Email marketing campaigns can be very useful to your company, but it’s hard for them to do their job when no one sees them. With data from billions of emails sent, we found out what the best days and times are to send emails for unique opens and click through rates. Some of these results may surprise you, others not so much. If you’re looking for the right schedule to attract your target when it comes to email marketing campaigns, this is a good place to start.

Best days

Unique Opens

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send out emails for your marketing campaigns. These days have a higher percentage of unique opening rates than other days. Tuesday is the highest with 20% more, followed by Wednesday with 18%, and Thursday with 15% (Hubspot).

When finding the best days to post, keep in mind that your competitors may also have the same information that you do. You may want to send your audience emails when their inboxes aren’t filled with emails from your competitors.

Click Through Rates:

As odd as it seems, people actually check their emails on the weekends. Mailermailer’s study shows that Sundays brought the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) with an average of 2.4. Following, Sunday was Tuesday with only a .1% difference.

In terms of seasons, sending emails during the winter is more likely to get you higher CTRs. This is probably due to the fact that people are searching through their emails for Christmas specials.

Best Times

Unique Opens

The best times to send emails thorough the week would be 9AM-12PM with 7% unique opens being the maximum reached at 10AM. It is best to send emails during the regular work hour of 9AM-5PM to see unique open results (Mailermailer’s).

However, the hours of 6PM and 12PM also show a high number of unique openings. This is because of the people who prefer to check their emails right after work or before they go to bed (Mailermailer’s).  

Closely followed by these two time frames, are the hours of 6AM and 7AM where people are checking their emails before they head to work (Mailermailer’s).

If you happen to be sending emails during the weekend, Sundays during the hours of 10PM and 12AM would be the best time to do so (Hubspot).

Click Through Rates

Similar to unique open rates, CTRs are higher during the early morning hours or late evening hours with the highest CTR being emails that were scheduled at 12am during the week (Mailermailer’s).

Email Lifespan

Emails can easily be buried in an inbox or deleted without hesitation. When planning to send your emails, you can do so 30 minutes before the assigned time. Most people will read an email within an hour of receiving it. After an hour, the chances of the email being opened is less than 1% (Hubspot).

Our Advice

Though these days and times are supported by strong evidence as the best, it is important to remember that when it comes to marketing, not everything is set in stone. The right days and times to send out your email marketing campaigns can depend on a lot of things such as time zones and your industry, but mainly it depends on your audience. Defining your audience is the key to finding out the right time to send out your email marketing campaign. However, these days and times are a great place to start.

These days and times combined with Google Analytics can be used as a test to get the right schedule down. After a few email marketing campaigns, you will be able to see what days and times your audience best responds to.

For even more results:

Times and days will help you get your email marketing campaigns seen, but here are a few more tips to help you stay at the top of your audience’s list.

Have a GREAT subject line

Subject lines that have an attention grabbing title are more likely to be opened than deleted. Wording your subject line the right way is one of the best ways to decrease your chances of being deleted.

Don’t spam

The more you send emails, the less your emails will stand out.

Keep your emails mobile friendly

Catering to only desktop users in this day and age is a huge mistake. Those people who are checking their emails during the late hours of 8pm-12am are most likely doing it on their phones. Don’t leave them out because your CTR will surely decrease.

Holiday Guide


The best day to send emails around Thanksgiving time would be the Monday before Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for higher open rates, wait until the Tuesday and Wednesday after Thanksgiving.


It’s best the get your email campaign wrapped up before Christmas time. However, if you find yourself needing to send an important email, the best dates would be December 22nd, 26th, and 29th.

New Year’s:

Send your emails the Thursday after so that it doesn’t get caught up in all the clutter that accumulated in your audience’s inbox over the holiday vacation.

Memorial Day:

You’re better off sending your email the day after Memorial Day as there is usually a spike in engagement after the holiday, probably due to the fact that people are catching up on emails again.

The 4th of July:

The Thursday before the 4th of July has an email open increase of over 10% compared to the days surrounding the holidays.


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to send out your email marketing campaign

Sending your emails at the start of the working hours will result in higher unique email opens, as well as the hours directly before work, or late evenings between 6PM-12AM

When sending emails around the holiday season, it is best to do it the week before or the Wednesday after. As for individual holidays like The 4th of July or Memorial Day, it is best to do it two days before.

And most importantly, know your audience. Our guide can certainly help you determine some of the best days and time to schedule out your emails, but pay close attention to your own data and go off the results that you see in the future (Hubspot).  

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