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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Vernon Business

If you’re looking for an experienced drone photography and videography company, Mack Media is the way to go! We work with FAA licensed pilots for our commercial drone flying, and we can provide your Vernon business with full video & photography production services. We offer everything from drone footage and photography captured with a 4k camera and DJI drone to a full suite of marketing options.

We tastefully film, edit video content, and complete each project on-time and on-schedule. If you think you might be interested in investing in drone video or photography and creating a video for your Vernon business, contact us today!

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


We always provide our clients with professional and honest work, and your Vernon company is no exception. We only allow our FAA certified pilots to contribute to your video project. In order to ensure that the final content meets or exceeds your expectations, our in-house Video Production team does all of the video editing and post-production.


Drone photography is just one of our many specialities! Mack Media offers clients the complete package: web design, online marketing, (including SEO and PPC ads), and social media production. This is the perfect all-in-one marketing spot for your Vernon business.


Mack Media strives to keep clients excited, informed, and updated throughout the duration of every project. We genuinely appreciate your feedback.


We capture spectacular footage with our top-of-the-line 4k camera. We are able to record impressive aerial footage when it is mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone thanks to its high resolution and a wide angle lens.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Our qualified videographers can help your Vernon business feature a new location or showcase an upcoming event with aerial drone footage. Your website, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, are ideal platforms on which to promote your film to potential customers.

Our team has worked on projects for events such as music concerts, sporting events, and more. Mack Media Group knows that every financial investment counts. With our drone-mounted cameras, we can capture every exciting moment. It is absolutely a worthwhile investment.

Real-Estate Imagery

The drone photography trend is proving to be popular with real estate agents. Aerial footage shows the entirety of a property, which means that would-be buyers can see the landscape as a whole in the listing. Drone photo and video goes a long way in providing potential buyers with these detailed images.

By featuring these stunning photos and videos of your Vernon agency’s properties, our drone footage can help you find potential buyers.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Aerial drone and time lapse photography is an impressive and efficient way to document and feature your latest construction project! Videos that use drone footage are a great way to showcase your Vernon business’ work in its entirety.

Supplemental Footage

Multimedia companies quite often specialize in only one type of photography or videography. Mack Media’s video production team has extensive experience with both aerial video/photography, as well as “flightless” filming!

Our video production team can create video projects that use a blend of high-quality aerial shots and traditional “flightless” footage. Mack Media has a complete video production service in addition to our drone footage services.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

By partnering with Mack Media, your Vernon business can be confident that our team is working to ensure your total satisfaction with what we create. We will ensure that the work we produce accurately represents your company and highlights the work that you do. Mack Media promotes your Vernon company’s services using footage that includes unique aerial drone photo and video. We create a plan around this vision once we understand your needs and expectations.

Scheduling & Planning

Once we’ve worked out your vision, Mack Media will develop the storyboard, as well as a shooting and post-production schedule, and/or script. We plan the filming schedule around your needs so your company’s daily operations are not compromised. Our team pays special attention to the little details, such as the best time of day and the ideal lighting, which are critical to the final product. Mack Media takes all of these factors into account when preparing for your project.


Mack Media’s FAA-certified pilots capture aerial drone video and photos. These professionals will arrive at the site on time to capture the necessary footage. Once filming wraps, the pilots deliver the footage back to our office so the post-production process can begin.


As soon as we receive the footage, Mack Media’s Video Production team moves into the editing process—also called the post-production phase. This is the final phase of video production and the last step before your new film is complete! We add suitable music and titles/animations. Once the project wraps, Mack Media can help you promote your new video by embedding it on your website or posting it on your social media for you.

Video Production FAQs

The primary factor when it comes to calculating the cost of a project like this is the scope of your Vernon company’s needs and vision. Every project Mack Media undertakes has its own purpose requirements and end goal, so your timeline will differ from others. Videos and marketing projects like these are not—nor should be—one-size-fits-all. As it is a specialized service, and capturing the footage can be a challenging process, drone photography varies in cost.

You never pay for unnecessary time or services with Mack Media’s fee structure. All of our team members are invested in providing our Vernon clients with top-quality work. Reach out to us via phone or email for a quote on your project. 

Drone photography is absolutely worth the investment. Using aerial photography and videography is a perfect way to promote your Vernon business or feature outdoor events in a new light. When contrasted with traditional videography, this medium results in captivating footage.
When it comes to Video Production and Drone Photography, each film project’s timeline is different from the next. The timeframe and cost will change depending on whether you prefer a blend of traditional video and drone footage or prefer drone photography exclusively. There may be a shift in the production time frame depending on the path you choose. The production time for projects that include a mix of both aerial drone and traditional film footage generally takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Drone footage, which is generally simpler to edit, takes as few as 1-3 weeks from beginning to end.
Each video project follows a strict filming and post-production schedule. The process begins with a meeting between Mack Media and your Vernon business, during which time we work with you to establish the goals and expectations for the project. Our Video Producers take these ideas and mold them into a format that works with your overall vision, making suggestions based on our experience in video production. We’ll design a storyboard and/or script for the project once the meeting has concluded.

The project moves onto the post-production process after the drone footage has been received. It is during this phase that Mack Media editing team will add animations, adjust the lighting, edit sound and music, and make sure your video is of the highest quality.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Vernon Company

Contact the Mack Media Group if you’re looking to create an engaging, cutting-edge film for your Vernon business. We offer traditional video services in addition to our drone photography, too! We produce content that features your new location or upcoming event. Reach out to us today for more information or for a quote.

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