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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your New Rochelle Business

The Mack Media Group is licensed under the FAA for commercial drone flying and video. We can offer your New Rochelle business a variety of small-scale to larger-scale projects depending on how you want the final product. If you are interested in more than just drone photography, you can take a look at our full video & photography production services.

For our drone services, we utilize a 4k video camera mounted on a DJI drone and professionally shot by our video production team. If you would like to learn more about our drone video or photography, please reach out to us today.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Mack Media has a licensed FAA certified drone pilot that will only operate our drone. We also have a dedicated in-house production team that handles all of our video editing and will deliver a fantastic video to your New Rochelle business.


Mack Media is more than just a drone photography business, we offer other services that pertain to digital marketing and video production. For your New Rochelle business, we can extend our general video production, website creation and social promotion services too.


To create a video project that you are satisfied with, we make sure to keep you up-to-date with all of our efforts. The more you are involved, the more input you will be able to give and see in your finalized product.


Our equipment for our drone photography consists of a 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. It also includes high resolution and a wide angle lens that helps us create beautiful video content and photographs for your New Rochelle business.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Is your New Rochelle business thinking about holding an event or concert? Do you want to show off your investment with eye-catching video and photographs that reach new heights and more engagements with your customers?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Mack Media can offer your New Rochelle business drone coverage for music concerts, sports events, county fair, and so much more. Have an idea in mind? Contact us today to discuss it further!

Real-Estate Imagery

The real-estate business is always changing and progressing along with the times. So, in today’s digitally crazed world, it is easy to see that customers expect more from real-estate listings. They are no longer interested in purely photographs and stale video. They want to see the entire listing inside and out even before they visit.

So, entice your buyers by investing in drone footage to capture every highlighting feature and to show off the entire property.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Do you have a construction business that takes part in large-scale projects? Or is your New Rochelle business expanding or moving space? We can give you coverage for all of your large-scale projects by utilizing our high-resolution drone.

We will even cater your video and photography content to your social media pages and your website to showcase your entire project.

Supplemental Footage

There are a lot of drone specialists in the NY, CT, and NJ area, but what sets Mack Media apart? We offer more than just drone photography. We can extend our full production services as well as “flightless” video to your New Rochelle business.

Don’t just focus on one type of imagery, let us help you create an entire multifaceted story with our different implementations.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

When we meet with your New Rochelle business we take the time to learn all about what you offer your customers. We always strive to deliver the best final product that will fit your vision and what requirements you need to be included in your project. Once we are done discussing your video project, we can move on to creating a plan that will help us create your ideas.

Scheduling & Planning

After our initial meeting, we will create scripts as well as a shooting and post-production schedule that we will follow step by step. We will also be sure to only film on the most optimal days where we are not interrupting the daily operations of your New Rochelle business.


For the designated shooting days, we will have our certified drone pilot show up to the location, capture your desired footage and photographs and send the content to our in-house production team for post-production.


In Post-Production, we can blend and put together your finalized product. Here is where we can also add any required animations, music or editing necessary to complete your project. We will even help you share it on your Social Media profiles as well as your website.

Video Production FAQs

We can offer your New Rochelle business a custom and detailed drone project for a custom price. Here at Mack Media, we focus on providing custom work that will reflect your business and its vision. If you would like an exact price, please reach out to us.
Video Marketing in itself is a profiting tactic to help businesses in their overall digital marketing efforts. These days, customers are more interested in seeing a business than reading about one, and if you have a real-estate business or a large-scale project that you need help with, aerial drone footage can be very valuable for your New Rochelle business.

Mack Media’s Professional Video Production Team can help you create content and manage your entire videography project to help you increase your engagements and bring more opportunities to your New Rochelle business.

If your New Rochelle business is interested in our drone services, the production time for your project will depend on what you want included. If you only want to invest in drone footage, then the production and editing time will take around 1-3 weeks to complete. If you would like to purchase an entire video production project, which includes drone footage and standard footage, then the wait time will be around 6-8 weeks for completion. If you would like more details about our video projects, please contact us directly either by phone or email.
Here at Mack Media, we take the time and effort to make sure that your video production project runs smoothly and to your liking. To ensure that we have a good understanding of your vision, we will first meet with your New Rochelle business and discuss what kind of video you want to make. Our Video Production team members will also suggest alternative concepts and help you brainstorm additional ideas. From this meeting, we will be able to make a script or storyboard to follow during filming.

We will also need to create a filming and production schedule that will keep us on track to our deadline. After we film all of your desired shots, we will move the content to Post-Production and integrate any extra animations or music that you would like to utilize. We can also help you share all of your content on your Social Media pages and your website.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your New Rochelle Company

The Mack Media Group can offer your New Rochelle business a new way of marketing your business with drone footage. We can even extend our full video production services to you so that you can use drone footage and standard footage to showcase your products, services or upcoming events. Interested in learning more about our drone photography services? Please reach out to us today.

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