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At Mack Media Group we are licensed by the FAA to fly drones commercially and record videos, as just one of our Video and Photography Services. We create appealing and engaging video using top tools like our DJI drone and 4K video camera, as well as professional editing suite.If you need Drone photography and video in New York City then Mack Media is your best option.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


We take pride in providing work of the highest quality. Our in house production team is made up of professionals with advanced editing software who can make your footage shine. We are also licensed to fly our drone by the FAA, avoiding any potential hassle in New York City.


If you need more than just drone photography and video, or want to add features to it, then Mack Media may still be your answer. Among the other services we offer are Video Production, Website Creation, and Social Promotion.


You will never be kept out of the loop when you work with Mack Media. We will regularly update you on the status of your video and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have. We value your input highly as it helps us ensure the final product meets your exacting standards.


The drone we use for our footage is a DJI phantom pro drone with a wide angle lens. The DJI phantom pro drone provides excellent video footage and is very flexible, enabling us to produce stunning footage that will make your New York City business proud.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

If you are hosting a concert or event in New York City then there is no better way to capture the moment than with drone photography and video. The aerial footage a drone provide is like no other. From high above the venue our drone can capture the complete picture of your event, utilizing angles and perspectives that are almost impossible for traditional photography.

It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a music concert, sports event, or something else. In almost all cases there will be not better way to show off your event than with drone photography.

Real-Estate Imagery

In the Real Estate business even the slightest advantage can be crucial to secure a sale, and the advantage that drone photography brings is hardly slight. A drone can fly around and through your New York City property, capturing the complete view that potential buyers are interested in. There is no better way to entice buyers in New York City than with drone photography.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Are you working on a construction or industrial project in New York City you want to show to the world? If so then drone photography and video is just what you need. Flying high above your project we can take footage that captures the project’s full scale. We can even make a time-lapsed video to tell the project’s narrative and raise awareness of your incredible work.

Supplemental Footage

We can also use this drone footage as another piece in a larger video to create a seamless narrative. This is our “flightless” video shooting, designed to use aerial footage to supplement more traditional work. Mack Media is a complete Video Production Agency and we can do far more than just drone photography and video.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

The first thing we will do if you decide to work with Mack Media is to learn about your New York City business and the particular goals you have for this project. These goals will play a constant and important role in our work and it is key that we understand them. After we’ve discussed these ideas we can move onto the planning process and focus on implementing a plan that will let us create a video that meets your goals.

Scheduling & Planning

Our plan and schedule will be made with the interests of your company at heart. We’ll shooting days that are not just optimal, thanks to time of day and weather, but also won’t interfere with the operations of your company in New York City. We’ll be able to get the footage you need without inconveniencing your day to day operations.


Once we’ve established the schedule you can rely on us to stick to it. On shooting days you can expect our FAA-certified drone operator to show up on production site prepared to capture the footage we need. After taking the correct footage they will return to our office so we can immediately begin post-production.


Post-production is where your video truly takes shape. It is here that we take the raw footage and add the edits and effects that make it truly meet your vision. Once we have your approval the video is your, for use on your website, social media, or wherever else you might choose.

Video Production FAQs

Cost can vary as it depends heavily on your vision and goals for the project and, just like your video, will be customized to the project requirements. The more complex and involved the process, the more likely it will cost more. However, we will work with you to find a price that will work.
Absolutely, if you have any interest in highlighting aspects of your New York City business not otherwise accessible, at least easily. The key advantage of drone photography is that it can capture views, angles, and aspects of your business that traditional techniques cannot. It is also a way to be creative and convey just what sets your company apart.

If you work with Mack Media we can create a video that will look great and grab your audience’s attention,all while saving you the time and effort it would take to try to take the video yourself. Additionally, no video is complete, at least not professionally, without editing and we will tackle that task, leaving you free to simply try to keep up with all the new leads the video generates.

Length will vary depending on your project and requirements. For drone photography and video it usually takes 1-3 weeks, while combined footage, traditional and drone, takes closer to 6-8 weeks. These are estimates though and every project is unique and has its own requirements. We can discuss more precise timeliness when you meet with us, particularly if your project is extremely specialized or even more unique than usual.
At Mack Media the process starts with a kickoff meeting, or call, that we use to learn about your New York City business, vision, and goals. We’ll also provide tips and our input during this meeting. Afterwards we will move straight to the planning process and make a storyboard/script in addition to scheduling production.

With the plan in place, we will follow it and take our footage on the established days. With the footage taken we will move to post production back at our studio. Using our editing software we’ll investigate and add animation, music, and sound options. Once that is done we can provide you with the finished video for you to use in a way that works for you.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your New York City Company

If you are interested in custom New York City drone photography to show and enhance your products and services then Mack Media is your destination. Our drone photography provides a unique opportunity for you to create compelling media content regardless of what type of business you have. If you are interested in learning more then contact us today!

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