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Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Windham, CT Business

When you need Drone Photography, trust Mack Media because we are licensed under the FAA for commercial drone flying and video. We can offer your Windham business with a full video & photography production project that can include drone video and photography filmed with a 4k camera and DJI drone. Our professional Video Production team want incorporate your ideas into the project. We shoot and edit video content and work efficiently to finish your project on-time and on-schedule. If you would like to use drone video or photography, contact us today.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


To ensure your Windham business receives professional and honest work, we only allow our FAA certified pilots to work on your video content. We also offer an in-house Video Production team that takes care of your video editing, to make sure that your content is exactly what you asked for.


In addition to drone photography, we can help your Windham business with your other digital needs. For example, we can help with website building and social promotion including SEO and PPC ads.


We will keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process of your video project to make sure that you will love the final product and can input your own ideas.


We only use equipment with the latest technology like our 4k camera that is mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. This type of camera provides high resolution and a wide angle lens to help us capture your vision.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Our qualified drone pilots can help you highlight a new location or upcoming event at your Windham business. You can use your video content wherever you see fit, including platforms like Facebook, YouTube and your website.

Our services can help you with music concerts, sports events, and more. We understand that these events are big investments for your Windham business, so we want to help adequately capture the moment.

Real-Estate Imagery

Drone photography is being used more and more in real estate. It allows you to show the entire property of your listing and get the correct angles you need. Drone photography will provide your customers with a unique view of your business.

The video content that we will create for your Windham business will help showcase the best aspects of your property and help you communicate with the correct audience.

Construction and Industrial Projects

If you own a construction business or are remodeling your Windham location, drone photography may be for you. We can help display any of your projects with time-lapsed and aerial drone footage.

You can use his type of footage to capture the entire image of your construction project to show customers.

Supplemental Footage

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t only offer aerial video & photography. Our services also include “flightless” videos.

Our Video Production experts can integrate traditional footage with “flightless” footage as well as aerial shots. We offer complete video production service in addition to our drone video services.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

We want to know all we can about your Windham business so that we can help you as best we can. Video content and drone footage can help your customers understand your business better, especially because it can highlight your products and services. Once we hear your vision and ideas, we will get to work right away.

Scheduling & Planning

First, we create a storyboard and script for your video. Then, we start shooting and post-production. We’ll be sure that our shooting does not interfere with any of your company’s operations. We can also take into consideration what time of day and lighting are best to achieve your unique vision.


Our fully licensed FAA certified pilots will be the only ones working on your video content. When they arrive the arranged site and time, they will capture the correct footage and bring it back to our office for post-production.


Finally, your video will go through post-production before you see the final product. Once the footage is received at our office, our Video Production team starts editing your video including any music or animations you are looking for. Once everything is finalized, we can also help you use the video where you see fit, including your website and social media.

Video Production FAQs

Here at Mack Media, we pride ourselves in creating unique content for each client. This gives each estimated finalized product a it’s own finish date. Since we consider drone photography a specialized service, the pricing will also reflect this in addition to what your Windham company is looking to achieve.

The pricing strategy we use allows us accomplish your goals without superfluous charges that waste time and effort. Every one of our experts are dedicated to giving you detailed and custom work for you Windham business. If you would like to know the exact price for your desired project, please contact us via phone or email.

Absolutely! Drone photography showcases your business in a very interesting way with compelling angles. It can give exposure to your Windham business or outdoor events in an innovative way compared to traditional videography.

The Video Production of each Drone Photography project will have a varied timeframe. It is dependent on if you want only drone photography or request traditional video combined with drone video. If you want a blended project, then the production time will take 6-8 weeks. The simpler process of editing drone photography will take as early as 1-3 weeks to complete.

Our experts will make sure your video project is on the right track to be finished by the scheduled date. First, we want to meet with your Windham business to discuss what you want to see in your video. Our Video Producers will also think of additional ideas with you or suggest substitute concepts if we need to. You won’t have to worry about creating the video script or storyboard because you can leave that to us.
Then we will set a schedule for shooting your video and create a timeline of your project. Once planning is finalized, we will use the latest and updated equipment and technology to begin shooting the video. Once we have the footage we need, we can start post-production including adding animations, edit lighting, incorporating sound options and make sure you receive the best quality video.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Windham, CT Company

Are you ready to create a unique and innovative video for your Windham business? We can help with our Drone Photography! Our Video Production services and Drone Photography are  the most affordable and are one of our specialties. We can help you highlight your new location or upcoming event. Interested? Contact us today.