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Building Your Poughkeepsie, NY Business With Digital Marketing

Expanding your Poughkeepsie, NY business is as easy as picking up the phone and contacting us, here, at the Mack Media Group. We render a variety of digital marketing services, not limited to, but including: email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (SMM). Using a systematic mosaic of industry trusted techniques, we deliver a product focused on a maximum return on your investment in order to make an efficient use of your marketing budget.

The Mack Media group is not just a service, but a business companion. What separates us from our competitors is our open network of communication. We correspond frequently with your Poughkeepsie business to insure your success, and maximize your growth. Contact us today at: 203-778-1120.

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What is Included in Your Poughkeepsie, NY Digital Marketing Services

Measurable Results

Any part of your marketing budget invested into your Poughkeepsie business, is an essential part of your business, and as such, we take care in utilizing it to ensure a substantial return on the money you used on advertising. Through methods personalized to your business, we can measure the precise number of new customers made by our efforts, for your business.

Transparent Work

We provide a “glass-door” service for our partners; this means that every step of our digital marketing process is available to you, so that you can be informed as to where your money is being spent. Any questions that you have will be answered promptly, and are just a phone call or an email away.

Customized Marketing Plans

Unlike some digital marketing agencies, we personalize your digital marketing campain in order to fit the face of your company. With that in mind, your Poughkeepsie business can flourish within it’s community.

Regular Reporting

The progress made by your investment will be reported to you on a weekly basis through an email. Additionally, you will receive a monthly update with an outline of the strategies employed, analytics, and conversion metrics.

Internet Marketing FAQs

Yes. Digital marketing is the fastest growing method of advertising, out scaling even TV advertising. As more and more people become familiarized with, and dependent on, computers and the internet, consumers are often most attainable through digital marketing.

The growth in this field is due to two notable factors. First off, the user base of people who use technology connected to the internet is increasing drastically. The internet is becoming an integral part of everyday life. Whether it be at home or work on a desktop computer, or out and about on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet, individuals use the web for countless reasons. There is a profusion of potential customers for your Poughkeepsie business within a click or tap away of reaching your company.

Second, digital marketing allows a for a specific, targeted approach. Factors such as desired demographics and particular locations can easily be manipulated in order to find the customers that you want directed to your Poughkeepsie business. Digital marketing methods such as email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, allow you to focus your advertising on the consumers that best suit your business, and make efficient use of your marketing budget.

The growing population of internet users makes digital marketing an invaluable asset of any marketing campaign.

Traditional marketing falls under the blanket of offline advertising, which includes anything in print, paper mail, radio, TV, and essentially anything physical (i.e. the side of a bus, a billboard, etc). Conversely, digital marketing refers to any marketing that takes place online, including: Email, PPC, SEO, SMM, and Web Design.

The two share similarities, now more than ever, however most marketing agencies offer a specialty in one or the other. While the  Mack Media Group namely a digital marketing firm above all, we do offer some traditional marketing methods, upon request, in order to fulfill the needs of your Poughkeepsie business.

Most large digital marketing firms have an account manager that will act as the face and voice of the company you are investing your budget in.

Here at the Mack Media Group, we offer the resources of our entire team. Instead of communicating with just a single member of our staff, your Poughkeepsie business is offered the ability to communicate with everyone working on each aspect of your digital marketing campaign.

Most notably, our company strives to provide unmatched customer service to our partners. Any questions or concerns will be addressed quickly and in detail because, as in any partnership, communication is of the utmost importance.

Much like any other aspect of your Poughkeepsie business, your advertising is an essential part of the face of your business. Most often it is the first impression that your customers get. Moreover, your marketing is for your company first and foremost, and as such, you deserve to be involved with, and see your progress in the form of weekly and monthly reports. We care about your company as much as we do ours, and that means putting the success of your business above all.

In short, yes, the Mack Media Group is more than willing to take on some specific tasks and responsibilities for other agencies. If we offer something that a similar company your Poughkeepsie business is currently working with does not, we can provide that service to fill in the gap.

Whether we work with your clients directly, or not, we strive to provide specialized product for our customers, and your clients alike.

First, and foremost, this is dependent on what your company considers its key performance indicators (KPI) are (usually leads or sales).

Combined with your KPI, the speed of your results is dependent on what methods of digital marketing you are employing in your Poughkeepsie advertising campaign. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) can take several months in order to show significant results, whereas pay-per-click advertising may show results in the same day.

Whatever personalized marketing campaign your business decides on, the Mack Media Group will communicate clearly and periodically, the deadlines, metrics, timelines, and projections associated with your objective.

In almost every instance, yes. We work with diverse companies in Poughkeepsie, both large and small. In addition, we can accommodate anything from conference calls, to sit down meetings, in order to make certain that the both of us are on the same page about your budget and business goals.

If we cannot meet your needs, we will be completely transparent with you, even if it means losing your business. More than anything, we want you to succeed.

Digital Marketing to Grow Your Poughkeepsie Company

For all the digital marketing needs your Poughkeepsie business has, the Mack Media Group is the ideal fit to facilitate your business growth. We offer companies and businesses like yours, specialized, digital marketing services to ensure maximized results on your investments. We are your business partner and our success is strictly dependent on yours.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop-shop for all your digital needs, from email campaigns, PPC advertising, and SEO, to social media marketing, and web design and development. Contact us to get started: 203-778-1120.