Increase Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is an important element to you business. Website traffic means engagement and awareness for your brand. However, it is best to have the “right” kind of traffic that will lead to these things. Interaction and shareable content between you and your visitors will help improve website traffic. If you’re looking for fresh new ways to increase relevance visitors to your website, keep reading. […]

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The Importance of #Hashtags in Business

Hashtags are everywhere. We’ve all seen them and most of us have probably used them. In case you’re not so sure what they are, here’s an overview: Hashtags are labels used on social media to make it easier to find posts that are related to a certain theme or specific content. Hashtags link all posts about a specific topic together by simply placing the # symbol in front of a word or a phrase without any spacing or other special characters in the mix. […]

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Make Your Social Media Managment Experience Easier With These Tools

Pixlr: Create great images to go with your social media posts Pixlr is an online photo editor that is completely free. It’s simple, fast, and  user-friendly. Unlike professional photo editors, Pixlr does not come off as intimidating to beginners. You can easily incorporate the use of Pixlr in your social media management.  […]

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Here Is Why Native Ads Can Be Useful To Your Brand

What are Native Ads? Native ads are advertisements that fit into whatever platform you are using. Have you ever been scrolling through your newsfeed, timeline, or even snap stories and all of a sudden an account you don’t remember ever following appears? Soon enough, you realize that it isn’t some random account, it’s actually an Ad. Native ads are the perfect way to grab awareness. Ads can be shown to consumers based on their past behavior when they are using their favorite social media feed. Using native ads can strengthen the chances of your content being seen by the right people. One of the most common example of native ads would be sponsored posts. Companies will often choose to sponsor their post so that when you scroll through your timeline, you see it as though it belongs there. […]

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What to Keep in Mind When Marketing to Millennials

There’s a reason why marketers are so obsessed with millennials and it’s because they cannot afford to ignore them. Millennials spend $200,000 billion dollars each year. Getting their attention is certainly worth the effort for your company. Millennials are tech savvy and impatient. Marketing to millennials is different than reaching other generations. You have to know how to lure them in, and how to not drive them away. Millennials Are Digital […]

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5 Tips on Using Social Media for Your Brand

1. Keep It Simple Internet users love simplicity. No one wants to read posts that are many paragraphs long. The social media posts that are sweet and to the point are the posts that get acknowledged. […]

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a (good) Website

A website creates a portal that links your business to all of your potential customers that are using the internet to find you. It gives you a platform to showcase your business and its best aspects, it allows you to capture the attention of the visitor, and it allows you to establish a presence online for your company and brand. Below, we have 8 reasons why you need a new website for your business. […]

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Mobile Marketing

We came up a quick infographic on why you need a mobile friendly website. There are many more reasons, but we hope these seven will help convince you to make the switch!

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO Debate Search Engine Optimization is a concept being used by numerous companies to increase return on investment and display a company message to highly targeted groups of users. There is a long-standing debate between SEO professionals on the proper and most effective methods to accomplish this. Some [...]

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The Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO for Small Business Search Engine Optimization is a term that is thrown around a lot, and many companies have yet to unlock its potential for their various businesses. When you are starting a new SEO campaign, it’s always best to meet with an expert before implementation. One mistake could cost you a significant [...]

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