Market Your Brand

Once your site is up and running, we can start the brand marketing process. We’ll research industry keywords, analyze your backlink portfolio and that of your competitors, and plan your paid search advertising campaigns. We’ll also get you listed in local business directories, set up and manage your social media campaigns, and get Google Places running. Ask us about the plethora of additional services we provide to our clients!

Client Communication

When we set up social media accounts, client communication is crucial. We need to understand your audience so we can determine the ideal solution for your social media marketing initiative. If you are unsure, that’s perfectly all right! We’ll analyze your data and use our experience to craft an ideal solution for you and your business. Social Media is an important form of marketing, and it’s not as simple as creating an account and posting a few pictures or articles every once in a while. You need to keep your audience engaged and provide value with every picture, comment, or post. We can make it happen! Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to make a solid impact.

PPC Planning

Planning your PPC advertising is another huge step in ensuring success. A lot of agencies talk about the “testing” phase, but often times they are covering their tracks and providing an explanation for poor performance. That’s not how Mack Media operates. We keep your daily spend low until we start locking down conversions. Then we scale your campaigns from there ensuring that your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is as low as possible. This ensures that you are maximizing your paid search spend and converting as many leads as possible. When you work with Mack Media, you’ll see your ad dollars at work. Our PPC specialists will work around the clock to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized for the sales goals you have in mind.