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Video producers you can trust for creative, effective drone photography.

Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Farmington Business

When your Farmington business needs drone photography, you can trust Mack Media because we are licensed under the FAA for commercial drone flying and video. Our services include full video and photography production that includes drone video and photography filmed with a 4k camera and DJI drone. We want your vision to come to life, so our professional video production team is open to your ideas. Our team will shoot and edit video content that will be completed on-time. If you would like to use drone video or photography for your business, contact us today.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


We want to provide your Farmington business with professional and honest work, so our FAA certified pilots will only work on your project. Our in-house Video Production team will take care of all the video editing to make sure the content meets your expectations.


Mack Media doesn’t just work on drone photography and we can help with all the digital marketing needs of your Farmington business. This includes website building and social promotion, such as SEO and PPC ads.


We will make sure you are always up-to-date during the entire process of the project to make sure it is exactly how you envisioned and so we can use your input.


We only use the latest technology including our 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. This camera type uses high resolution and a wide angle lens to help your dream come to life.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

If your Farmington business is hosting an event or is in a new location, our qualified drone pilots can help. You can share your new video content on Facebook, YouTube, your website, or wherever you see fit.

Some events we can help to showcase are music concerts, sports events, and more. We understand the investment your business puts into these events and we want to help you show them off and capture these moments.

Real-Estate Imagery

Drone photography has been gaining popularity in real estate. Footage from drones can be used to show the entire property of the listing in order to show all the right angles and demonstrate an accurate representation of the property.

The video content that we can provide your Farmington business will feature all the best aspects of your property and help you find the correct audience interested in buying.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Are you the owner of a construction business or refurbishing your Farmington business? We can help you with displaying your project with time-lapse and aerial drone footage.

This type of footage will help display the entirety of your construction project.

Supplemental Footage

Unlike similar agencies, we not only offer aerial video & photography, but we also offer “flightless” videos as well.

The Video Production team at Mack Media can combine traditional footage with “flightless” footage and aerial shots. In addition to drone video, but we also have a video production service.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

When our team starts creating a unique video for your Farmington business, we try to dig as deep as possible. We want to use video content including aerial drone footage to help your customers understand your business especially your products and services. Once we discuss your ideas with you, we get to work on the project we create straight away.

Scheduling & Planning

Once the storyboard and script for your new video are created, we will construct a shooting and post-production schedule. You won’t have to worry about interrupting your company’s work because we won’t interfere with any of your daily operations. We’ll also be sure to consider what time of day is best for your unique video.


Your video content will only be created by our fully licensed FAA certified pilots. Once a location and time have been coordinated, they will capture the footage you desire and bring it back to the office.


Post-production is the last step that occurs before you can view the finished project. Once the footage is captured, our Video Production team edits the video including any music or animations you desire. When completed, we can also help with using the video on your website or social media.

Video Production FAQs

Every project we work on is different, each has a different expected finish date based on the unique aspects of he video. Drone photography is considered a specialized service, the pricing will also include this in addition to what your Farmington company is looking to achieve.

Since our projects are priced like this, we can achieve your goals without paying for unnecessary pieces and wasting time and effort. Here at Mack Media, we pride ourselves in creating unique, custom projects for Farmington clients. If you would like an exact price, please contact us via phone or email.

Absolutely! Drone photography is capable of crafting a work of art from a variety of angles by combining the high-quality photography and video with drone technology in Wethersfield, CT.

The Video Production of Drone Photography timeframe will vary. It depends on if you are looking for just drone photography or traditional video blended with drone video. If you are interested in a blended project, then the production time will take 6-8 weeks. The editing of drone photography is simpler and will take as early as 1-3 weeks to complete.

The experts at Mack Media make sure your video production is being completed on-time and correctly. The first step is Mack Media meeting your Farmington business and talking about what you are looking for in your unique video. Our Video Producers will think about additional ideas and concepts for you to consider. Our team will also work on the video script and storyboard which includes what was discussed in the meeting. We then will schedule the days of shooting and the timeline for completion of your project. When all the planning is complete, we start shooting with modern technology. Finally, when we have captured adequate footage, we focus on post-production and include any animations, edit lighting, include sound options and make sure your video is of the highest quality.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Farmington, CT Company

Are you looking to display incredible and unique video for the customers of your Farmington business? Let us help with drone photography! We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable Video Production services and Drone Photography to our clients. We can help you show off your new location or upcoming event. Interested? Contact us today.