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Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Berlin Business

Mack Media Group will provide your Berlin business with a custom video project including drone videography and photography.  Our professional team, complete with a skilled Video Production Team and FAA-certified drone pilots, is here to provide your Berlin business with all of its drone videography and photography needs. Equipped with experience and talent, our team will turn your vision into a reality. We work with latest technology including a DJI drone and 4k camera. We will responsibly take care of shooting on site and edit all raw footage with a reasonable timeframe and budget. To learn more about how Mack Media Group can serve your Berlin business, contact us today!

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


Mack Media ensures that your video will be shot with FAA certified pilots for the best quality. Our Video Production team will carefully edit the footage and put together a creative video to fulfill your vision. Mack Media Group will work closely with your Berlin business to guarantee professional services throughout the process.


Alongside drone video and photo, Mack Media Group can provide a wide array of services for your Berlin business’s promotional and digital needs. Specializing in all forms of digital marketing, we proudly create website building services, SEO, PPC promotions, and more!


Mack Media Group can promise an open and honest line of communication among all parties of the project. We will gladly keep you updated on all steps of the project!


We use latest technical equipment for the creation of your unique project. Fully equipped with a 4K camera mounted on a DJI Phantom 4 Drone, our team will use only the best! For greatest picture quality, our 4k cameras operate a wide angle lens and high resolution picture.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Does your business want to capture its next grand event? Whether it be a musical concert, sporting event, or anything in between, above head aerial footage captured by drone flight will provide the ideal content to relive the moment.

Event videos can be a great asset to any company Facebook, YouTube, or your website!

Real-Estate Imagery

Enhance your Berlin property listings with high resolution drone footage. Becoming increasingly used for real estate, drone videography and photography can be the best way to show off property size or ornate details of an estate. Drone footage is a unique way to create angles complementary to each property.

Berlin buyers will love the realistic views of these properties in their pursuit of the perfect property!

Construction and Industrial Projects

Show off your next remodeling project with aerial footage to capture the complete picture! This can be perfect to show off the complete transformation of a business’s remodeling, or showcase services done by your construction company. Our time-lapse footage can be specialized to create a transformative effect on your remodeling project.

The drone footage will be a great addition to highlight your next Berlin construction project!

Supplemental Footage

In addition to aerial and time-lapse videography, Mack Media Group uniquely offers a “flightless” video. This unique attribute helps Mack Media take your Berlin business a step above the rest and truly create a specialized media project for your business needs.

Mack Media’s Video Production Team can combine traditional forms of drone footage with this “flightless” footage to create a blended video specially made for your Berlin business!

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

In undertaking your Berlin business as a client of Mack Media, we will create a distinct partnership for the best project outcome. Mack Media will completely research all necessary aspects of your business’s operation and needs in order to showcase it. From the beginning of the process, we will work together with your Berlin business to plan the project in its entirety.

Scheduling & Planning

We value our customers and their time, and our scheduling process reflects this. Once we have worked on creating a vision, we draft a storyboard and script. After doing this, we will specifically schedule in on-site shooting and post-production editing that works with your business’s schedule.


Top-notch shooting is provided by our FAA certified drone pilots throughout all shooting stages. The day of the scheduled shoot, our team will arrive on site and capture all necessary footage to be edited.


While this is the longest step of the project process, it is crucial. Our Video Production team will transform the raw footage into a seamless final video. From making light adjustments to graphics and animations, our team will make all edits required for the high quality project. Once this step has ended, we will continue to work with your team to share the project online.

Video Production FAQs

The cost of the video is unique to each project. Because our projects are custom to each business’s  needs, we cannot provide a set cost. However, we can provide estimates based on the specialization of your projects. More complicated, blended projects will come at a higher cost than simple projects with minimal editing. This pricing method allows us to ensure customization on each step of the project and accommodate your projects’ needs. In order to gain a better perspective of your project’s cost, contact us directly for an estimate!

Yes! Footage provided by drones is the perfect way of highlighting your Berlin business’s one-of-a-kind aspects! Our angled, high resolution, and well edited video will help set your business apart from traditional promotional techniques. This will help you attract more and more customers in a custom way that aligns with your vision.

Since our projects are all specialized for the client, the production timing varies. For a project that only uses drone photography, we can estimate completion in about 1-3 weeks. For larger, more involved projects such as those that blend different video techniques, we set aside approximately 6-8 weeks to ensure high quality.

When you work with Mack Media Group, you are creating a meaningful partnership to fulfill your vision for your Berlin business. The video process starts with a meeting to gain a thorough understanding of your business and your ideas. We will gladly listen to any and all ideas presented and contribute our ideas from our experiences as well. After this initial meeting, we will create a schedule that works with us, you, and your Berlin business. From there, we will begin shooting the footage on location. After this, the post-production stage will begin and create the final version of the project.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Berlin Company

Do you want to grow your business in a remarkable way appealing to all customers? Consider creating a custom Mack Media Group video project utilizing our advanced drone technology. From planning to execution, we will attentively meet all of your Berlin business’s needs in a budget-friendly and timely manner. To start on the process of creating a custom video best for your Berlin business, contact Mack Media Group today!