There can be many misconceptions when it comes to the use of drones for aerial photography and videography. For instance, you may wonder, “Why do I even need a drone? Will it really benefit my business?” It turns out that there are multiple benefits for drone photography, but it is also important to understand how to deploy this technology strategically and how to avoid common pitfalls. Read on to learn more about aerial photography or videography and how they might work for you.

General Benefits 

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco). So it may not seem surprising that visuals and videos should be seen as an integral aspect of any brand. Studies have shown that including videos have increased clickthrough rates, improved SEO standings, and can ultimately make your brand more memorable for a viewer. Videos especially allow for a unique way to capture and showcase your business for potential clients. 

Do you remember the common phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words?” When you add a visual component to a website, advertisement, or other promotional content, you are able to tell a compelling story in a short amount of time (which is perfect considering your audience may not have a large attention span). 

Other benefits include adding a new perspective (sometimes literally!) to your story and brand. Perhaps it is difficult for you to convey your message to an uninformed audience. Some drone footage, professional editing, and the inclusion of some voiceover work can potentially shift how people view your business and services. It could also allow your audience to connect with your service on a new level. 

Industries That Can Benefit From Drones

Real Estate

Over the past few years, realtors have seen the increasing potential in aerial photography and videography. According to an Australian Real Estate Group, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. Without a doubt, aerial images are impressive. 

Realtors can leverage this technology to allow potential clients access to the full size, shape, and setup of a property with the ability to view from multiple angles. An increase in inquiries can also be attributed to the fact that aerial imaging can bring the viewer to the property without them ever having to leave their current location. From there, their interest may pique and will then reach out to commit to an Open House viewing. 

For instance, Candlewood Lake is Connecticut’s largest man-made lake spanning from Litchfield County to Fairfield County. Candlewood Lake real estate agents can benefit from using lake aerial photography to help show off an entire property, it’s proximity to Candlewood Lake as well as highlights about the beautiful lakefront property. Buyers may not want to inconvenience themselves. Drone footage can show them a wider view of an area and can help them determine if they are looking at a property that fits their own personal criteria. 

Property Management and Development

Similar to the benefits for real estate agencies, property management and development involves the want to view a property from a variety of angles and distances. Some things that drones can accomplish include providing footage of a work site in progress, show a bird’s eye view of the property and surrounding infrastructure, and view plans of a development. You can also create a lifestyle shot of the area which can be used in promotional materials.

Event Planning or Sponsorship

Are you looking for a way to capture an experience? Event drone videography and photography might be the answer for you. Any event looks more impressive from a birds eye view. Additionally, drone footage can give you other perspectives that get you closer to the action. Whether it is a concert, sporting event, or festival, an expert aerial photographer can capture that special moment. If you are a sponsor, there is an added benefit to this type of photography as it can capture your involvement in the event as a whole.

Construction, Engineering & Much More

There is no one true industry for drone work. It may seem more obvious for industries like real estate to turn to aerial videography and photography. However, we have found applications for plenty of these “non-traditional” industries. For example, drones can capture complex procedures and services that are difficult to translate with words alone to uninformed, mass audiences. Creating a professional educational video can bridge the gap. This method is utilized across a variety of industry groups, including construction, roofing, and other businesses that depend upon complex models. Engineering models, for example, are sometimes hard to explain without a visual overlaid with further resources. 

Drone videography can also be used to introduce your business and establish branding. A professional videographer can set up drones to take videos of your office space or your team. This adds a personal connection since your clients/customers can see who they could be interacting with when they work with your business. You can also establish your business’ connection to a greater community. This personal touch is especially important for any small business.

Do I Need to Hire an Agency?

The short answer is yes, you should hire an agency. Not only would they be able to use their experience to create exceptional work but also they can circumnavigate the issues you would most likely face if you wanted to make your own drone footage. Aerial photography/videography has shown to help improve ROI for small businesses. However, this only happens when you leverage the right strategies. An agency is already knowledgeable and can work with you to develop the best quality. Here are some other reasons you should reconsider doing it all by yourself: 

  • Are you aware of all the drone laws? Some rules vary from state to state, but most are very similar. In Connecticut, commercial drones must be registered and you must obtain a license to operate for a business. FAA Registration under Part 107 is required. In order to obtain a license, you must study for a test, pay a fee for the certification test, and then hopefully pass. From there, you must take a recurrent exam to keep your license. As part of this testing, you must learn about privacy regulations (which include private property and illegal airspace regulations). This process is a hassle as it involves a great deal of dedication and willingness to pay for the certification before drone production can begin.  
  • Drones are not cheap. In fact, a professional drone can set you back even before you need to worry about other production and editing costs. It is also very easy to crash a drone if you don’t know what you are doing. These two facts combine into a serious prediction: purchasing a drone will just lead to its destruction before you get the footage you need. Furthermore, if you are only planning on using a drone for a single project or task, investing in a drone is not very sensible or necessary. 
  • There is an additional added cost to a drone purchase; time spent working with a drone and getting to know its functions is time away from the office. There are only so many hours in a day. If you hire an agency you can use your valuable time building your business. 
  • Professional editing is a worthy investment. If you want your material to shine and maintain the same level of professionalism that you instill in the rest of the business, it is necessary to contact an agency. Drone footage is meant to be eye-catching. The editing process with ensure that you stay a cut above your competitors. 
  • Have you ever seen a drone video that just seems to drag on forever? A professional agency can create videos that don’t make your viewer’s eyes glaze over. Extra movement, new perspectives, and expert editing can make or break your drone video. Get your audience to engage longer with your video when an agency employs certain techniques. 

The Mack Media Group Services

The Mack Media Group is FAA Certified and can deliver the professional drone footage your business needs. We have worked with a wide variety of industries (including many on this list, such as real estate) and can expertly edit your videos to produce the highest quality. Not only do we offer drone video services but also general video production, website creation, and social promotion. 

Learn more about our drone video services here. Give us a call to request a free quote.