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The Mack Media Group is licensed by the FAA for commercial drone flying and videography. We offer full Video & Photography Production Services that include drone video and photography. For our production, we use a 4k video camera and DJI drone.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Mack Media Group has a FAA certified pilot that operates our drone. We also have an in-house production team that will personally take care of all the video editing and ensure that your New Jersey business will have a custom video.


Mack Media offers more than just drone videos. We can help your New Jersey business with Video Production, Website Creation and Social Promotion. If you are looking for help in all the digital areas, we can be the one-stop shop that you trust.


All of the work that Mack Media provides, no matter the subject, will always be done with honesty and inclusion. We want your New Jersey business to have a say in the final product of your project. This way, we will both know that you can easily share your content with joy.


To take beautiful shots and aerial videos, we use a 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. This allows us to also capture in high resolution with a wide angle lens.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Do you have an upcoming concert, event or outside get-together for your New Jersey business? Great! We can cover the entire property with our high-quality drone equipment, and present you with a shareable video.

When events happen for your New Jersey business, they’re a big deal. Mack Media wants to help you capture and share the essence of your business.

Real-Estate Imagery

In order to properly show your buyers the entire property of your listings, you need to incorporate aerial videos. A drone can grab attention better than standard angles, and helps to highlight the best aspects of the property.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Show off one of your company’s new projects to your customers with time-lapse and aerial drone video. Since you can reach higher elevations with the drone, you can easily tell a story about your developments.

Supplemental Footage

There are a lot of drone service specialists in the CT, NJ, and NY Area, so why should you choose Mack Media? Because we offer more than just aerial video & photography. We have “flightless” video shooting too.

When our video production team gets their hands on your footage, they can easily blend aerial shots with other standard shots and help you tell a story. We take care of more than just drone video for your New Jersey business, we also have expertise in video production.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

To start the process of your new Drone Photography project, we will meet with you and discuss what you are looking to achieve specifically. We take the time to learn about your New Jersey business so that we can incorporate all the best qualities you represent into your video. Once we finish discussing, we will immediately write up a plan and schedule, so that we can create your content on-time and to your liking.

Scheduling & Planning

We always want to make our work the most convenient for your New Jersey business. We will work with your availability and choose the most optimal day so that we do not interfere with any business operations.


Our fully-licensed FAA Certified Drone Operator will come to your New Jersey business and film all of the needed shots for your video. Once we have enough footage and have met your goals, we will put your content into production and have your ideas come to life.


In Post-Production, our Video Production team will take care of all the editing, animation, and sound effects that will be needed to enhance your video content. Stand-alone Drone footage will take from 1-3 weeks, and if we add standard footage to the mix, it will take around 6-8 weeks to completion.

Video Production FAQs

As is customary with every project, the price will depend on what you want included in your videos and what you are looking to achieve. Since we have our prices subject to material and effort, we only charge for the necessities. If we can, we will always try to make the most customized projects for your New Jersey business. If you would like an exact price, call us today so we can chat about what you are looking to create.
If you have a company that takes care of large productions or real-estate, drone footage will definitely enhance what you have to offer to your customers. The investment of providing videos will entice people to either purchase your products, listings or services.

We also have a professional Video Production team that has worked on a multitude of projects and can give you exactly what you are looking for. Already have a vision of what you want to achieve? Call us today so we can make your video dreams a reality.

Since your production project will be completely unique and specific to your New Jersey business, the final product will have a varied timeline. This can be dependent on what kind of footage you are looking for. Would you like aerial shots blended with standard shots? This kind of video will take longer to produce, around 6-8 weeks for us to seamlessly pair together your vision. If you are strictly looking for just drone footage, we can have this completed in around 1-3 weeks.
For your New Jersey business, the creation of your video will go through the standard process. It begins with a kickoff call or meeting where we discuss what you are looking to achieve with a video. Looking to create content for your New Jersey business, but stuck on what you are truly aiming for? Our Video Production team will be able to provide you with ideas and together we can create a video that really speaks about the products or services you provide for your customers. From there, we will create a storyboard or video script that will allow us to get strictly down to business.

The next step involves finding either a location spot or we will travel to your New Jersey business to film. We will bring the script, all of our equipment and a great attitude to help complete the filming stage within a few days.

Once we finish filming all of your desired shots, we will then place it into post-production. This is when we can add animations, edit the lighting, including music as well as other various sound options. Once we finish the production of your video, it is yours to keep and spread throughout your website and Social Media platforms!

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your New Jersey Company

Looking to create fresh and advanced content for your New Jersey business? Mack Media can help you do so by providing you with our specialized Drone Photography & Video services. When you work with us, we become business partners, and we want your New Jersey business to be successful. Call us today so that we can help you shed light on all of your fantastic products and services.

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