Have you ever wanted to create a commercial or video but never knew how? With Mack Media Group, you will learn how to collaborate with a video production team to create your vision.

Video production has become a very accessible medium to produce content, and you can even make a pretty decent commercial using the models from any of the top 10 smartphone companies. However, even that scenario requires little nuances to make it the best product possible. You’ll need a tripod to keep the screen from shaking, if you want your video to be steady. You’ll also need good lighting, level sound, editing software, and possibly even visual effects (VFX). The latter can be utilized through a green screen, which can be a cost-effective way to insert backgrounds. But even that can have poorly done chroma-keying which leads to infamously bad computer-generated imagery (CGI).

In order to utilize the latest and greatest technology to create a commercial, product launch, video podcast or anything else you may want to film, you should reach out to Mack Media Group. We keep ourselves cost-effective for all of our local clients who wish to use this format to create content, because a visual medium can sometimes be the best way to convey information.

Why should I invest in video production? Won’t that cost a lot of money?

You can always make a cheap, guerilla-style video that can be uploaded directly to YouTube, but as outlined above, there can be numerous technical errors that keep the video from being the best product it can possibly be. People usually don’t notice when everything in the video is done well, but they can immediately spot shoddy craftsmanship in the digital age of marketing.

We don’t want to stop any dreams, but we want our clients to be realistic. You can do this on your own, or even with a small team of people. The process of creating a video can be exciting, but also very challenging if you don’t realize what you are getting into. If you use your employees to make the video during downtime, that’s not enough time to even set-up a shot most of the time. You may also need to provide crafting services (a.k.a. meals) for your crew. Little nuances that can be missed by a client can lead to a ballooning budget – what you thought might cost a couple hundred dollars may become well into the thousands, and you won’t have anything to show for it.

If you want the job done right, you should reach out to a team who knows what they’re doing and has been specially trained in marketing through video. That’s where we come in. You can also visit a full-time job on Jooble.

A modest investment can go a long way, as video production never goes out of style. But the means of production may need to be updated occasionally – an older smartphone may create an outdated look in comparison to a brand-new smartphone that shoots in 4K UHD.

If you find the task too daunting to start on your own, Mack Media can shoot your video. We make sure to stay within budget and work with the client every step of the way, from pre-production to post-production, to relieve the stress you may feel. We can also make equipment rental recommendations, break down previous materials that we’ve created, and even help you use our studio to shoot your very first commercial if your budget is large enough. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all things marketing, and help you reach the widest base of people possible.

What Types of Videos Can You Make?


The most tried and true way of advertising any business, a commercial typically has run times as short as 15 seconds and as long as one minute, with the sweet spot typically being a 30 second spot. Depending on pricing, you can also place it in movie theaters, in YouTube advertisement slots, or before video news packages online.

With Mack Media Group, we can work with you to create a working, functional commercial that is short and to-the-point. If you want to inject humor, be serious, or otherwise have a crazy idea that can be used within budget, Mack Media Group will be there to talk you through it every step of the way. Video production is first-and-foremost a collaborative medium, and we always work to execute that vision for the best possible results.

While getting airtime is always great for business, there are ways to create content outside of the mainstream 30 second commercial.

Instructional Videos

Depending on what type of business you are working in, you will be able to create a polished instructional video for whatever topic interests you. A makeup seller may try on the latest concealer, a landscaping company may demonstrate the process of laying down asphalt, a homeopathic place may create an herbal supplement… No matter what business you work in, a well-thought-out video can get the job done.

At Mack Media Group, we create and polish content on a regular basis for our clients, and can provide useful information for what types of videos draw views. A thumbnail featuring text, search engine optimized keywords, and other marketing tools in our disposal can go a long way toward featuring a product or service effectively. We want to be the people you call when you are starting your journey towards video production.

Video Podcast

A podcast is a cheaper way to produce content that talks in-depth about the industry you are involved in. You can even start out doing it over zoom! But while you may be looking for inspiration about how to create a podcast, it can be unfortunate if the experiment only lasts a few episodes because it lacks excitement. Iffy sound quality, lack of focus, and little work to draw viewers in can kill a great idea before it gets off of the ground.

You can tour or participate in the Mack Media Podcasting Studio to get a feel for what a successful podcast can look like. With just a few microphones and soundproofing, a little bit of an investment can go a long way in making your endeavor come off professional and worth listening to. Then, you can film reactions or other necessary visual compartments with a simple camera set-up as an optional step.

