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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Jersey City Business

Are you interested in a new professional edge for your Jersey City business? Drone photography can help you engage with your target audience and generate more conversions toward your Jersey City business. We can also provide you with a full video & photography production services that include drone photography filmed on our DJI drone as well as traditional footage. Our production is made with professional cameras, expertly edited and finished on time and on schedule. If you are looking to invest in drone video or photography, contact us today.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


We will only use our FAA certified pilot to operate our drone. Here at Mack Media, we always believe in taking a detailed and professional approach to our work. We also only let our in-house production team deal with all of the editing and finalizing for your project.


Mack Media Group can offer your Jersey City business more than just drone photography. We are actually your one-stop shop for all things marketing and digital which includes general video production, website creation, and social promotion.


We will keep your Jersey City business up-to-date with all of the time spent on your drone photography project. This way, we can include you in every step of the way, which will help us create a better final product and match your overall vision.


Our equipment consists of a 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. This type of technology allows us to film with a wide-angle lens to produce beautiful and professional content for your Jersey City business.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Is your Jersey City business holding a concert or planning for an upcoming project? We can help you capture the entire property of your event with our high-quality drone video. Then you can show off this special event on your Facebook, YouTube and your website.

Mack Media can help your Jersey City business with coverage for music concerts, sports events, county fairs and so much more. Holding an event? Contact us today to learn more about our drone services and how we can help you capture every moment.

Real-Estate Imagery

In today’s digital age, it takes a lot to keep up with your competition in the Jersey City area, especially when it deals with listings. If you work in the real-estate business, you have probably seen the ongoing number of companies that are utilizing drone photography. This is because aerial footage can capture an entire property better than standard footage.

Mack Media can help you produce beautiful content that will highlight all of the best aspects of your listing.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Aerial footage can help show off your Jersey City construction and industrial projects with a time-lapsed video where you can tell a story with more than just words.

Drone footage is an excellent choice when it comes to coverage for your large-scale construction project.

Supplemental Footage

How many companies can offer you “flightless” video? How many can blend aerial footage with standard shots? Not many, but here at Mack Media we can.

Looking to have more than one type of angle for your Jersey City video production? Contact us to discuss your ideas!

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

The beginning of your drone video production will begin with a kickoff meeting where we will discuss the vision of your Jersey City business. Mack Media will always strive to provide you with custom and detailed work. After we finish discussing the plan for your video production project, we can move onto the planning stage.

Scheduling & Planning

Mack Media will design a shooting and post-production schedule for your Jersey City business. When we schedule our shooting days, we will make sure to not interfere with any of your daily operations. Depending on how you want your final product, we will also consider the best times of day for lighting and composition.


We will have our fully licensed FA Certified Drone-Operator come to the site and capture all of your desired footage and images that will contribute to your video project. Then, we will take the material back to our office for post-production editing.


In post-production, we can edit and blend all of the video material for your Jersey City business. Once we finish all of the editing, we will have a professionally produced video at your fingertips. Then, you can share it across all of your social media pages and your website to engage customers and increase conversions for your Jersey City business.

Video Production FAQs

All of the work we provide at Mack Media will always be custom and detailed. For your Jersey City business, we can offer you drone photography that will include your requirements, goals, and ideas. Since drone photography is a specialized service, we focus on only providing you with what you actually need compared to setting a generic price that may include unnecessary activities.

This means that all of our pricing is also custom, and we are always honest when it comes to your Jersey City business. Would you like a quote for an exact price? Contact us today to discuss your options.

Yes! Drone footage is one of the most popular investments for businesses who are looking to grow. Drones have fantastic quality and they can capture an entire event within no time. Forget hiring a pilot and forget spending so much money on video content that you can get from the right agency.

Mack Media can provide you with drone footage for your corporate business that includes events, concerts or just regular ongoing projects. You can then repurpose your video content and share it on your website, social media, promotions or commercials. We also save you time and money by providing you with custom content that only pertains to what your Jersey City business truly needs.

If you want to invest in just drone footage, the process of filming and editing will take around 1-3 weeks to complete. If you want to have drone and standard footage, it will take us around 6-8 weeks to perfectly blend the two types and have a finished product for your Jersey City business.
Here at Mack Media, we believe in a custom and detailed approach for all of our projects. We begin the process by meeting with your Jersey City business and discussing your ideas and goals that you would like included in your video content. Our experts will also help you brainstorm and come up with additional ideas and alternative concepts. Toward the end of our meeting, we will start to prepare a video script or storyboard that we will follow during filming.

We will also create a schedule for filming and post-production so that we can stay on task and make sure to complete your video project on time. Then, we can start filming your project with the latest technology. Once we capture your desired images, we can send the content to post-production where we can edit it and include any animations and music that you would like.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Jersey City Company

Is your Jersey City business on the hunt for a new marketing tactic? No problem, Mack Media group can offer you our Video Production services that can give your Jersey City business a professional edge. Drone photography has helped many businesses succeed and has been doing since its infancy. If you are looking for more engagements and more conversions than you should take the time to learn about Drone photography. Want to speak to us about it? Feel free to contact us today via email or phone.

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