on most leads. Besides this, the website further captivates the audience by having hero headers littered with cannabis plants. 

Moreover, the gorgeous introductory section of Gage’s mission makes the website look more professional, even if it’s using straightforward typography. 

Final Thoughts

Exploring these cannabis websites will help you grow your brand indefinitely. So, whether you’re entering the cannabis industry for the first time or simply want to redesign your website, you’ll find these sites helpful—and inspiring! Choose your ideal website for your upcoming projects to develop a foolproof marketing strategy, earning more traffic, profit, and reach. 

Do you need help in creating your cannabis website? Call us at Mack Media Group. We’ll both figure out what you need to succeed.