Podcasts are essentially talk radio for a new generation, and Mack Media Group can help you develop the podcast by advising you on equipment, setup and more tools that are needed to give your podcast the boost it deserves. Stand out from the crowd and take some professional advice from Mack Media Group – we will be with you every step of the way.

Anything else… as long as you know your limitations

There are video ideas that you may pitch to us that we may not have even thought of, but we will work to create the best execution of the concept possible. If you are a medical facility, you may explain what types of diseases your consumers may face in an upcoming newsletter. A tabletop game store may unbox the latest board game, showing off each individual piece to the camera.

These are examples of successful types of videos done in the past, and you can use those as a starting point to get creative and think about what may appeal most to your customers. However, there are times when scripts can become too ambitious for their own good, which we will discuss later.

What To Do When Making a Video

Use what you can

If you work in an office, use that office. If you have a car, use the car. If you are able to secure the permits, try finding a time to film outdoors if you do not want to rent studio lights. Bounce cards, flags and other cost-effective ways of blocking out the sun will help make you look like a professional and less like a first-time YouTuber.

While a studio will always have the most controlled lighting and audio settings, it can be difficult to find crew members willing to work with someone who doesn’t have the budget to produce a high-end commercial. As such, you may want to just rent some equipment and figure out a way to make your first commercial with your team involved in the process.

Sometimes, the best videos are all about simplicity. The creation of a nice, juicy burger can sell a restaurant better than a wacky commercial. This leads us to our second point.

Stay On-Brand For What You’re Selling

Remember that at the end of the day, your job is still your job, and that passion seeps through when you are creating your video. The goal is not to be the wittiest commercial or the flashiest content possible. The reason you create video content is to:

  1. Build new customers who have not heard of you before.
  2. Keep existing customers through content to look forward to.

A commercial is not the only way to advertise your business, which is why we laid out several different ways to create video content for your business. The Internet has opened up many different kinds of ways to get your message across, and these can deepen relationships with your existing customers. Those people may be inclined to share it with their friends and get them to eat at your restaurant, go to your medical facility, and more.

Most importantly, though, you need to stay focused on the message that you are selling, no matter how long the content is. If you are a landscaping company, it may be unwise to bring up a meal recipe outside of Thanksgiving. If you are starting a new video podcast, it can be alienating to bring out politics when your topic is ostensibly about coffee making.

Be Ambitious… But not too ambitious

There is such a thing as being too creative for the budget that you have. A landscaping company does not need a choreographed dance troupe, but if you feel like having a dancer, maybe just utilize one as creatively as you can.

The worst commercials have two major flaws:

  • Trying too little in the technical aspects
  • Trying too hard in the creative aspects

You may notice these quick, easily produced commercials that work hard to sell the viewer on their services, but may be lost in the shuffle because they became too wacky or otherwise confusing to the viewer. For example, car dealerships don’t need their salesmen to go to space, a dog groomer doesn’t need to base their commercial off of a dead meme, and a water park’s latest ride doesn’t need to show more than kids having fun. Simplicity can work in your favor.

A company with nationally-run commercials typically has a team of television writers from various marketing agencies selling their product, and millions of dollars in their marketing budget to create even a single weird commercial. Trying to do the same thing with only a few thousand dollars and someone not trained in film/television writing can make a commercial flop on its face. Know who your audience is and who you want to attract – an eye-popping commercial can sometimes make the message get lost in the shuffle.

Talk to our team about how to manage your budget effectively. We want to help you create your commercial, unboxing video, video podcast or other type of product showcase. A video going under-budget is always a plus, but a video going over-budget creates headaches for everyone involved.

Use Mack Media to Create and/or Market Your Video

Mack Media Group has its own video production arm to help you market your video and realize your vision. We have our own video production team, equipment and podcasting studio to help you initiate your concept, taking the stress away of finding an independent crew willing to help you. We collaborate with all of our clients to make sure that the shoot has as little stress as possible, on-time and within budget.

We offer many different types of videos, such as aerial shots by drone, professional biographies of local hometown heroes, and product launches for the latest and greatest ideas around Brookfield, CT. Check out the sizzle reels on our website for examples of our work, along with our client testimonials on our Video Production Overview page. We are here to help you.

If you would like to check out our video production facilities, talk to our crew or otherwise would like advice on starting your own video, give us a call today or reach out to us online today!