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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Brooklyn Business

The Mack Media Group licensed under the FAA for commercial drone flying and video that can help your Brooklyn business with engagements and lead generation. We can also offer you a complete video & photography production service that includes drone footage and standard footage, seamlessly blended to achieve the ideas and goals of your Brooklyn business. If you are interested in any of our Video Production services, please reach out to us today.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Mack Media is licensed under the FAA to be a certified drone operator. We also have an in-house production team that handles all of our editing and finalizing of our video production projects.


Mack Media can offer your Brooklyn business much more than our drone services. We can also provide general video production, website creation, and social promotion. We are your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing.


For your video project, we will keep you in the loop with every step. This way, we can use your insight to create the greatest results for your drone footage.


For our set up, we have a 4k camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 drone with high resolution and a wide angle lens. This type of equipment helps us create beautiful video & photos.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Are you holding an event or concert for your Brooklyn business? We can help you capture the entire scope of your event to produce beautiful content that you can share on your Facebook, YouTube, and your website.

Mack Media can help you with coverage for music concerts, sports events, county fairs and much more. We know that your investments are huge, so let us help you capture it.

Real-Estate Imagery

In today’s digital world, every company needs to keep up-to-date with all of the latest technology. If you are in the real-estate business, you should know how important videos and photos are for your listings, it can be the main reason that potential buyers are interested. In fact, many real-estate agents will say that drone footage has sold their listings.

Mack Media can help you produce fantastic videos that will highlight all of the aspects of your property and intriguing prospective buyers. Let us help you create drone videos to use for your listings.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Whether you are in the business for construction projects or if you are renovating your current Brooklyn location, Mack Media can help you create drone footage that will tell a story. We can help you capture every step in your project and cater your content to your Social Media platforms and website.

Mack Media has the ability to capture the entire scope of your construction or industrial project.

Supplemental Footage

There are plenty of drone service specialists in the Brooklyn area, so why should you choose Mack Media? Well, we have the ability to provide you with not only drone footage, but “flightless” video shooting too.

In fact, our video production team can seamlessly edit together aerial footage and traditional footage to construct a multifaceted story. We are more than just your drone specialists, we can provide you an entire video production project.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

It all begins with a kickoff meeting. We’ll meet with your Brooklyn business and discuss what you are looking to achieve with video. Once we finish discussing your ideas and offering our own expertise, we’ll move straight into planning.

Scheduling & Planning

The planning stage of your video project will help us create a schedule for shooting and post-production. We’ll focus on the days where we won’t interfere with the daily operations of your Brooklyn business. We ask that you think of an optimal day and time due to how important lighting can be for a final product.


The time has come! We will have our fully licensed FAA Certified drone-operator come to your Brooklyn business or filming area. Once they have arrived, they will capture the desired footage and shots, we will send it back to our offices for post-production.


Once your footage is in the hands of our Video Production team, we will be able to edit it and deliver you a beautiful finished product. For the editing, we can add the music of your choice and animations that you feel will suit your video. Then you can share it on your Social Media sites and other platforms.

Video Production FAQs

The video project that we create for your Brooklyn business will be detailed and custom. Due to the fact that we make our content custom, we will only charge you for what we actually produce.

Instead of charging you for unnecessary activities, we keep it simple and honest. If you are looking for an exact price, please contact us for further information.

Yes! So many businesses have seen the amazing aftereffects of investing in drone photography. If you have a real-estate business it will increase your engagements, bring in more clientele, therefore giving you a better price for your listings. If you have a construction business or an upcoming project, you’ll be able to capture footage for every step in your progress. Overall, drone footage will have a bigger impact on customers than written content ever could. It’s easier to understand both visually and in comprehension.
The finish date for your video project will depend on what you are looking for. If you only want to invest in Drone photography, then the editing and filming stages will only take 1-3 weeks. If you are looking for a larger production with drone and standard footage, the process will take 6-8 weeks for completion.
The process for your Video project will be customary. It begins by meeting with your Brooklyn business and going over what you want to achieve for your video project. Our experts will help you out too and advise you in any way that they can. Once the discussion is over, we can create a video script or storyboard that will help us during filming.

To keep our filming process on track, we will create a schedule for shooting and post-production. Our fully licensed drone photographer will come to your Brooklyn business and take all of the necessary shots. This content will then be sent to post-production where we can add any animations or music that you want as well as edit the lighting for a perfect result. Then, you are free to share your content on Social Media or your own website.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Brooklyn Company

The Mack Media Group can offer your Brooklyn business a chance to engage more customers through Drone photography and videos. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, we can provide content that will get your message across and in a creative way! Now is the time to invest in Drone photography to better the growth of your business. If you are interested or would like to go over a project, please call us today.

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