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 Professional Drone Video Production & Photography for Your Union Business

Mack Media Group offers your company specific Video Photography Production Services. We specialize in Drone Photography, using a mounted 4K video camera on our DJI drone to provide you with beautiful content. All of our drone services are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), allowing us to commercially fly drones and record footage for your Union business. Contact us today for all your drone photography and video needs.

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Why the Mack Media Group for Your Drone Video Production?


We are certified by the FAA, which means we can legally produce drone-recorded content for your Union company. We also offer our in-house production team to lead, manage, and produce all video editing.


We go beyond simple photography and videography, making sure all your digital services are accounted for. This includes Video Production, Website Creation, Social Promotion, and other services your Union business is in search of.


Our goal is to keep your Union company involved in every project. We take pride in our work and are always honest with our progress. We share with you the successes and listen to your desired changes. All of this helps for a positive outcome and a finished video you will enjoy.


We use modern technology to provide you with the best footage of your Union business. Everything is captured on a 4K camera mounted on our DJI Phantom 4 drones, which uses a wide-angle lens with high resolution.

Drone Video Footage for Every Need

Concert & Event Video

Aerial footage is a unique angle that can capture the essence of your Union business event. Whether it is a music concert, sporting event, or any other kind of activity, our drone videography can get it all. While most footage sets are filmed from the ground, our high angles put the location in perspective and accurately show event turnout.

Our videography services can also incorporate drone footage into a standard video for your Union business. Let us help you capitalize on your events!

Real-Estate Imagery

With a market that is ever changing, using drone photography can help you stay on top of the real estate business. Drone photography and videography helps you portray your property in new ways, capturing angles and giving home tours. This helps you have an advantage over the competition.

Whether it is one property or entire line, drone videography is ideal for real estate. By the end of production, the price will pay for itself.

Construction and Industrial Projects

Construction and industrial projects can be difficult to accurately capture. With the help of drone videography services, this problem can be resolved. We can create a time-lapsed video with aerial drone footage for your Union company, no matter the project. These videos can tell a story of your project while also showing progress.

Supplemental Footage

At Mack Media, we also offer your Union business the “flightless” video service. This means we professionally combine our aerial shot footage with additional standard shots to create a fluid story. Our services go beyond drone videography and include an entire Video Production Agency.

The Drone Video Production Process

Defining Your Vision

When starting any project, we like make sure we are on the same page as your Union business. We always listen to what you have to say and are eager to know what you would like to see in the outcome. Our final products are always designed to meet your business goals. After discussing our videography services, we work directly with you to create a plan centered on your Union vision.

Scheduling & Planning

Once we have established a vision and discussed ideas, we make a schedule. This includes when to shoot and how long post-production will take. We work around your schedule to find an optimal day that will not interrupt the daily operations of your business. Scheduling also takes into consideration time of day—lighting and composition play an important role in video production.


After we have designated the day or days for shooting, we make sure our FAA certified drone operator will arrive on time. They will capture the desired footage for your Union business, then bring the shots back to our office. This is when post-production begins.


For post-production, we combine all of the shot footage to provide you with a professional product. We listen carefully to your Union company to make sure you have a final video you love and are eager to share. Once completed, you can share the video on social media, websites, and more.

Video Production FAQs

Drone photography and videography services range in price, depending on your goals and planned project. We offer customizable plans to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Drone videography is a new, unique way to advertise your Union company. It helps you capture new angles, show off your company events, and provide detailed shots on your projects and services. It is a sure way to take your Union company to the next level.

Rather than worrying about another thing you have to do, let us help you. We not only offer videography services, but a complete Professional Video Production Team to take care of all footage and production. Especially for real estate businesses, our drone videography products can help you receive more customers, more leads, and more success.

The length of video production varies from project to project. At the beginning of the process, we provide your Union company with an accurate schedule. If you are investing in photography and videos, the average production time is 1-3 weeks. For drone footage combine with standard shot footage, production time can take around 6-8 weeks. We understand your company is unique, so your projects should be, too. We work directly with you to determine the proper length of production that will effectively match your Union company vision.
Mack Media Group always takes precautionary measures and extra steps to guarantee your Union company to best services. We work side by side with you to produce a high-quality, effective finished product.

To begin, we hold a kick-off meeting or call. This is where we discuss ideas, goals, and plans for what you are looking to produce. We help provide direction on how to accomplish that.

Next, we develop a script/storyboard for production. This helps us know where to shoot for your videos and how to line up our schedules. We make sure to capture your desired content with our modern technology and equipment.

When the recordings are complete and meet your expectations, we bring them back in for the final touches. During post-production, we add the necessary animations and music or sound choices. The video is then finished and is yours to keep, share, and distribute.

Drone Photography Services to Grow Your Union Company

No matter your business, product, or service, Mack Media Group can help you grow. Drone services opens the door to new opportunities, new advertising, and new successes. Learn more about our services and contact us today!

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