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Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Wethersfield, CT Business

When you need Drone Photography, work with the best in the business. Mack Media Group is FAA licensed for commercial drone flying and video in the Wethersfield, CT region. We can give your Wethersfield, CT company complete drone video & photography services for your projects that require the use of a drone. We produce our photography and video using a 4k camera and DJI drone. When you work with our Video Production team, you’re working with experts who are open to new ideas. We always adhere to tight schedules, completing each drone photography or video project according to your preferences and within budget. If drone photography or video sounds like something you could use for your company’s needs, give us a call today!

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Our professional drone pilots are certified by the FAA to operate these delicate machines to give your Wethersfield, CT business exceptional video and photography for your project. In addition, we employ a Video Production group that works in-house to work on all the video and photography editing to meet the needs of your project, delivering a product that goes above and beyond.


The pros at Mack Media provide more than drone photography and video to the Wethersfield, CT business community. We can handle all of your digital marketing needs. This includes custom website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more. Speak with our professionals for details.


We don’t keep our clients in the dark when it comes to their projects. We believe in full transparency from the start of the project all the way through to the completion. Our goal is to provide you with the end results you desire and make changes where necessary.


Our drone equipment incorporates the newest technology such as our 4k camera that’s mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. This camera combines high resolution and a wide angle lens to make achieving the best video or photography possible.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

If your Wethersfield, CT, business has an upcoming event or concert, allow our certified drone pilots to capture it for you. Once the project is complete, you can post it to your website and a variety of other social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Some events we can assist with include concerts, sporting events, and more. Let our professionals get the moment on film to further improve the investment of your business.

Real-Estate Imagery

More than ever, real-estate agents are starting to invest in innovative marketing for their property listings that include using tools like drones for photography.

Drone photography can move effortlessly over hard-to-reach areas in Wethersfield, CT. These virtual tours give your potential buyers a better idea of the property.

Construction and Industrial Projects

If you have a Wethersfield, CT construction business or if you’re currently working on a remodeling project, allow our professional drone photographers produce aerial and time-lapsed imagery to help you establish your reputation as an expert in your field of work. Contact us to find out how we can give your project a whole new perspective!

Supplemental Footage

Our Video Production team specializes in taking your video and photography to the next level by blending “flightless” video with aerial photography and traditional footage. We provide everything from aerial photography to full video and editing production.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

When traditional photography does not fulfill your Wethersfield, CT, company’s vision, Mack Media will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve exactly that. We want to help you capture the imagery and video you need to meet your project’s demands. Utilizing your ideas, our drone photographers will capture the moment and enhance it in post-production to take your business to the next level.

Scheduling & Planning

We devise a schedule of milestones to meet, including the planned shoot and necessary post-production. We always work with you before and during the drone photography shoot so that we’re not preventing your work from proceeding. We also take time of day and lighting into consideration prior to scheduling the day of a shoot.


As per the law, the only individuals allowed to operate our drones for video and photography are our licensed, FAA certified drone operators. Our team will show up to thoroughly capture the necessary footage before heading back to the office to finish it in post-production editing.


This is the final stage before we deliver the final product to your business. Once we’ve been given the photography or video footage, the Mack Media Video Production team edits it to meet your specifications. After it’s complete, if you need assistance with deploying it on your website or even social media, our team of experts can help you out.

Video Production FAQs

Drone photography is a specialized service. Each project that we complete varies from one to the next since they’re completely customized to fit your needs. Because of this, every price and completion date is different. Also, it depends on the outcome that your business in Wethersfield, CT, is hoping to attain.

We are capable of providing an estimated price after we’ve reviewed the details of the exact project for your Wethersfield, CT, company. If you would like to discuss your project, reach out to our specialists, today!

Absolutely! Drone photography is capable of crafting a work of art from a variety of angles by combining the high-quality photography and video with drone technology in Wethersfield, CT.
Again, when you’re working with Drone Photography and Video Production, the completion time definitely varies. This is determined by the specifics of the project whether you want only photography or video or if you decide you want to blend video with drone imagery. It can take anywhere from one to eight weeks for product completion. Speak with our team for a more exact timeframe.
At Mack Media Group, our team sets up a meeting with your company in Wethersfield, CT to discuss your Video project goals. Since we want everything to take off easily and without any issues, it’s important to establish expectations and a tentative timeline. Once we have a general idea of what you plan to accomplish, our team of Video Producers will also come up with alternative ideas with you if necessary. If you need a video script or storyboard, we’ll craft these after the initial meeting.

After everything is established and approved by your company, our pros will visit the property on the scheduled shoot days with our equipment to gather the necessary footage. Upon completion, we’ll begin the post-production phase that allows us to make modifications such as adding sound, lighting, and overall finishing touches prior to producing the final product to you.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Wethersfield, CT Company

Mack Media Group in Wethersfield, CT, is the area’s premier drone photography company. We offer services for a wide variety of customers, including residential and commercial real estate, corporate promotional videos, sporting or community events, and much more. If you’re ready to stand above the rest, contact us today for more details!