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5 Vital Areas of the Medical Marketing Sector in 2022

Medical Marketing|

The last few months of 2021 have been challenging, especially for the medical marketing industry. However, this also opened a lot of great opportunities to look forward to. As per Professor Scott Galloway, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many existing practices and quoted, “healthcare will be one of the most disruptive sectors in the [...]

Cannabis Marketing Tips & Strategies That Work In 2022


The cannabis business environment has undergone immense change over the years due to regulatory and legalization efforts. However, today's digital age presents cannabis business owners with several tactics they can use to advertise their products and services. Here are some things you should know about the cannabis industry and effective digital marketing strategies to reach [...]

Grow Your Brand: 20 Cannabis Websites Design For Foolproof Marketing in 2022


Are you looking to get into the cannabis business or want to expand your existing brand? You can promote your cannabis products with a professional and well-made website. These cannabis websites design examples will help you craft high-traffic and consistent sites. So, expand your reach and let these unique sites give you a great head [...]

9 Backlink Strategies to Boost Your Website’s Google Ranking

Mack Media, Marketing|

Backlinks are a key component in how Google measures your website's authority and reliability. What are backlinks, and how do they influence your website's Google rank? Let's look at how backlinks work and how they affect Google rankings. What are Backlinks? A hyperlink from another website that connects to your site is called a [...]

25 Web Design Tips That Lead to a Successful Business in 2022

Mack Media|

Technology is changing faster than ever, and website design trends are no different. The design elements that were once modern may have become outdated. You don't want any visitors to leave your website because you're using an old design or one that does not meet the standards for user experience (UX) that people expect today. [...]

Top 7 NFT Websites to Purchase from in 2022

Marketing, Reviews|

Watch out, folks! NFTs are taking the digital world by storm! It’s already 2022, and this new trend hasn’t even become mainstream yet. Most people still don’t know what NFT really stands for, unless you consider the ones in the digital marketing industry or the younger generation who are up-to-date on the trending topics [...]

Human vs AI Writing: Who Wins the Battle in 2022?


Copywriting is tedious, as many copywriters would agree. You would need to devote time and effort into creating the holy grail: the perfect copy. Whether you're crafting website copy, social media post, blog post, PPC ads, or product descriptions, there's always the need to generate content that engages readers and evokes the emotions you [...]

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