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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a (good) Website

A website creates a portal that links your business to all of your potential customers that are using the internet to find you. It gives you a platform to showcase your business and its best aspects, it allows you to capture the attention of the visitor, and it allows you to establish a presence online for your company and brand. Below, we have 8 reasons why you need a new website for your business. […]

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Mobile Marketing

We came up a quick infographic on why you need a mobile friendly website. There are many more reasons, but we hope these seven will help convince you to make the switch! Get a Free Website & SEO Audit

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO Debate Search Engine Optimization is a concept being used by numerous companies to increase return on investment and display a company message to highly targeted groups of users. There is a long-standing debate between SEO professionals on the proper and most effective methods to accomplish this. Some [...]

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The Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO for Small Business Search Engine Optimization is a term that is thrown around a lot, and many companies have yet to unlock its potential for their various businesses. When you are starting a new SEO campaign, it’s always best to meet with an expert before implementation. One mistake could cost you a significant [...]

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SMX East Recap: Bing Ads Impresses

Mack Media is one of Bing Ads’s biggest fans. Being a newer & local agency in Brookfield, CT isn’t easy, but as we take on more and more customers, it helps to have a vendor that cares about the success of its clients. When you work with the Bing Ads platform, you’ll get to speak [...]

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Are You Optimized for Mobile?

Did you know that a big factor in your Google website rankings has to do with getting optimized for mobile? If your site is not mobile-friendly, chances are that you are missing a huge chunk of potential visitors. Mobile viewing, whether by cell phone or by tablet, is only going to continue to grow. It [...]

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