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Building Your Business with Digital Marketing

The Mack Media Group can build your business through our digital marketing services. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Email marketing. Using effective and proven strategies we provide an ROI driven in a measurable medium for your marketing dollars.

What sets us apart is the quality of customer care. We sincerely want your business to succeed and do everything necessary to make this happen. Expect regular contact and effective results as we work together to grow your business.

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What’s Included in Your Digital Marketing Services

Measurable Results

Your marketing dollars are an investment for your business. We understand this and work to give you the greatest return on your ad spend. Utilizing dynamic call and conversion tracking, we track and measure the number of leads and new customers our digital marketing generates for your business.

Transparent Work

We are proud of the digital marketing services we offer our clients and are completely transparent with the work we do for our marketing campaigns. If you ever have any questions, we are just an email or phone call away.

Customized Marketing Plans

Each of our clients is unique and has their own set of challenges and business goals. To accommodate your business we create and run customized digital marketing campaigns, designed to give you the most bang for your buck. We do not use cookie-cutter marketing tactics like some other digital marketing agencies.

Regular Reporting

We keep you updated with weekly emails detailing the progress made over the last week. You also receive a more in-depth, custom marketing report at the end of each month. This report includes strategies implemented, campaign analytics and conversion metrics.

Internet Marketing FAQs

In short, Yes. Digital marketing is probably one of the best mediums for your marketing dollars. The Digital Marketing spend in the U.S. has continually grown over the past decade, even overtaking TV advertising spend.

This drastic growth comes from two factors. The first is the incredible increase in the number of individuals who are now constantly online via desktop computers, tablets, and their smart phones. The internet is now only one click away for millions of potential customers.

The second reason is the specific targeting options that digital marketing offers. You don’t need to rely on incredibly general Nielsen ratings that only give the number of potential viewers of your advertising. Instead, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, and Email Marketing allow you to target specific individuals by demographics, psychographics, location, intent to purchase and more. In PPC advertising, you only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your business’ website.

The sheer number of individuals online along with digital marketing’s detailed targeting options makes it a required part of your marketing budget.

Internet or digital marketing refers to anything that is web-based: PPC, SEO, Email, Web Design, SMM.

Traditional marketing generally refers to offline marketing activies: print, direct mail, radio, TV, etc.

While the two types of marketing are beginning to converge, many marketing agencies only offer one or the other. Though the Mack Media Group does offer some traditional marketing mediums if requested, we are primarily a digital marketing company.

Many digital marketing agencies you work with will have an account manager who is your single point of contact with the company.

We are a little bit different, since we are smaller. The people who you work and communicate with will actually be the same people doing all of the work as well.

This gives us an advantage since your point of contact will be able to answer any of your questions in detail because they are not an account manager forced to play a game of telephone.

Besides the contact individual, the Mack Media Group prides itself on the best customer care. We quickly respond to any questions you have, keep you in the loop with weekly emails and consistently work on your digital marketing campaign. We sincerely care about the success of our client and act accordingly.

Yes, the Mack Media Group take on certain tasks for other agencies. If you are a digital marketing or web development agency who doesn’t offer one of the services we do, but would like to provide it to your clients, we can help.

Working either directly with your clients or white label, we can offer our specialist services to your clients.

This question does not have a clear answer. Results depend on what your key performance indicators are. Generally this will be leads or sales.

Even with that defined KPI, the speed of success also depends on the digital marketing mediums that are part of your campaign. While worth it, an SEO campaign can take months to see good results. On the other hand, a PPC campaign can start getting you leads in a day.

It all depends on your KPI, business goals and chosen marketing mediums. Whatever the particular marketing mix for your business, we will be direct and transparent with timelines and what to expect when building your digital marketing plan.

In most cases, yes. We work with companies of all sizes and in all different industries. We will sit down with you to discuss your budget and business goals.

If your particular marketing needs are not in our wheelhouse, we will be honest and tell you. We want you to succeed, even if that means it is not with us.

Digital Marketing to Grow Your Company

You need digital marketing to help grow your business and the Mack Media Group is your trusted solution. We offer businesses, large and small, effective, ROI-driven marketing services. We care about your business and are here to make it grow.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Web Design & Development.

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