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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Greenwich Business

Mack Media Group is licensed under the FAA to legally fly and record with a commercial drone. We can provide your Greenwich business with drone photography as well as our complete video & photography production services. For our projects, we use the latest technology and we will expertly edit your content in post-production. We can promise that the video project for your Greenwich business will also be finished on-schedule and on-time. If you would like to discuss a project with us, contact us via email or phone.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Mack Media can guarantee that all of the work done for your Greenwich company will be completed with your vision in mind. All of our drone footage is shot by our FAA certified pilot, and our in-house video production team takes care of all the editing, ensuring that it is completed to your satisfaction.


Mack Media Group is your one-stop shop for all things digital. We offer more than just drone photography & video. Our other services include general video production, website creation, and social promotion.


We are always honest and open about all of the work we provide for your Greenwich business. Mack Media takes the time to include you and your insight on your project, and we enjoy keeping you up-to-date with all of our efforts.


To complete the project for your Greenwich business, we use a 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone that has high resolution and a wide angle to capture the best images. Mack Media wants to help you create beautiful and enticing content for your Greenwich business.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Holding a concert or event? We can capture the entire process with our high-quality drone services. Then you can use the video on Facebook, YouTube, and on your website.

Mack Media can help with music concerts, sports events, county fair, and so much more! Your event is a big investment, let us help you capture it.

Real-Estate Imagery

If you work for a real-estate business or simply own one, you understand how creative you need to be with your video content and photography. Sometimes the best way to entice your prospective buyers is by supplying them with unique video and images of your listings.

Do you want to engage with more customers and sell more listings? Drone photography and videos can easily help you show off an entire property and help customers envision living at this property!

Construction and Industrial Projects

Is your Greenwich business getting a makeover or are you currently working on a large-scale project? Either way, we can capture the process with a time-lapsed video shot with our drone and you can share the content with your customers on your Social Media pages and your website. This is a great way to show how your company is growing or what you currently have in the works to excite those who love your Greenwich business.

Supplemental Footage

There are lots of drone services specialists in the CT, NJ, and NY area. But how many of them can offer you “flightless” video for your Greenwich business? Not many, but we can include it in your video project!

Our Video Production team can also blend aerial footage along with traditional shots to help you tell a multifaceted story that shows off different angles of your Greenwich company.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

Off the bat, we want to fully understand what you are looking to achieve with a video and what ideas and goals you want it to cover for your Greenwich business. Once we finish discussing, we can then immediately put together a plan that will help us complete your vision on-time.

Scheduling & Planning

We will create a shooting and post-production schedule that will help us stay on track for your video project. Mack Media also makes sure that when we come to your Greenwich location we will not be interfering with any daily operations for your company. It is also best to consider certain times of day for the best lighting and composition for your finalized project.


When it is time to shoot your video, our licensed FAA Certified Drone-Operator will come to your Greenwich location and film. When they have captured all of your desired footage and shots, they will send the content off to post-production.


Post-Production is the stage where we can finalize and complete your video project. Our Video Production team will take care of all of the editing and include any animations and music that you want. When we are all done, your Greenwich business will have a beautiful and professionally produced video to share on your Social Media platforms and your website.

Video Production FAQs

Since we create custom projects that can either be aerial footage by itself or combined with traditional footage, we price our projects according to what you choose to include. This way, your Greenwich business will not be overcharged for activities you do not want to be included. If you would like to know an exact price, please call or email us today.
Yes! Drone Footage can help your Greenwich business create interesting and engaging content to help you with lead generation and converting customers.
If you would like to blend traditional footage with aerial drone footage, the process will take around 6-8 weeks to film and edit in its entirety. If you would like to invest solely in drone footage, the editing and filming process will only take around 1-3 weeks.
The process of creating a video is rather simple and follows a strict plan so that we can provide your Greenwich business with content on-time. We will begin by discussing what you are looking to achieve with your video and what goals you have in mind. Once we narrow your ideas down to specific details, we can start creating a storyboard or script to follow. Once the script is done, we will take the time to figure out a filming schedule that works for us and your Greenwich business. Then we will come and film at the location(s) you have chosen and once we are done, the content will go into post-production. The last stage of post-production includes all of the editing as well as animations and music choices.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Greenwich Company

Looking to invest in drone photography and videos for your Greenwich business? Mack Media can provide you with the latest technology and editing skills to create the best video content for your Social Media platforms and website. From retail to real-estate, drone footage can capture any project or event that you have. If you want to enhance your media content today with drone footage, give us a call to discuss your vision.

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