10 Common SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process in which search engines place their listings based on various searched terms. Every company has a different selling point for maximizing your search results. Such tactics may improve your SEO rank, but most seem to be ineffective and a waste of time overall.

Before compiling an SEO strategy, it’s important to understand some of the common myths surrounding search engine ranks and how to use the myths to your own benefit.


1. More Keywords Result in Higher Search Results

While keyword usage can help your site improve its SEO rank, an over-usage of a keyword or keywords can be detrimental. In fact, it’s one of the largest myths about SEO ranks.

Keyword overloads are easy to see, and can actually hurt your websites search engine performance.  While a lot of people think keyword density can improve your rank, writing legitimate content is more effective for producing search results for a large range of costumers.

2. SEO Isn’t Required if You Write Quality Content

This myth could be one of the most disastrous to your website. While content does trump all in producing traffic for your site, SEO should never be ignored.

If you undervalue the necessities of an SEO strategy, it’s likely your website will miss out on a significant, potential market. Quality content and a quality SEO strategy should work hand in hand towards driving website traffic and engagement.

3. Meta Tags Don’t Help SEO Rank

While some argue meta keyword tags are no longer factors in search rankings, they simply cannot be ignored. These tags are well worth the time, even if they produce only slightly higher page ranks.

Meta Tags will not likely reduce SEO rank, thus including these tags can only benefit your business. There are a few key factors to creating effective meta tags.

  1. Describe your Service: Use keywords and other relevant topics to describe your business and services. Be short, to the point, but still drive a message in your description.
  2. Write concisely: Google limits the number of characters your meta tags can consist of. You need to utilize every character you’re allotted in your description.
  3. Use a Call To Action: When writing a meta tag, it’s important to grab the costumer’s attention. By using a call to action, you can engage potential costumers to your site.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

 4.Images and Videos Don’t Influence SEO

Text content is obviously very important, however many under value the importance of images and videos. Google can’t directly relate the image you post to relevant keywords. However by including Alt-tags on images, Google can analyze the keyword descriptions, which helps improve your site’s rank.

Furthermore, these images and videos improve user engagement and satisfaction. All in all, images and videos should never be ignored in your SEO strategy.

 5. All Back-links are Useful

This back-link myth is all too common. While back-link building is important, not all back-links are created equal. Sites with reciprocal linking, links are seen directing to both pages in a circular fashion, are often flagged by google.

Google uses an advanced algorithm to hunt for spam links in this fashion. If google flags a link as low-value, spam, or unrelated they can actually punish your website. Always investigate a site before building a back-link or your site could be penalized.


Scam backlink


6. SEO is Too Difficult or Expensive

While SEO should only be trusted with someone who knows the SEO process, it is not exceptionally difficult or expensive. SEO is an investment, but the agency you trust with your SEO strategy should always produce a return on investment for you.

Your ROI should be clear, and positive, after a short amount of time. SEO should neither be overly difficult or expensive, if you chose the right team.


7. Paid Search Results Improve Organic Results

One very common myth about SEO is that PPC advertising can produce organic search results later. This is not the case however.

Each business can bid for an important keyword, although this does not change their SEO rank. Google takes measures to ensure the two do not cross over. PPC advertising is still highly beneficial, even if it doesn’t necessarily effect SEO.

Google Adwords PPC

 8. My Site Needs to Be Bigger For Better SEO

This myth has some credibility, although the two factors are generally uncorrelated. While bigger sites will generally have more authority and thus better SEO, your site can have authority without being huge.

Content and user experience tend to produce authority over the size of your site. These factors are far more influential in producing SEO ranks.

 9. SEO Isn’t Affected by Social Traffic

While Social influences do not produce large changes to SEO rank, they can certainly help your rank. Large social media presences on multiple platforms can noticeably improve your SEO rank.

This process is not as effective as others for SEO strategies, although it’s important to acknowledge the influence that social traffic can have on your SEO ranks, especially if they’re the missing factor your SEO strategy could be utilizing

Social Media Traffic

 10. SEO Doesn’t Change 

One misconception surrounding SEO is that it does not change over time. Some people develop SEO results once and consider their work done.Due to factors such as link degradation, competitor success and new page developments, your website’s rank can completely change over the course of a couple weeks, months or years.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly changing search result orders for various keywords and search parameters. SEO strategies should continuously be monitored and revised to reflect current markets and industry practices.

SEO Can Grow Your Business

There are quite a few myths circulating about the most effective SEO tactics.  Every business should have an effective SEO strategy in place. By not succumbing to these various myths, your business can use marketing investments wisely, while naturally influencing SEO rank. If your business still can’t seem to make the cut on search results pages, The Mack Media Group can help.

Our team can improve your SEO rank organically, meaning more customers will see and engage with your website.Either way, avoiding the common myths of SEO can make your SEO strategy more efficient and effective in the long run!

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