Choosing the location for your corporate video shoot is as essential as writing the script. While many executives think they should just hand the task to one of their employees, this task is too challenging and is best left to the professionals. Our skilled company video production team at Video Production Co NYC – Mack Media has previously handled numerous challenging productions.

They’ve completed those shoots because they adhere to one important rule: scout the area for a good location, wherever possible. This ensures that we get the best possible location for your corporate video. While it’s up to us to gather potential places for a video shoot, we’ll give you an insider look at how we choose the best location for your company video.

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  1. Proper Lighting

    Proper lighting is essential when it comes to video production. Unfortunately, most office spaces (even modern ones) have terrible lighting. Most offices have fluorescent lighting and energy-saving bulbs, which are heavily frowned upon. Try to look for a spot where the light is dimmable and isolated.

  2. Visually-Appealing Room

    Do you want your video production crew to go crazy? Give them a room with white walls, and they’ll never talk to you again. This kind of room is reminiscent of a lunatic asylum, and we doubt it’s the look you want your corporate video to have. Instead, select a few rooms with visually-appealing designs, not those boring ones that are guaranteed to bore your viewers to death.corporate video - Mack Media Group

  3. Big Rooms

    The bigger the room is, the better. Video production crews can operate much faster and efficiently when you give them ample space to work around. With enough space, they can play with angles and lighting, not to mention how they can easily store their gear.

  4. Accessibility

    Try your best to choose an easily-accessible location for your company video shoot. Professionals who offer video production services in New York, NY, will have a tough time going through spots riddled with delays, such as security, traffic, and parking issues. If this is the location’s protocol, you need to inform your crew beforehand so they can set proper expectations.

  5. Drop Pin Location

    Make it easy for your video production crew to go to the set by marking the location on Google Maps with a drop pin. This will not only make it easier for them to travel, but it will reduce their chances of getting lost.

  6. Noise Levels

    Never choose a location with uncontrollable noise levels. Construction work and air conditioning can drown out your crew’s audio-sensitive equipment and may lead to the shoot being canceled. Many background noises are impossible to separate in post-production, so try your best to select a quiet and peaceful place.

  7. Number of Windows and Mirrors

    There’s a good reason why videographers who offer video production services in New York, NY, avoid spots with too many windows and buffed surfaces. When shooting your corporate video, these surfaces will reflect them, thus ruining the point of the entire footage. Most video production crew will have their recce and bring equipment dubbed “flags” to fend off reflections and avoid delays because of such mirrored production services in New York

  8. Weather

    Bad weather can ultimately ruin your video production day, even if you’re shooting indoors. A passing cloud can change the camera’s exposure, even on a sunny day. Try to visit the location before the shoot and propose to shoot simultaneously when the weather is fair.

  9. Distance

    Here’s the thing about video production crews: they need to set up their gear before they start shooting. So if the location you decided to use is far, notify them immediately so they can prepare adequately. You might also need to organize their overnight accommodations if the location is too far from their headquarters or if the shoot will take more than a day.

Choosing the right location is arguably one of the most challenging things to deal with as a videographer.  With this in mind, you need a video production company like Video Production Co NYC – Mack Media that is versatile enough to work through most of these challenges. Just give them a nice place to work around, and you have an impressive video for your company to use.