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Building Your Connecticut Business With Digital Marketing

At the Mack Media Group, your business can grow through the use of digital marketing services. With our web development experts, we offer services like pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing. It is our number one goal is to provide the best possible positive return on investment (ROI) for your investment.

We are not just a marketing agency, we are a partner who shares your business goals. Your success is our success, and growing your Connecticut business is our goal. Through diligent work, frequent contact and high-quality customer service, we can expand the digital splash of your business through the state. The Mack Media Group is Connecticut’s trusted digital marketing agency. Give us a call today: 203-778-1120.

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What is Included in Your Connecticut Digital Marketing Services

Measurable Results

You want a positive ROI for your business and that is why it is or goal. With dynamic call and conversion tracking, we can help identify where your marketing dollars are best spent. We can also provide the number of new customers gained through the usage of digital marketing.

Transparent Work

As our business partner, we will discuss all of our methods, strategies and plans that we will provide for your Connecticut business. We can provide feedback on any and all questions, with answering your concerns a top priority. We are always available for an email or a call.

Customized Marketing Plans

We respect your business, and would never waste your time by using cookie-cutter tactics. Each marketing strategy we employ differs between each and every company. Your digital campaign will suit the needs of your Connecticut business and best helps it succeed.

Regular Reporting

A lot can happen in a day. We update you with weekly emails of progress. Additionally, we will send thorough, comprehensive reports containing information such as analytics, strategies, and conversion metrics.

Internet Marketing FAQs

Yes, it is more than worth it. Due to the pervasive nature of the internet into our daily lives, digital marketing is essential to your Connecticut business.

The internet is merely a click or a tap of the thumb away for countless possible customers. From tablets, smartphones to computers, there is a massive amount of people using the internet each and every day. You want these people to know about your business.

The ability to target specific users is another reason behind its immense growth. Search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media marketing (SMM) allow you to select specific demographics such as the state of Connecticut. We also offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in which you pay when someone clicks on the ad to visit your business’ website.

The internet is too important for your Connecticut business. Do not miss the chance to take advantage of it.

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is any sort of marketing that utilizes web-based methods such as web design, SMM, PPC, SEO and email.

Traditional marketing, also known as regular marketing, utilizes offline marketing strategies like TV, print, radio, direct mail and so on.

They are more alike now than ever before, but companies normally focus on one over the other. The Mack Media Group is willing to perform some traditional marketing tasks for your Connecticut business, but we specialize in digital marketing.

Marketing agencies typically use an account manager as a representative of a company as a whole. You would speak to this account manager and they would be tasked with addressing any of your concerns. The problem is, the account manager isn’t always an expert or involved directly in your campaign. We don’t do this.

The Mack Media Group is much smaller than other agencies, so you can speak to the very people who are hard at work on your campaign. Since the very people you are speaking to are the ones working on your campaign, they are better able to address any and all comments, questions and concerns.

We will return any and all messages promptly and update with weekly emails and comprehensive monthly reports.

Yes we can. We can take on additional tasks from other Connecticut marketing agencies and companies. We can provide our services if we have something you do not to your clients directly or through white label.

Don’t hesitate to ask us: 203-778-1120

There isn’t a set time or known number beforehand. Each different business leads to a different campaign. Results may vary based on key performance indicators (KPI) which generally come from sales of leads.

But even after finding your KPI, marketing mediums may slow down or speed up the process. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) can take months to show your Connecticut website at the top of a search result, but a pay-per-click (PPC) ad can generate leads in a day. It isn’t that one is better because it is faster, they each serve different needs to better your business.


The time it takes to get results is determined by KPI, competition, business goals and whichever marketing avenues we decide. We can form a plan that is both efficient and open for communication regarding deadlines and measurements.

Yes. We have worked with many different Connecticut companies varying in both industry and size. We will forge a budget, discuss business goals, and run it by you to make sure we are on the same page.

The Mack Media Group will be upfront. If we cannot offer a specific service or task and this hinders the potential of your business, we will discuss it with you. Above all else, we want your Connecticut business to succeed, even if that means that it is not with us.  

Digital Marketing to Grow Your Connecticut Company

If you seek digital marketing services in order to improve your Connecticut business, the Mack Media Group is the answer. We offer efficient and ROI-focused digital marketing services.

The Mack Media Group is your one-stop marketing agency for PPC management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web design & development. Reach out for us today: 203-778-1120.