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Professional Commercial Video Production for Your Business

Here at Mack Media, we have a dedicated Video Production team that consists of professional videographers who are serious about the craft. Throughout every project we complete, we always aim to
create beautiful and effective video and photo content displaying the true essence of your brand, and what you want to communicate to your audience. To help spread the word about your offerings, commercials can be a great asset that increase brand awareness and can be shared in a variety of different ways.

We put your company on a pedestal, highlighting your key products and services in the most aesthetically enticing way for your audience. Depending on the vision of your commercial, we adapt to your environment, shooting in a studio or on location. With our expert advice, we’ll bring your vision to life utilizing traditional and aerial videography. 

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Why Mack Media Group for Your Commercial Video Production?


Our photography and videography department is a team of experienced and passionate professionals. We are dedicated to consistently producing high-quality commercials that will bring in whole new audience that greatly benefit your company.  


We keep you in the loop throughout the whole process, planning, shooting and in post-production. Your involvement along the way, especially in the beginning, helps us make the best video or photo project for you.


Everything we create is self-customizable to exactly what you desire your commercial to look like. We will discuss together what type of video you are looking for and what you are planning to get out of the video.


For special projects where you would like to highlight wider shots of your business, event or a location, we offer professional drone filming that is seamlessly shot and shown in your final video.

Video Production & Photography for Every Need

Branded Content

For when you want to create a mesmerizing video to promote your brand, the Mack Media Pros got you back. We put together a video that will catch the attention of your target audience, while constantly ingraining your brand message. We will create your company voice through videography and highlighted clips that intrigue the audience. 

We make sure the branded videos we create truly encapsulate the essence of what your brand is and what your overall company goal is. These videos are highly shareable and easily used to gain exposure and attention to take your company to a whole new level.


Ever see those amazing commercials that stick with you after you watch them? Well we are able to create amazing commercials that leave a lasting impression, at half the price of our other competitors. Our team creates 30 to 60 second commercials that grab attention, create interest, and entice the audience to act.

Our videographer experts utilize top of the line filming equipment and editing to make only the highest quality commercials possible. Whether you are in need for a commercial for your restaurant, institution or service company, we can make any commercial happen. We guarantee that our videos will create a brand new professional presence for your company that will also help bring in new, potential customers. 

Special Events

Our professional videographers do not limit themselves to just brand commercials, but also shoot special events you would like to have documented in a lively and exciting promotional video. These special event videos can show your customers a real life look at what you do as a company and how you personify your mission into substantial events and activities.

We love shooting these events that truly make your company stand out and become unique.

Professional Photography

Not every commercial needs photography as an addition, but we can offer this service to your business as well. Perhaps you need new pictures of your location for your website? Or updated photos of your exterior business? Whatever you need photographed, we can make it happen. We can also take photographs during the commercial if you’d like to share them on your social media pages or your website.

Our professional photographers have the expertise and equipment needed to produce professional-grade photos for your business.

photo services

The Video Production Process


During the first phase of your project, we’ll take the time to learn about your brand and your offerings. We’ll discover aspects of your commercial that we want to highlight – including location, time of day, individuals involved and so on.


The next phase is the brainstorming phase, where our group of video production professionals will collaborate and come up with ideas for your commercial. We also welcome your input during this process.

Script Writing

Before we start to schedule out our shooting days, we will write out a script or storyboard that gives the basic structure of your commercial. For the main portions of your commercial, we’ll highlight these elements as well as transitions and how we’d like to go about filming them. We want to make sure that your commercial will blend seamlessly with the footage we’ve taken as well as the content we’ve written. All scripts will be run by you before we begin filming.

Scheduling & Planning

Every commercial we work on will take a different amount of time to create seeing that we have multiple elements and factors to take into consideration. During the scheduling & planning phase, we will consider both of our schedules and figure out the best days to film and what locations we’d like to utilize during your commercial.

Video Production

Once we’ve finalized our plans, we’ll move onto the production of your commercial. We’ll start the first draft of your commercial, which may require multiple days depending on the vision of your project. Once we’ve captured all of our footage, we’ll bring it back to our office and begin the post-production work.


The last stage of your project is post-production. This is the stage where we will add video sections, transitions, animations, adjust any needed lighting and sound as well as create the final product. Once we’ve created your commercial and we’re happy with the results, we’ll review it with you. If there are any changes that need to be made, we’ll make them after your review and once they’ve been completed, you’ll have a beautiful new commercial that you can show off to potential and current customers.

Video Production FAQs

What do you think of when you hear or see, “video advertisement” or “commercial.” Your first thought is probably television commercials or in this modern world, most likely an internet advertisement before a YouTube video. No matter how you view the phrase or word, commercials are advertisements, usually 60 seconds or less or even as short as 30 seconds, that work to promote a company, product, service or upcoming event.

Commercials are quick videos because they need to capture the attention of the viewer. The main aim of a commercial is to garner interest and intrigued viewers about what you are offering. You can think of a commercial video as a teaser to draw someone in and make them wonder more about your product or service, including a call of action at the end of your commercial is also a great way to influence your potential customers to call your business and either inquire or purchase.

Commercial videos have a few different qualities you want to remember during production. These include:

  • 30 Seconds or less. Quick information is better for engagements.
  • Influential Call-to-Action
  • Share-Worthy content
  • High level branding
Video or Commercial Advertisements solely focus on generating awareness, introducing a new product or service, and creating excitement for those who are served your commercial video. In today’s digital world, you can use your commercial on television, but you can’t forget to use it on social media sites as well as YouTube. A majority of your potential customers or existing customers are online, being influenced by tons of advertisements every day. This is how you will target your customers and this also how you will gain them.
To ensure that you don’t overspend on your commercial, we offer custom pricing with all of our video production services and projects. We want to help you retain a beautiful, high-quality commercial while staying within your budget.
For all of our commercials, we offer detailed HD and 4K Videos along with high-quality audio. Followed up with professional software editing tools during the post-production stage and a finalized edition for your business. To achieve higher angle shots that can be used as b-roll, we also have a Phantom 4 pro drone.
Getting all of the necessary shots for your commercial can take time, but we can assure you that we won’t take months to complete your advertisement. Any of our video production offerings can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, starting at conception and ending in delivery. This time frame also reflects how much work we’ll be putting into your project, acting and working as if it were our own. We always hold ourselves and our work to the highest quality of standards, and we want nothing more than to accomodate all of your needs for your commercial. If you would like a more concrete time frame, we’ll need to discuss your commercial project ideas and go from there.

Commercial Video Production Services to Grow Your Company

Creating a commercial can be a big step in advertisement for your business. It’s a great way to communicate your services to current and potential customers. Here at Mack Media Group, we want to help your business succeed by providing you with professional-grade commercials to help market your offerings.

We want to help get your story across to the right audience and speak to the services of your business. Looking for help with commercial video production? Call us at 203-778-1120

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