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Video and drone photography that provides premier productions services to Connecticut.

 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your New Milford Business

The experts at Mack Media are licensed under the FAA for commercial drone flying and video production. This brings only the best in production services to your New Milford event or project. Your New Milford business will be provided a production team with the best equipment available, like a 4k camera and DJI drone to get the best and most professional end product. We will shoot any project your business needs in a timely manner and we welcome all ideas and questions to understand the full scope of your project. Contact us today to get started.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


You can rest assured that all of the drone operators on our video production team are FAA certified pilots. Working with our pilots, we have a professional team of video producers and editors that make sure your video content will look exactly how you envisioned it.


Did you know the Mack Media Group is more than a drone photography and video production studio? We actually provide turnkey marketing solutions for your New Milford Business with services like social media management and pay-per-click advertising. We are truly your one-stop shop for digital solutions.


The Mack Media Group will provide regular reporting on your video production process and schedule to provide a completely transparent relationship. We also welcome all questions you may have pertaining to your drone photography and video project.


Mack Media only offers the best to your New Milford business. Because of that, we use the highest quality technology for your video production. A 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone will offer a high resolution and a wide angle lens for the clearest and most expansive view of your event or project.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Our drone pilots will show off the New Milford event or concert you are hosting. Once we have edited and provided you your video content, we will show you how to upload it to your website and share it on social media.

We have the ability to shoot parties, concerts, sporting events and much more! We understand these events are investments to your company, and we will treat them as such.

Real-Estate Imagery

The New Milford real estate industry has a huge market for high-quality drone photography and video. We will use our drone video and photography expertise to highlight the property you are marketing and provide a unique representation with the different angles a drone camera can provide.

This drone footage will give your home a leg up against the competition to help you find suitable buyers.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Your New Milford constructions business, or a business undergoing an industrial project, will benefit from taking advantage of drone footage. You will be able to use time-lapsed coverage of the project or take aerial footage of the construction as it is happening to promote to clients and followers of your business.

This footage will prove to be invaluable for future promotion or to capture the entire scope of your construction project.

Supplemental Footage

Mack Media Group offers more than just aerial footage. If you would like additional video content on the ground, that is also available.

This can be used as both a separate project or used to supplement your aerial drone video footage.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

You don’t need to have your video content already planned out before speaking with us. Our team of video production experts will work with you to brainstorm ideas to provide a unique and eye-catching spin to your video content.

Scheduling & Planning

We will provide a comprehensive plan and schedule for your New Milford business to reference and to ensure we are providing your video content to you in a timely manner. Our team of professionals are dedicated to bringing you the best work possible and will ensure they arrive at all filming sites on time and will meet all deadlines.


Our drone pilots are FAA certified and are filming professionals. You can rest easy that you are in good hands when working with the Mack Media video production team. We will arrive at all shooting locations on time and will edit your content in our office in a timely manner.


The final and most important stage of the video content creation process is post-production. That is when we take all the footage we have compiled and edit it into the vision you have provided us. Our production team will edit the video footage professionally and efficiently to present to you. The end product will be edited to your standards and will include any additional music or animation that has been requested.

Video Production FAQs

Mack Media provides a customized production and pricing plan based on your New Milford needs. That means that each project has a different price point. This allows us to have a flexible spend for your project so you do not spend more than you need to on services you are not using. Reach out to us any time to discuss your project so we may draft up an estimate.
Yes! The drone footage provided by Mack Media is worth your investment. You will be provided a unique and high-quality piece of video content that can be shared with your current and potential client with videos angles that cannot be captured in any other medium.
The post-production timeline will vary for each project, depending on its scope. For productions that want a blend of both drone footage and traditional footage, the timeline can range from 6-8 weeks. If you are wanting drone photography, the typical turnaround is 1-3 weeks.
We begin our video production process the moment we speak to you. We start by meeting with you and your team to understand the scope of your project, brainstorm ideas, and begin to draft a script and storyboard to bring your vision to life. Once we have a script and storyboard approved, we will set up the time and place to shoot your event.

We will then shoot your New Milford event onsite with our licensed drone pilots to get the best camera angles available at your event. This is when post-production begins. We will edit the footage to your specifications and add any necessary animation or music that was requested. You will then be presented with your video.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your New Milford Company

If you want to stand out against other New Milford businesses, then look to the unique video footage the experts at Mack Media Group provide. Contact us today for more information on our state-of-the-art production studio and competitive pricing.

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