Years ago, capturing aerial footage has always been a problem for many businesses in the U.S. If you were a business owner decades ago and you wanted to highlight your business from the skies; you’d have to hire a helicopter, a pilot, and a videographer to capture those videos for you. This feat is laborious, not to mention expensive. But today, many companies that offer video production services in Connecticut are leveraging the power of drone videography to help business customers see them from a different perspective.

Commercial drones have been a staple to many businesses nowadays, especially in video production. These flying robots bring tremendous benefits that no video production company can shrug off. When used correctly, drones can capture high-quality aerial videos that people can use to elevate their businesses.

With that being said, here are some ways drone videography can boost your Connecticut business.


1. Drone Videography Offers a Unique Perspective

Drone videography has offered something that no other practice in the industry has done effectively before: aerial footage. As mentioned earlier, the best way to capture aerial footage in the past was for a videographer to ride a helicopter and take videos from the skies. But today, many companies who offer video production services in Connecticut can use drones to take high-quality videos without costing a fortune. Video production companies can now use the vantage points only drones can reach, giving them a unique perspective of the setting they’re about to film.

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2. Drone Videography Can Capture High-Quality Footage

Many tech enthusiasts these days understand how powerful drones can be, especially for video production purposes. In the past, drones were nothing more than robots meant for military use. As the years passed, flying a drone became a hobby for some people. Eventually, commercial drones became a thing, with some ingenious folks outfitting these flying robots with cameras capable of recording high-definition videos.


Companies who offer video production services in Connecticut can now use drones to record full-HD footage at 4K resolution or higher! Additionally, drones are now much more maneuverable than ever, thanks to recent advancements in gimbal and 3-axis stabilization. Such innovations allow drones to capture high-quality videos while performing tricky action shots.

3. Drones are Becoming Easier to Set Up and Use

Since more and more people are using drones, it’s not uncommon for companies to produce more agile and user-friendly drones. A quick online search will show you modern commercial drones with impressive specifications that weren’t available in previous years.

This advancement in drone technology makes it easier for those videographers who offer video production services in Connecticut. But before they can use commercial drones, they need to adhere to Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements first so they can be a certified drone pilot. Once qualified, they can finish a video production project without being involved with stressful logistics involving flying an actual helicopter like in the past.


4. Drone Videography is Cost-Effective

Hiring a company like ours for their drone video production services is much more reasonable and less stressful than purchasing an expensive drone and getting a drone pilot certification yourself. They can reach the skies with their drones and capture breathtaking footage for your business at a fraction of the cost. Today, video production companies like us with modern drone units can give their clients a unique aerial perspective at a much lower cost and put ourselves above our competitors — figuratively and literally speaking.

5. Drone Videography Offers Little to No Disturbances

Lastly, drones can capture video footage while remaining virtually unnoticeable, causing minimal disruption to everything within and around the filming environment. And while drones are naturally noisy because of their propellers, people can make some modifications to make their drones less noisy. With these noise reduction modifications, drones can now be less disruptive while operating.

Experience the Benefits of Drone Videography

At Video Production CT, our clients’ businesses can significantly benefit from the aerial drone footage we offer. Whatever industry you may be in, whether it’s real estate, events, or construction, we’re confident that we can give you the type of video to make your business stand out. We are passionate about creating stunning, engaging video content guaranteed to make your business stand out. Contact us today to learn more about how the videos our drones capture can take your business to the skies!